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As Of June 2022

Do you want a reliable GPS navigation system in your vehicles? Are you looking for a gadget that will have life traffic alerts, Bluetooth connectivity to your phone and map guidance? The best satnav systems give you real-time map updates when you’re on the road. Avoid traffic congestion, stay alert to speed cameras and keep both hands on the wheel with the hands-free calling. Check the best ones here!

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1 TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52 Lite on white background

TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52 Lite

4.8 /5

Best Satnav Overall

  • Find your destination with the tap of a button from the search menu
  • Plan your routes ahead of time with the highly accurate & regular map updates
  • Exit the motorway safely with the lane crossing assistant
  • Never get a driving ticket again thanks to the speed camera alerts
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2 Garmin DriveSmart on white background

Garmin DriveSmart

4.7 /5

Ideal for Voice Command

  • Stress-free driving with its 3D building & terrains display
  • Sync it with your phone & get live parking & traffic updates
  • Answer calls hands-free thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity
  • Master your next road trip with its built-in Tripadvisor ratings & Foursquare interest points
3 TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic on white background

TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Basic

4.6 /5

Best for Wifi Map Updates

  • Steer away from heavy road congestion with the live traffic feed
  • Stay under the speed limit when driving too fast with on-screen notifications
  • Check road closures & tolls ahead of time even on a Euro trip
  • Focus on the road by having your text messages read out loud to you
4 Navpal Bluetooth Sat Nav on white background

Navpal Bluetooth Sat Nav

4.5 /5

Ideal for Lane Guidance

  • Travel with true-to-life updates even on new roads
  • Know when to make a turn with the street name announcing
  • Drive hassle-free with clear visibility thanks to the automatic night & day mode
  • Book reservations with confidence as it shows estimated arrival times
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5 OHREX Sat Nav on white background


4.5 /5

Best Choice for Large Screen

  • Input address coordinates to park exactly at your destination
  • Stay aware & avoid tickets with its active speed detection alert system
  • Follow directions with its turn-by-turn assistant in over 40 languages
  • Zoom in easily while driving thanks to its touchscreen
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6 TomTom Car Sat Nav VIA 53 on white background

TomTom Car Sat Nav VIA 53

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Handsfree Calling

  • Distraction-free driving while also staying connected with your loved ones
  • Let it plan routes for you with its smart traffic updates
  • Receive a warning when you’re nearing a speed camera to slow down
  • Explore new locations thanks to the updated maps via WiFi
7 TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Premium on white background

TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Premium

4.5 /5

Ideal for Speed Cam Alerts

  • Never be late thanks to the intelligent route planning around traffic
  • Reach your destination’s doorstep with navigation through to parking
  • Check out remarkable sights with its 3D building notifications
  • Forgot where you parked? Tap the Find My Car button on the smartphone app
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8 TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Discover on white background

TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Discover

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Parking Availability

  • Save money by locating affordable fuel pricing upfront
  • Keep both eyes on the street thanks to its guided voice navigation
  • Find a parking spot before arriving with the live off-street parking info
  • Control your time with its congestion avoidance & estimated arrival features
9 Garmin DriveLuxe on white background

Garmin DriveLuxe

4.5 /5

Ideal for Full Europe Maps

  • Lower your speed with its driver alerts for school zones & railroad crossings
  • Notifies your loved ones in emergencies with its automatic incident detection
  • Quickly set routes thanks to its voice command
  • Worry-free to drive through bumpy roads with the magnetic mount
10 Garmin Drive on white background

Garmin Drive

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Live Traffic

  • Feel like a tourist by enjoying recommended attractions along your route
  • Outsmart roadblocks by following suggested routes
  • Don’t waste fuel circling around with its live parking info
  • Navigate like a pro through confusing airport routes with the direct access feature
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Find Exactly Where You Need To Go With The Best Satnav

Are you someone who struggles following directions? Do you want trustworthy and helpful guidance when you're driving? Satnav stands for satellite navigation, and it’s a GPS unit for vehicles. There are many options available in the market that give you directions as close to real-time as possible. If you're a new driver or you've never been to a destination before, they are very handy in acquainting you with your surroundings. Some people prefer using their mobile phone by attaching it to a car phone holder, but a satnav is a larger screen that gives you better viewing while you're driving. Car accessories like GPS systems, dash cams and more provide safety when you’re in or away from your vehicle.

Want to know a bit more about the features that a satnav should have? Check below as we guide you through the most important considerations to look for. 

  • Real-time Map Updates: Many of the latest satnavs have Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can update your maps with the latest versions. That way, you will always follow correct directions even if there are new road constructions.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity is essential as it allows you to sync your phone to the navigation system for Hands-free Calling. By keeping both of your hands on the wheel when there's an incoming call or text message, you practice safer driving for yourself and the rest of the drivers. 
  • Driver Alerts: When deciding on a satnav, find one that has multiple driver alerts. Some common alerts include upcoming speed limits, speed camera alerts, dangerous curves ahead, approaching school zones and railroad crossings and more.
  • Lane Guidance: A satnav can also be very helpful when you're on the motorway, and you want to exit it safely. Many have advanced lane guidance assistants that help you switch lanes with confidence. 
  • Traffic Congestion Update: Are you rushing to get to your destination on time? High-tech satnav systems have real-time traffic congestion alerts so that you can avoid getting stuck on roadblocks. 
  • Large Display: A larger display is more convenient and offers better viewing while you're driving. That's one of the best reasons that many prefer a satnav over their cell phone GPS. Sizes vary from 4 inches to 7 inches. For ease of use, go for a touchscreen, as it will allow you to zoom in and find more accurate route information. 
  • Near Attractions: When you're travelling to a location that you've never been to before, it's neat to know ahead of time some popular places, shops and restaurants nearby. Many satnav systems offer this feature and include dining options, restrooms and petrol stations.

Enjoy road trips with confidence by using a satnav. No more shuffling around to find your next turn, relying on your passengers to guide you through complicated roads or chances of getting a speed ticket. The satnav is your reliable companion on the road that helps you stay safe, on time and on the right path. So, are you ready for your next adventure? Which destination are you visiting first?

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