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Best 10 Robotic Lawn Mowers

As Of March 2021

If your neighbour’s lawn is perfectly mowed, maybe you should try mowing yours better. With a different equipment this time. And, you do not even need to lift a finger.

All you need to do is get yourself a robotic lawn mower and it will handle everything for you. Who does not love a neatly done lawn?
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1 Flymo EasiLife 200 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Bluetooth Connection
4.8 /5

Battery Power: 2.0 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 16, Cutting Height (mm): 20 - 50, Cutting Capacity: 200 m²

  • Bluetooth connectivity and operating from your phone
  • It’s hose washable, making cleaning easier and less time consuming
  • Front and lawn sensors for adapting a schedule based on weather and lawn type
  • Has passage sensors so the mower easily navigates
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2 Lawnmaster L10 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Mulching System
4.7 /5

Battery Power: 2.0 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 18, Cutting Height (mm): 20 - 60, Cutting Capacity: 400 m²

  • Mulching system provides healthier grass
  • Returns automatically to the charging dock and fully charges in 45 minutes
  • Has IPX5 waterproofing that protects it from any water damages
  • Has a PIN protection system for security in case it's left out
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3 Worx WR130E S300 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Pre-Programmed Settings
4.7 /5

Battery Power: 2.0 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 18, Cutting Height (mm): 30 - 50, Cutting Capacity: 300 m²

  • Comes with pre-programmed settings for small-size lawns
  • Easy to operate and customize schedules on the mower’s keypad or the app
  • Uses AIA intelligent technology for turning, increasing efficiency by 30%
  • Operates quietly so it mows your lawn at night
4 McCulloch ROB S400 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Boundary Wires And Staples
4.7 /5

Battery Power: 2.1 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 16, Cutting Height (mm): 20 - 50, Cutting Capacity: 400 m²

  • Comes with 150 boundary wires and 200 staples for setting mowing perimeter
  • Battery fast charges fully in 60 minutes, with 60 minutes run time
  • Inbuilt control pad with a PIN lock so you don’t have to worry about theft
  • Has a large slope inclination
5 Swift RM18 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Treaded Wheels
4.6 /5

Battery Power: 2.0 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 18, Cutting Height (mm): 20 - 60, Cutting Capacity: 600 m²

  • Has treaded wheels ideal for riding on any lawn surface
  • Automated charging and working time so it’s always charged and ready to work
  • Weatherproofed with IP56 for water and dust, enhancing its durability
  • PIN code system for safety against theft or kids
6 Landxcape LX799 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Forward And Reverse Blade Rotation
4.5 /5

Battery Power: 2.0 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 16, Cutting Height (mm): 20 - 50, Cutting Capacity: 300 m²

  • Forward and reverse blade rotation for efficiency with less blade replacement
  • Mulches the grass and leaves it on the ground to serve as natural fertiliser
  • Will return to the docking station for recharging automatically
  • One button operating system
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7 Bosch Indego 350 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Auto Calendar Feature
4.5 /5

Battery Power: 2.5 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 19, Cutting Height (mm): 30 - 50, Cutting Capacity: 350 m²

  • Calculates the mowing cycle depending on the lawn size
  • Uses Logicut technology for memorizing where to go and where it’s been
  • A docking station for automatic recharge
  • Many colourful covers for personalizing it
8 McCulloch ROB 600 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Slope Inclines
4.4 /5

Battery Power: 2.1 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 19, Cutting Height (mm): 30 - 50, Cutting Capacity: 600 m²

  • Has safety measures like an alarm when lifted and a PIN Code locking system
  • Short charging time of 50 min and running time of about 65 min
  • It’s programmable so you can schedule it whenever you want
  • Can work effectively on a sloppy lawn of up to 20%
9 Yard Force AMIRO400 robotic lawn mower on the grass
Rain Sensor
4.4 /5

Battery Power: 2.0 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 16, Cutting Height (mm): 20 - 5, Cutting Capacity: 400 m²

  • Rain sensor feature ensures the mower goes back to safety if it rains
  • Mulching function for feeding back the tiny grass bits to the lawn
  • Inbuilt sensor for maneuvering on sharp corners, slopes and around objects
  • Great option for larger lawns
10 Worx WG790E Landroid M II robotic lawn mower on the grass
Pin Code Locking System
4.3 /5

Battery Power: 2.0 Ah, Cutting Width (cm): 18, Cutting Height (mm): 20 - 60, Cutting Capacity: 800 m²

  • Uses a pin code locking system that enhances safety near kids
  • Has a programmable timer that enables you to schedule mowing time
  • A sensor that ensures the mower does not run into objects
  • It automatically returns to the charging dock when battery is low

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Robotic Lawn Mowers

  • Easy to set and use even for beginners
  • Digital application for total control over your lawn
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An easy mowing life is here for you, courtesy of Flymo’s EasiLife (see what we did there?). This is ideal for smaller lawns and covers about 200 m². It can handle grass with a width of up to 16cm. You can choose the ideal grass height you need between 20-500mm. Even if your lawn is sloppy, it will handle to a gradient of 19% to 35% on its own. Its irregular navigating system prevents it from leaving track marks on your lawn. It also adjusts the cutting schedule based on your lawn’s growth condition and the weather using the Lawn Sense feature.

While it has a keypad and display for easy operating, you can also connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The tilting and lifting sensor enhances safety by ensuring it stops working in case anyone lifts or tilts the mower. It also has a PIN code for protection against theft or anyone not authorised to operate it. The best part is that its hose washable, making your cleaning work simpler.


  • Automatic charging
  • Low noise level
  • Intuitive App application


  • Random mowing system takes time
  • Onboard panel setup is challenging
  • It’s expensive
  • Midrange budget product yet very efficient
  • Easy to set up and super user-friendly
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For a small size lawn of 400 m², you can go for a midrange budget robotic mower that offers all the basic features available in high-end ones. This one in particular, is made just for that. The manual and provided accessories like the make it easy for you to set up the wire boundary, charging station and the robot. After this, the mower will be operating automatically with low maintenance from you.

The battery is fast charging with a full charge taking about 40 to 45 minutes. This gives the mower a running time of about 35 to 40 minutes. It will also navigate through slopes up to 35% inclinations. There are 3 adjustable heights where you can pick preferred grass height you want, between 20-60mm. For safety purposes, it has sensors that stop it from working in case it’s lifted, tilted or bumps into anything. It also has a PIN code so no unauthorised people use it. It also returns to the dock station in case the rain starts to pour.


  • IPX5 Waterproofing
  • Mulching action
  • It’s quiet


  • Has no timer
  • Does not use app
  • Not for big lawns
  • Treaded tyres takes it everywhere easily
  • Pre-set programming for optimal results
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This Worx robotic mower is your go-to if your lawn is bumpy. The tyres on this mower are treaded and more versatile compared to the others on the market, and this list. It uses AIA intelligent technology for its navigation. With this, the mower knows what needs to be done and where, thus spending less time on the job and.

It will adapt to the shape, size and the grass growth rate of your lawn, so it knows when to get to work. You can use it straight from the box, using the pre-set programs. However, you can adjust the settings and schedule mowing time to your preferred choice using the mobile app or the keypad on the mower. Better still, you can customize it further using the 5 additional settings.  


  • Customizable
  • Long running time
  • Low maintenance


  • Long charging time
  • Doesn’t cut the edges
  • App connectivity is hard

Robotic Lawn Mowers, at Your Service

Lawn mowers might be the greatest inventions when it comes to lawn mowing. But the best of all is a robotic lawn mower that does all the groundwork for you. From cutting the grass to mulching, and ensuring the work is done all so efficiently.

Think about it, what if you went to bed today with an untidy lawn with long grass and woke up to one with short and well cut grass? The view when enjoying your breakfast will be breathtaking to say the least.

Why give Robotic Lawn Mowers A Chance?

A robotic lawn mower will do the mowing for you and you do not have to lift a finger. Once you buy it, all you have to do is to set up the perimeter and it will do the rest for you.

With most, the little helper will always return to the docking station to recharge without involving you. Therapeutic as lawn mowing can be, sometimes it’s good to get a little help. And a robotic lawn mower is what you need for this.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Robotic Lawn Mower?

Believe us when we say that robotic lawn mowers have come a long way. And for the best. You no longer have to drain your strength on the garden mowing away the rest of your sweet afternoon time. Instead, catch up with the latest TV program or do other chores while a robotic lawn mower tidies up your lawn. Simple and sweet as this sounds, it all depends on whether the mower you buy is efficient and effective.

And it’s not easy shopping for one. There are a number of features to consider, which can get overwhelming when going through many reviews. First, you need to look for a mower that can handle the size of your lawn. The range of robotic lawn mowers will mostly be in square-metres. The larger your lawn, the more the range you need to avoid the robot breaking down.

Another thing to look for when buying one is the ease of use and the controls. Some robotic lawn mowers have Bluetooth, others have smartphone apps, but most will still have a keypad control system on the machine. Either of these is easy to use, but some are more friendly than others. Some models allow you to schedule mowing time, while others get accustomed to your lawn and know when to mow without you getting involved.

Ultimately, if you are shopping for a robotic lawn mower, it’s ideal that you go for one that makes mowing work less tedious for you. The less involved you are the better for your money to work for you, even at night. Once you find that perfect lawn mower, which we’re here to help you with, every day will be a happy lawn day!

Always Think About...

  • Safety measures, like collision, tilting, and lifting sensors. The collision feature helps in ensuring the robotic lawn mower does not collide on anything on its path. Tilting and lifting measures are for safety, especially if you have kids. The mower will stop working the minute anyones tries to lift or tilt it.
  • Battery charging and running time, will affect how long the robotic lawn mower can run on a full battery and how long it takes for it ro recharge. The shorter it is to recharge and the longer the battery runs, the better for you. Also, it’s good to go for a mower that auto-charges by going back to the docking station on its own. This way, you do not have to keep tabs on the battery manually and take it back to recharge.
  • Gradient, which matters a lot in case you have a sloppy lawn. The motor of the lawn mower will determine what it can handle. Most lawn mowers can handle a sloppy lawn and the features will indicate this in terms of gradient percentage, like 15% - 35%. Of course, the larger the percentage, the better the lawn mower for your sloppier garden.
  • If you are planning on leaving the robotic lawn mower out for long periods, also consider weatherproofing, waterproofing and anti theft features like a PIN code or audible alarm. The safety of your little helper is paramount, and these will help ensure it’s safe and can withstand the weather conditions in your area.

The perfect robotic lawn mower exists and waits for you to find it! Your needs will be covered and you won't think about getting tired with that kind of chores ever again. Our guide is here to help you find the one! All the pros and cons and all the information you're going to need are here for you! Take a look!

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