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Best 10 Snow Foams

As Of June 2022

Keeping your car clean is a dreadful task, isn’t it? Washing it, though, is the only way to look in showroom condition. But where’s the fun? Well, luckily, we got you! We know exactly the product you should use, not only to clean your car but also to have some fun in the meantime. Snow foams! That’s right. They’re effective, fast-acting and satisfying to apply.
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1 Autoglym Polar Blast Snow Foam on white background

Autoglym Polar Blast Snow Foam

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • No worries of damaging any layers of wax as its pH neutral
  • Lasts for about a month thanks to its 2,5L size bottle
  • Eliminates the risk of scratches as it’s soft & delicate
  • Don’t have a pressure washer? You can also use it with a foam gun as well
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2 Bilt Hamber Surfex HD Snow Foam on white background

Bilt Hamber Surfex HD Snow Foam

4.7 /5

Top Choice For Versatility

  • Want to clean your patio as well? It’s good for all sorts of cleaning
  • Just wait for 15 minutes and enjoy a squeaky clean car
  • Say goodbye to stubborn grease as it creates a dense foam
  • Not only a pre-washer but also great for washing your car if it has light dirt
3 Car Gods Arctic Storm Snow Foam on white background

Car Gods Arctic Storm Snow Foam

4.6 /5

Top Choice For Its Scent

  • Worry-free of stripping sealants as it’s designed to target only contaminants
  • See immediate results thanks to its fast-acting formula
  • Enjoy cleaning thanks to its pleasant orange scent
  • No pressure washer? You can use it with a plain sprayer
4 Angelwax Fastfoam Snow Foam on white background

Angelwax Fastfoam Snow Foam

4.5 /5

Best For Effective Cleaning

  • Want a thick & creamy foam? Look no further!
  • Enjoy a dirt-free car at it’s a professional-grade product
  • Say goodbye to elbow grease as it removes pretty much everything
  • Enjoy a quick tea time while it works its magic for a clean car in just 10 minutes
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5 CarPlan Demon Snow Foam on white background

CarPlan Demon Snow Foam

4.5 /5

Top Easy-To-Use Pick

  • Enjoy a showroom finish in a fraction of the time
  • It won’t ruin the colour of your car as it’s perfect for delicate paintworks
  • You don’t need a pressure machine as it can be used with a bucket & a sponge
  • It’ll smell like summer with its great cherry fragrance
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6 Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam on white background

Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Beginners

  • No risk of swirls appearing as it safely lifts any dirt & grime
  • Dirty wheels? No problem, as it cleans them too
  • If you think that it won’t fit on your foam lance, think again, as it’s suitable for all lances
  • Worry-free of chemical aftereffects as it’s non-caustic
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7 Turtle Wax Snow Foam on white background

Turtle Wax Snow Foam

4.5 /5

Best Foam for SUVs & Vans

  • Forget when was the last time you bought one as it comes with 2 bottles of 5L
  • Fancy a cherry smell while cleaning? This one is for you!
  • If you forgot to rinse it off, don’t panic as it won’t dry for any time soon
  • Enjoy a streak-free rinsing as it has advanced hydrophobic polymers
8 Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam on white background

Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam

4.5 /5

Top Snow Foam For Its Thickness

  • Have peace of mind using it as it’s completely wax safe
  • The dirtier your car the better, as it lubricates the surface making safer the cleaning process
  • Watch it do its magic as the foam clings, absorbing any grime & dirt
  • Protect your car’s colour from damages as it’s pH neutral
9 Pro-Kleen Orange Snow Foam on white background

Pro-Kleen Orange Snow Foam

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Cleaning Delicate Parts

  • Remove debris & grime from your car fast, with its rich & dense foam
  • Apply it everywhere, from windows to wheels as it’s suitable for every part
  • Add some shine to your car as it contains a bit of wax in its formula
  • Compact as it fits to every foam lance & pressure washer
10 Gtechniq Citrus Snow Foam on white background

Gtechniq Citrus Snow Foam

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Its Gloss Retention

  • Removes easily hard to shift dirt & grime as it has a powerful non-caustic formula
  • Anyone can use it - just shake it and put it in a sprayer with warm water
  • Ideal for vertical surfaces as it creates a clingy foam
  • Apply it safely as it’s 100% biodegradable and pH neutral

The Best Snow Foams For Clean & Shiny Cars

Fancy a perfectly clean and shiny car like it just got out of a showroom? Don’t want to go to a car wash or to use any car polishing machine? Don’t worry because there is a solution. Snow foams are an excellent product of pre-washing your car with the utmost safety, without the risk of scratching it. They create a thick and dense foam that absorbs dirt, grime and debris from your vehicle. The best thing about them: you don’t have to elbow grease with a sponge for hours! Simply apply the formula and then rinse it off.

One thing, though; there are endless choices of snow foams to choose from. So, how do you know what’s the best option for you and your beloved car? Here are some key features and things to keep in mind before purchasing a snow foam:

  • Levels of pH: Always pay attention to the pH of the formula. Make sure it’s pH neutral, from 7 to 9. Non-acidic products are safe to use on delicate surfaces of your car, like paint, wheels, plastic trim or glass. 
  • Foam’s density: You might think that the thicker the foam, the better. Well, that’s not always true. We want results, not a nice looking foam. In simple terms, don’t go with the densest and creamiest foam but with the most effective one.
  • Capacity: Pay attention to the product’s size and formula to water ratio. Generally, look for large bottles of 5L capacity as they last for a few uses. Regarding the water to formula ratio, look for 20:1 as it’s calculated to have the best results. You don’t want to use more liquid as it’s a waste of money, nor less as it won’t be effective. 
  • Application: Almost all foams require a pressure washer, as it spreads the foam evenly and quickly. If you don’t have one, you can use a sprayer, but it’ll take some extra time, and you might not see the desired results as it doesn’t have the necessary pressure. Still, it’s better than nothing!

Pro tip: Watch the weather! We want clouds and cool temperatures. The foam will evaporate before you start to rinse it off if the weather is hot. 

Having all these things in mind, you’re now ready to purchase the best snow foam and enjoy a shiny and clean car! Say goodbye to elbow grease and relax watching the snow foam do its magic!

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