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Best 10 Soup Makers

As Of March 2021

Do you want to cook delicious soups quickly and easily for your family and friends? Soup making turned easy with these multifunctional electric soup makers and mixers. You can now enjoy steaming soup right off the heat effortlessly.

Looking for a device to combine functionality and attractive design? You’re in the right place. They can chop, saute and blend your ingredients for savoury meals that will impress even the most elegant taste buds! What to learn more?
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1 Tefal Easy Soup & Smoothie soup Maker on a kitchen counter

Best Overall Soup Maker

  • Enjoy soups the way you love as it makes smooth soup, chunky soup or compote in a few minutes
  • Easy-to-clean thanks to its auto-clean function
  • Get inspired to cook different soups as it comes with a recipe book
  • Worry-free usage due to its 1-year warranty
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2 Morphy Richards Soup maker next to a bowl of soup and some bread

#2 Best Soup Maker Choice

  • Cook faster & better as you can achieve the soup texture of your liking in a few minutes
  • Practical & compact, it can be stored easily in any kitchen
  • Ideal for families who love soup with a 1.6L capacity
  • Cleaning is a breeze thanks to its non-stick coating
3 Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus on a white table

Top Choice for Versatile Soup Maker

  • Make your favourite saute soup hassle-free thanks to its saute function
  • Keep your meals warm until the family is ready to sit at the table due to its warm function
  • Versatile as you can make more than just soup
  • Care-free usage thanks to its 3-year warranty
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4 Morphy Richards Total Control Soup Maker on a wooden table

Top Pick for Multifunctional Food Processor

  • Ultimate control of the portions: you cook from 2 to 4 meals
  • Multifunctional so you can cook from chunky soup to milkshakes & more with one single appliance
  • Reheat your soup for maximum delight
  • Simple cleaning so you can enjoy your time in the kitchen
5 Morphy Richards Soup Maker next to some bowls of soup

Ideal for Ease-of-Use

  • Make & eat healthy delicious soups within minutes
  • Prepare the soup texture exactly as you love it with 4 different functions
  • Fuss-free cleaning & maintenance due to its clean mode
  • Perfect for when you have friends over as it has a large 1.6-litre capacity
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6 Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker next to some bowls of soup

Best Compact Soup Maker

  • Ideal choice for a couple or just you starting out with a 1L capacity
  • Fits even the smallest kitchen thanks to its compact design
  • Nutritious hot soups within minutes perfect for working people
  • Stylish soup maker that looks great in any kitchen countertop
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7 Lakeland Touchscreen Soup & Smoothie Maker on a kitchen counter

Ideal for All Seasons

  • Handy tool all-year-round: perfect for hot soup or ice-crushing
  • Tasty homemade soup for your family & friends thanks to its 2L glass jug
  • Free movement as the countdown timer will ring when the meal is ready
  • A perfect smoothie maker for healthy eaters too
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8 Morphy Richards Compact Saute & Soup Maker on a white table

Ideal Choice for Sautéing

  • Sauté your ingredients in it for extra flavour thanks to its saute function
  • Cleaning is a piece of cake due to its non-stick coating inside
  • Great for a couple of new cooks as it comes with a recipe book
  • Savour your smooth or chunky soup in less than 25'
9 Ninja Blender and Soup Maker on a kitchen counter

Best 2-in-1 Soup Maker & Blender

  • Cook your meals to perfection thanks to its built-in heating element
  • 2-in-1 so you can blend your smoothie & make soup
  • Have control over your chopping ingredients with its glass jug
  • Effortlessly blends even whole fruits or veggies for faster cooking
10 Morphy Richards Saute and Soup Maker next to some bowls of soup

Stylish Stainless Steel Soup Maker

  • Add your seasoning during cooking thanks to its pause function
  • A terrific choice for a family of four to cook homemade soup in 21'
  • Improve the flavour of your meals with its sauté function
  • Looks good on any worktop due to its elegant stainless steel built

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The Advantages of Having A Soup Maker At Home!

What could be better than a bowl of homemade, delicious soup on a cold winter day? If you are looking for an easy and fast way to make delicious soup, consider buying a soup maker.  There is a wide variety of devices that can blend, chop, sauté and puree your ingredients in no time! They are really handy when it comes to the mess you create when cooking. Since everything happens in this one appliance, the mess is tremendously moderated. Many even have an auto-clean function which makes them ideal if you’re looking to save time and minimise your effort in the kitchen.

If you are not yet convinced, we are not halfway done explaining why you should definitely add the soup maker to your kitchen appliances. Learn more about them below.

What is a soup maker?

A soup maker is a “kitchen gadget” that primarily cooks soup. They chop, sauté, blends and puree your ingredients to make a smooth uniform mixture. Many times you can control the smoothness of your soup or how chunky it will be. They are mostly compact to fit any kitchen cupboard and they minimize the chaos in your kitchen workspace as you only use a single device.

Types of Soup Maker

There are two categories of soup makers. Simple models that mainly chop ingredients and heat the mixture by pressing a button. And then there are others that look like common blenders but they have extra cooking functionality

Soup makers

On the outside, they look like a kettle or a thermos flask. There is a heating element at the bottom of the device that cooks all the ingredients together. Once they are cooked, the lid that has a long blending blade which reaches into the jug, chops and mixes the ingredients creating a smooth texture

Soup-making blenders

On the outside, they resemble the ordinary blender. They can do what a blender does and more, meaning that they can also cook the food. The advantage is that they have glass jugs that you can view the ingredients while cooking and blending. Due to their extended functionality, they tend to be bulkier and more expensive than regular soup makers or blenders.

What to look for when buying a soup maker?

If you are in the hunt of the best soup maker we’ve made a list of features you need to look for to find the perfect one for you. 


First, you need to determine the portions you need to cook in order to decide which capacity is best for you. Cooking for you or for a family of four? There are models that are more compact and have 1-litre capacity opposed to larger models that have up to 2 litres capacity. 


Be mindful of your cupboard and countertop space as well. Soup maker blenders are usually bulkier, so if you have limited kitchen space you might need to cross them off your list. Still, some soup maker devices are compact and can easily fit even in the smallest apartment kitchens. 


Look for the variety of functions available. If you prefer a chunky soup or you want to blend your milkshake in it, you should check whether or not it supports these functionalities. These are some of the programmes you will come across.

  • Smoothie: Blend fresh or frozen ingredients so you can enjoy your morning smoothies.
  • Frozen drinks: This setting will crush ice and frozen fruit for slushy drinks perfect for hot summer days.
  • Milkshake: Mix milk with powder or fresh fruits for a refreshing milkshake.
  • Ice: Crush ice for cocktails or other drinks.
  • Dessert: Use frozen fruits to make sorbets and ice creams for that afternoon delight.

Cooking time

Some models cook faster than others but keep in mind that speed isn’t always the best criteria. You need to pick the one that will also cook your ingredients thoroughly to avoid raw ingredients at the end of the cooking process. Mainly, most soup makers cook your soup in around 20 to 30 minutes.


We can all agree that if you use one single device opposed to pots and pans and mixers, you make less of a mess in the kitchen. Plus, some soup makers have an auto-clean function which is awesome! Nevertheless, most have a non-stick coating that makes cleaning effortless once you finish cooking.

How Much Does It Cost To Get The Best Soup Maker?

There are many options out there, which means that the price range can be quite large. Most of them cost from around  £40 up to about £140. So depending on your budget you can narrow down these options. Do you want a soup maker with versatility, large and flexible capacity or features such as keep-warm settings and sauté function? In this guide, you can find products with different price tags to surely suit your needs.

Extra Tips

As you can imagine, a soup maker’s price can let you know right from the start, how many different functions you will be able to have. There are some of them that are quite basic though, but they do an amazing job. 

The number of preset programmes is what you need to never think about recipes again. You can also try the sauté function that starts with a little frying at the beginning and gives more flavour and aroma to your soups. The blending options and blend button offer you total control over the consistency of your dish. Which is very helpful when preparing baby food as well.

Another extra that is very useful, is the ability to pause your soup maker, add more ingredients and then move on with the rest of your cooking. That way you can avoid overcooking some of them that need less time to be ready.

Take it one step further, with a hassle-free soup maker that is easily cleaned. Most of them need to be washed traditionally which is not very fun! Try a non-stick base and a glass jar rather than a plastic one and your life will instantly become easier.

A Final Word…

Soups can be a delicate dish for some and comfort food for others. With so many ideas to try, you’ll never get bored with them. And to start this amazing journey, there’s only one thing that you need! The best soup maker! And maybe a big book of recipes! Get one that can cover other needs as well and try a bowl of curry and risottos while at it!

Finding the ideal soup maker for your needs might be a little overwhelming for some of you. But there’s no need to worry! This guide has all the information you need to narrow down your options and make the right decision. So don’t waste any more time and have a look at our top products. It’s cooking time!

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