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Best 10 Sandwich Toasters

As Of March 2021

Who doesn’t love a cheese toasties? The quickest and simplest snack for those lazy lunch days. Modern sandwich makers do so much more than just this! They make paninis, waffles, omelettes, bagels; you name it!

Elevate your toastie meals by creating cafe-worthy snacks in just a few minutes with the best sandwich toasters in the market. Sweet or savoury is up to you. We are here to help you choose the best and get creative!

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Best Sandwich Toaster Overall

  • Delicious evenly cut triangulate toasted sandwiches without leakage
  • Excellent cooking for different size of bread slices
  • Tidy storing with built-in cord storage & upright stand
  • Clean with a single wipe thanks to its non-stick coating
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#2 Sandwich Toaster Choice

  • Great for cooking a wide range of foods such as paninis, ciabatta & crumpets
  • Save time as it can make up to 3 sandwiches at once
  • Even toasting regardless of the sandwich’s thickness due to its floating top
  • Easy cleaning thanks to its non-stick plates
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Best for Extra Deep Filling

  • Tasty toasties filled with as many ingredients you want due to its deep depth
  • Minimal food residues with the cut & seal system
  • Indicator light to state when it’s hot enough to cook perfectly
  • Effortless cleaning with dishwasher-safe removable plates
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Ideal for Families

  • Impeccable toasting results always thanks to its auto temperature control
  • More filling & less mess with its deep sealed plates
  • Safe for families with kids thanks to its locking cool-touch lid
  • Care-free usage with a 3-year warranty
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Best Value Toastie Maker

  • Easy to use even during toasting due to its cool-touch handle
  • Small footprint thanks to its compact design
  • Looks good in any kitchen as it comes in 3 colours to choose from
  • Anchored to the counter thanks to its non-slip feet
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Ideal for Limited Kitchen Spaces

  • Space-saving toaster to fit in the tiniest kitchen’s worktops
  • Put away neatly when not in use with its built-in cord & upright storage
  • Fuss-free cleaning thanks to its non-stick coating plates
  • No more accidental finger burns with its cool-touch handle
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Top Pick for Bachelors

  • Quick & easy make your favourite cheese toastie with this single sandwich maker
  • Food slips out in one piece thanks to the non-stick plates
  • Maximum enjoyment as all the fillings stay inside
  • High-performance toaster with a 2-year warranty
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Ideal for 2-in-1 Kitchen Appliance

  • 2-in-1 snack maker both a sandwich toaster & a waffle maker
  • Cooks your snacks evenly due to its locking hatch
  • Store the sandwich & waffle plates among your recipe books in the box-set style case
  • Easy cleaning with its dishwasher-safe plates
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Ideal for 2-in-1 Kitchen Appliance

  • Faster cooking time thanks to its unique DuraCeramic coating plates
  • Durable toastie machine that will not peel easily
  • Perfect sandwiches each time due to its cut & seal system
  • Looks elegant in any worktop with its white & stainless steel design
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Ideal for All Sizes of Bread Slices

  • Mouth-watering, crispy toasties of any size you want
  • More than just a sandwich toaster as you can even cook an omelette with it
  • Your favourite toastie is ready in just 3 minutes
  • Carefree cooking as the indicator lights show when it’s ready

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Make The Signature Triangular-Shaped Toastie Each Time With The Best Sandwich Makers

The triangular-shaped toasted sandwich is an oldie but a goldie snack of our childhood and adult years. It fills you up without weighing you down, you can get as creative as you want with the filling - whether it is sweet or savoury- and it is delicious! The perfect toastie is evenly cooked, golden and crispy on the outside with melted filling on the inside. Yum, right?

Well, this buying guide is mouth-watering delicious and will help you pick the best sandwich maker based on your needs. Whether you prefer toasting your artisan bread, like focaccia or thicker bread such as sourdough or ciabatta, these modern kitchen appliances have you covered. Keep reading to find out more about these toastie gadgets.

What is a sandwich toaster?

It is a cooking appliance consisting of two hinged non-stick coating plates that work with electricity and are used for warming or grilling sandwiches. Today, they are highly versatile and can prepare from toasted sandwiches to ciabatta or even omelettes. Depending on the model’s versatility, others have more depth, allowing you to add more fillings in your toastie creation. Others have more than one pair of plates to make panini grill, waffles, omelettes and more.

Why do I need a Sandwich Toaster?

If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands to make dinner or you just don’t feel like cooking a grand meal one day, then the easy yet tasteful option is to make a sandwich. You can use whatever you have on your fridge and any bread you have at your disposal to create a delicious snack. Whether you want to please your sweet tooth or you prefer something savoury, or you want one of each, you can have them ready within a few minutes!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Product

There are many different types of sandwich toasters in the market with various features. To help you determine which one will work best for you, we made a list of all the things you need to be on the lookout for, right here.

Safety features

Toastie makers are hot kitchen appliances which means that you could have an accidentally burnt finger or two if you are not cautious. Good toasters have anti-slip feet, so they are stable during usage and indicator lights to inform you when hot. Plus, they will have a cool-touch handle so you will be able to move or touch it even when it’s been used.


Choose a sandwich toaster with a power of around 700-750 watts. Because a high-powered sandwich toaster will heat up faster and it will allow you to save time. This will make it easier for you to prepare a snack within a few minutes even if you are running late.


Another essential thing to check is the capacity, both in-depth as in quantity. If you can make two or more sandwiches at the same time, it is very time-saving and can come in handy when you are looking for a quick snack. Also, plates with deep depth or a floating top lid will allow you to use thicker bread like focaccia or more rich filling at each toastie.


Most modern sandwich makers have non-stick plates for easy cleaning. If they are dishwasher-safe even better! In case you come across the unique DuraCeramic coating plates, you will have plates that with the proper care will last longer without peeling or flaking. Also, to avoid all the mess that toasting evokes, go for cut and seal plates. They will do precisely that; they will seal all the fillings inside the sandwich while being golden, crispy on the outside. Some models have interchangeable plates that add versatility to the toaster as you can turn it to a waffle maker or even a grill.


No one loves cleaning when the cooking is over. You just want to sit back and enjoy. But sooner or later you need to face your fears and get to work. If you want hassle-free cleaning, opt for easy-to-remove, dishwasher-safe, non-stick coating plates. That will make both your cooking as well as your cleaning mess-free.


One last thing to bear in mind is storage. If you have ample kitchen space, this might not be a concern for you as it is for someone with limited kitchen worktop and cupboard space. But still, neat storage is everyone’s trouble. Look for models with built-in cord storage or stored in an upright position as a tidy and space-saving solution.


How much should you spend on a sandwich toaster? Well, this depends on what you want to get out of this appliance. If you are looking for versatility and more high-end design, you might need to dig a little deeper into your pockets. A good toastie maker will cost around 20 to 70 pounds and will allow you to be plenty creative and enjoy tasteful toasties and not only!

How to deep clean my sandwich toaster?

Sandwich makers aren’t difficult to clean, but before you start cleaning, make sure to unplug them and never immerse it in water. If the toaster has removable plates, most likely you can wash the plates on the top rack of your dishwasher - but first advice the manufacturer’s manual. If not, then we hand wash the plates.

Use soapy water and the soft side of the sponge to avoid scratches and not to peel. You don’t want to damage the non-stick coating on your plates. After every ten washes, take a pastry brush and apply a thin coat of vegetable oil on the plates to protect the non-stick coating.

Wipe clean the exterior thoroughly with a microfibre cloth. This will bring up the shine neatly. As an alternative, you can use a spray-on chrome cleaner does a fine job at taking out greasy fingerprints, which is usually the biggest problem.

Always keep in mind that…

A good toastie delight is good for the soul and the stomach. If you want to elevate your creations, it is time to invest in a new sandwich toaster. Enjoy the perks of their versatility to make the most exquisite waffles or omelettes for your next brunch get-together.

Now that you have all the information you need to know, you can decide which sandwich maker is the best for you. Pick yours today & Bon Appétit!

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