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Best 10 Soda Makers

As Of March 2021

Soda water and all bubbly drinks are so refreshing & delicious. Fizz adds a little spark and fun to every drink. Do you wish you could enjoy these sparkling beverages anytime, anywhere? Now you can!

Pick your Soda Maker today & start reducing plastic pollution on our planet. Save space in your kitchen & get to create your favourite fizzy drinks by simply adding fruit juices or syrups. You can even control the fizziness! Wow, right?
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1 SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker

Best Soda Maker Choice

  • Eco-friendly as you use less plastic bottles & have less waste
  • Healthy fizzy drinks made quick & easy at home
  • Easy cleaning as its glass carafe is dishwasher-safe
  • Worry-free thanks to its two-year warranty
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2 Sodastream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker
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4.8 /5

#2 Choice for Soda Maker

  • Create effortlessly flavorful bubbly drinks
  • Eco-friendly as it comes with a recyclable gas cylinder & three BPA free reusable bottles
  • Use it anywhere & anywhere as it doesn’t require electricity
  • Family-friendly for carbonating water at home
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3 Levivo Water Carbonator Set
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4.7 /5

Top Choice for Starter Set

  • Perfect for beginners as it comes with two bottles and a CO2 cylinder
  • Save up to 50% on drink cost as it can carbonate up around sixty litres
  • Create and enjoy all your bubbly drinks at home
  • Looks great on any kitchen thanks to its sleek design
Ideal Gift Ribbon
4 SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker
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4.7 /5

Ideal for Small Kitchens

  • Turn in just a few seconds your tap water into carbonated water
  • Save money & the planet by reducing the use of plastic bottles
  • Suitable for limited countertop areas due to its compact design
  • Be care-free as it comes with a two-year warranty
5 Levivo Water Carbonator Set
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4.6 /5

Best Value for Money Soda Maker

  • Enjoy your fizzy drink exactly as you like by controlling the carbonation level
  • Easy to remove the bottle when you’ve added the fizz with a twist
  • Save money & time from buying your soda water
  • Upgrade your kitchen look thanks to its premium design
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6 Sodastream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker

Great for Home Soda Maker

  • Create fizzy water simply & in no time
  • Reduce plastic pollution with the use of reusable bottles
  • Enjoy all your favourite flavoured fizzy drinks without stepping out of the house
  • Economical as it comes with three glass carafes
7 SodaStream Crystal Water Sparkler
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4.5 /5

Top Pick for Stylish Design

  • Carbonate tap water in your desired strength, from lightly fizzy to fizzy sparkling water
  • Easy to clean as the glass carafes are dishwasher safe
  • No plastic taste due to the SodaStream bottles made of glass
  • Create simply any favoured fizzy drink you want
8 Sodastream Spirit Soda Maker
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4.4 /5

Top Choice for Ease of Use

  • Really easy to use and maintain homemade soda maker
  • Works anywhere as it doesn’t require electricity to work
  • Great for limited countertop spaces due to its small footprint
  • Ready to use makes it perfect for first-time users
9 SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker
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4.4 /5

Top Pick for all the Family

  • Save the planet & your kitchen space without having to store recycling bottles
  • Control fizziness by adding as much as you like
  • Keep you & your family hydrated with refreshing sparkling water
  • Create your favourite fruit juices with a bit of fizziness
10 Levivo Water Carbonator Set
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4.3 /5

Deal Set for Carbonating Water

  • Super simple in use & eco-friendly at the same time
  • Spend less money by making all your favourite fizzy drinks at home
  • Control the carbonation level to fit your taste
  • Quick & easy remove the bottle once done with just a twist

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Make your favourite carbonated water & fizzy drinks at home with the best soda maker!

An ultimate kitchen gadget that shouldn’t miss from your countertop is the soda maker. Most have a small footprint and don’t require an outlet nearby as they work without electricity. This way you can store them anywhere and use them anytime you wish to add a bit of fizziness in your water or drink.

Turn your tap water into carbonated water for you and your family. It can save you so much time from going to the supermarket and saves you tons of money on soda water or other fizzy drinks! Moreover, you get to protect planet Earth, our home, from plastic pollution. Are you intrigued? Keep reading to find more details on how to make your own healthy soda water!

Why do I need a Soda Maker?

Are you a soda fan? Are you tired of trying to make room for bottles & cans? If so, it might be time for you to invest in a soda maker. You can turn your tap water into sparkling with the push of a button anytime you want to drink some. This way, you never run out of fizz!

The models we recommend come with reusable glass or plastic bottles, and most use refillable cylinders of carbon dioxide. So, you can generate less waste than you would if you were to buy cans or bottles. If one refill cylinder can carbonate about 60 litres of seltzer, that means you won’t need to buy about 60 plastic bottles! Save money and the planet! Way to go!

How Do Soda Makers Work?

Most soda makers work this way: they rely on a canister of pressurised carbon dioxide to introduce carbonation to a liquid. The gas is released through a siphon and then forced into the water in the sealed environment of a bottle. In other words, you simply load the CO2 cartridge, fill the reusable bottle with cold water, attach it to the unit, and press a button to release the CO2 into the water. So simple.

The great feature some have is that you can control the level of carbonation based on your personal preferences. Cool, right? Thus, you get the ultimate carbonated water for you! So, why buy sparkling or seltzer water when you can make it at home?

What to look for when buying the best soda maker?

Do you enjoy sparkling water in your daily routine? Sparkling water, seltzer, soda water, fizzy water or whatever you might call it, tap water turned fun, and there are some specific characteristics you should pay attention to, before buying your very own soda machine. Here is our list:

Ease of use

With just the touch of a button, you can control the level of carbonation (low, medium, and high) in order to add the right amount of bubbles to your water. The simplicity in use makes it user-friendly. Also, another thing is how easy the CO2 cylinder and water bottles can be plugged or unplugged from the device, so you might want to choose the one that is easy and fast to operate.


Is it versatile? If not, stick to carbonating water so you won’t void the warranty. There are, though, models that can carbonate any liquid, even wine or fruit juices. Make sure to check first. Even if the one you pick, cannot carbonate anything other than water, then when you’ve added your fizz, you can add flavour drops or homemade flavoured syrups to create a variety of bubbly drinks or even cocktails.


The attractive, sleek design is definitely a plus, especially if it is displayed on your countertop. One more thing to check, if your cupboard & worktop space is limited, is for a beverage maker with a small footprint. Thus, it will not take up too much of your space. Being made of stainless steel and quality construction adds to the durability and longevity of your machine.


No batteries or electricity needed; thus you can use it anytime, anywhere! This will solve problems such as whether or not there is an outlet nearby or where to buy batteries from. Also, it is cost-effective as it doesn’t require either of these two. Make sure it is lightweight and from durable materials so that you can move it around the house effortlessly without worrying about breaking it.

CO2 Cylinder

It is great when the soda maker comes with a cylinder of carbon dioxide so you can get started as soon as you buy it. If the CO2 cylinder is refillable and has easy reloading then even better! Many come with a 60L CO2 cylinder as a starter kit which is great because you get right into making your sparkling water.

Reusable Bottles

Check also if there are reusable bottles included because in most cases, there are. The one-liter carbonating bottle is more suitable if you and your family or friends enjoy bubbly drinks. In case you don’t want the plastic taste in your mouth, choose a model that comes with BPA free carbonating bottle made of glass. Being dishwasher safe can be proven useful as it saves you a lot of time and energy from washing them up.

How do you know you are running low on gas?

There are two easy ways to find out when your CO2 cylinder runs low on carbon dioxide; thus it doesn’t carbonate water properly.

  1. First, make sure your cylinder is tightly placed on the device. Then press the button to see if there is gas entering the bottle. After pressing the buttons a few times, remove the water bottle and check if there are bubbles.
  2. Again make sure your CO2 cylinder is tightly placed on the device. Then press the button and listen to the sound it makes. Do you hear a sputtering sound? Then, you might need to change the CO2 canister to continue making sparkling water.

Tip: Always keep a back-up CO2 cylinder at home so that you will be able to continue making carbonated beverages. Plus, choose the size of CO2 tank that works best for you based on your weekly consumption.

How much should I spend on a Soda Maker?

Depending on versatility and construction materials, there is a cost range:


There are fizz infusers that are more affordable and start at around 65 to 100pounds with more basic functionality. This has to do with whether they can offer different levels of carbonation or if they can infuse carbonate into other liquids, besides water. The construction material, stainless steel or plastic, usually plays a significant role as well.


More versatility or high-quality soda makers can cost approximately 100 up to 200 pounds. It is due to how user-friendly it is in everyday life and its durability thanks to its high-quality construction. Moreover, carbonating water, wine, or even fruit juices checks on the versatility of the product.
Buying a soda maker is an investment. Obviously, you need a fizz infuser, so you need to search for the one that will cover your needs in the longterm and pick that!

Always keep in mind that…

The perfect soda maker for you and your family or friends awaits! Invest in the one that will add spark in your daily life. Pick the one that will help you reduce plastic bottles usage in your everyday life and save you tons of space from recycling them as well! A CO2 carbonator can do that and so much more.

With a 60L CO2 carbonator you can make 60 bottles of one-liter bottles!!!! Think about all the trips you save in the supermarket and all the plastic bottles you have toss out even if you have recycled them. Use the reusable water bottles that are included in most of the soda maker sets and make a worldwide change, starting today!

Add a little bit of fizz and a little bit of fuss to your daily water with your very own soda maker. Who would have thought to DIY their own sparkling water? Well, someone did, and now with adding some fizz, we all get to enjoy bubbly beverages whenever we want. You still haven’t gotten yours? Wait no more! Pick yours today!

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