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Best 10 Stand Mixers

As Of March 2021

The most delicious handmade pastries are now easy and fun for you! No matter where you stand with your culinary skills, your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised to taste your efforts!

Wondering which stand mixer is best for you? Here, we give you a list of the top monthly choices, so that the only thing to worry about is the next appetising recipe you are going to try.
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Versatility in recipes
4.8 /5

Best Stand Mixer Choice

  • Move around freely thanks to the anti-slip design
  • Add ingredients while mixing with no spillages in the kitchen due to the splash guard
  • Make any recipe as it comes with a whisk, dough hook & beater
  • Less noise with different speed settings
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Large bowl ideal for families
4.8 /5

#2 Stand Mixer Choice

  • Tackle any baking task using the dough hook, beater or balloon whisk
  • Better baking results due to the planetary mixing action
  • Easy cleaning with the dishwasher safe mixing bowl
  • Ideal for families with a large capacity mixing bowl for bigger batches
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Great for small kitchens
4.7 /5

Both a Mixer & a Blender

  • Compact design for limited kitchen spaces and easy storage
  • Fully interlocked for safety so you don’t have to keep an eye all the time
  • Variable speed control lets you create any recipe you want
  • Easy baking and cooking with bowl tools and a blender jug
Quality construction
4.7 /5

Top Choice for Multipurpose Mixer

  • Better baking results with the planetary mixing action
  • Fast and precise mixing with the 10-speed slider control
  • Easy clean-up due to the dishwasher safe stainless steel bowl
  • Multiple attachments turn it into an ice cream maker or pasta maker and more
Pros choice product ribbon
Available in 3 colors
4.6 /5

Low Noise Motor

  • Powerful & handy which makes it super easy for you to create your dishes
  • Better cooking experience with the anti-slip & anti-splash design
  • Dishwasher safe bowl & attachments make cleaning a walk in the park
  • Worry-free with one-year manufacturer warranty
Suitable for delicate mixes
4.6 /5

Best Choice for Bread Dough

  • Multipurpose use for a variety of sweet and savoury creations
  • Planetary mixing for deep blending of ingredients & optimal results
  • Make your best meringues or soufflés thanks to its unique fold function
  • Total control over mixing with its large glass bowl
7 Klarstein Bella Pico 2G stand mixer next to some sweets
Value for money
4.6 /5

Top Compact Stand Mixer

  • Durable copper motor for strong labour and tough pastry tasks
  • Perfect stirring results to make you feel like a professional
  • Excellent value for money option that offers you all the features you need
  • Elegant & colourful design to upgrade your decor
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
Ease of use
4.6 /5

Suitable for all types of dough

  • Precision in mixing thanks to the electronic speed control
  • Ideal for whipping up cream to kneading heavy bread doughs
  • Never again a failed bake-off thanks to the planetary mixing for uniform stirring
  • Easy to clean bowl and dishwasher safe
Great Warranty
4.6 /5

Great Option for Cake & Desserts

  • Generous maximum bowl capacity makes it perfect for families
  • Essential for baking bread, cake or dessert making
  • Dishwasher safe stainless attachments for easy cleaning without trouble
  • Care-free thanks to its two years manufacturer warranty
Ideal Gift Ribbon
Integrated Digital Timer
4.5 /5

Kitchen Mixer with Digital Display

  • Tasteful results with the planetary rotation & pulse activation
  • Helps you with multitasking with the digital timer that automatically shuts off
  • Knead and whip ingredients quickly and easily thanks to different speed settings
  • One year no worry warranty

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Blend and bake your pastries easily and fast!

What makes the difference between a household and a restaurant? Yes, right. Cooking. And baking. And running after the kids around the kitchen table to be the first to try a delicious piece of vanilla cake with delicious cake batter!

Artisan cooking and baking at home can be a real art of being since it stimulates all of our five senses at once. It can, also, be very satisfying to create the creaming, the dough, and the cake batter from scratch on your own. Experimenting more and more with our culinary aspirations makes us realise how meaningful our daily lives can be when we share yummy moments with our mates, kids and close friends.

Buying a stand mixer offers us precisely this: It enables us to provide for ourselves and loved ones handmade and freshly baked pastries of high quality, while we add a personal touch in every meal. And this invaluable detail is what makes the difference between a real home and a guesthouse.

Getting to know, however, which stand mixer is best suited to our needs and cooking abilities, can be a difficult task. The variety of options available in the online market sometimes tends to distract us from actually taking the decisive step towards a value for money purchase.

That’s why we would like to share a couple of useful information with you so that your final choice is worth the time and money spent.

What is a stand mixer?

First things first. You might be familiar with a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Both are electric devices that help us perform a repetitive task, such as stirring, whisking or beating more efficiently and comfortably. It comes with a set of “beaters” that rotate in a bowl with all the ingredients mixing them.

A stand mixer is a mixer that stands on its own with its bowl and makes stirring even easier. To be precise: it does all the hard work so you can enjoy baking more. They usually come with at least three attachments: a flat beater, a dough hook, and a balloon whisk. Each one helps you prepare a different kind of dough.

When the cupboards or worktop is in short supply, fear not! Because there are stylish, retro and colourful stand mixers that really stand out! Overall, they work way better than food processors when it comes to whisking, whipping and kneading.

Why do I need a stand mixer?

Baking on your own is not only pocket-friendly but also healthy and convenient. It boosts your creativity, while you transform the “raw material” at hand the way you like it to be. And you definitely know what’s in it, to be perfectly honest. No wrongs or rights, just you and your carefully chosen ingredients, ready to mingle!

And that’s why we believe that a stand mixer is part and parcel of a fully functional home kitchen:

  • It allows you to prepare your dough beforehand, at your own pace, and then store them for future use in the freezer.
  • It helps you experiment with a variety of international recipes, especially the most intriguing ones that you wouldn’t even dare touch, otherwise.
  • It supports you in reducing chemical additives in your diet, frequently to be found in processed food bought from the supermarket.
  • It can be an exciting and fun activity for your children, since they can - under your surveillance, of course- learn how to safely prepare food for themselves and be independent at an earlier age.
  • It can be a useful gift in a wedding or a marriage anniversary, one that will bring a big smile to the recipients, without you having to spend a fortune.

A stand mixer most likely will give “a helping hand” at any culinary endeavour you may find yourself in, saving you a lot of time. Most products in this category come with various gadgets and technical features such as:

  • High motor performance
  • Multiple speeds - up to 10!
  • Planetary mixing
  • Overheating and other energy indicators that prevent accidents.
  • A variety of mixing tools and attachments
  • Anti-slip design
  • Different colour options or retro design, which might look stylish in your open kitchen’s countertops

So, let’s see what modern stand mixers have to offer you, in terms of specific functions, types of blending and more.

What Type Of Stand Mixer Suits You?

There are two main models of stand mixers to choose from:

  • Tilt-head stand mixers, as the name implies, have a lock button between the head and the stand join so that you can lift the head more easily and attach any mixing tool you need to prepare your pastry. Bear in mind that you will have to unlock the head before lifting and lock it before operating, accordingly.
  • Bowl lift stand mixers do not have any pin to hold the head and the rest of the standing joint together. So, they are more prone at “doing the heavy lifting” for any dough texture you might be preparing.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Stand Mixer?

Once you have decided upon which type of stand mixer suits you better, tilt-head or bowl-lift, you may proceed to consider a few more features to think about, in terms of:

Motor power

Most models come with high-speed, powerful motors, up to 1.500W, while only some of them are manufactured with pure copper. So, keep in mind that high wattage, although it can indicate endurance, efficiency and thorough blending, it can also become annoying in terms of noise. Especially when you live in an area or a house block with strict rules on noise tolerance.

Bowl capacity

Depending on your special baking needs and skills, you can choose a stand mixer with either a large mixing bowl or a smaller one. Thinking about your daily routine, what quantities do you usually consume weekly? That could be a very helpful question to answer, taking into account, e.g. the members of your family or how many hours do you have available for cooking, since fewer hours could mean lighter and faster types of pastries. Typically, most have about four to five-litre bowls.

Dishwasher safe materials

It is important to remember that either or both of the bowl and the attachments for mixing can be made of plastic, alloy steel, stainless steel or glass. Not all of these options are safe when we put them in the dishwasher. Look closely to the instructions of the model to see which parts can be safely washed, especially if you have to prepare smoothies for babies or other health-conscious members of the family. Allergies and side effects are not to be taken lightly, after all.


Some mixers come with three or more attachments to help you create a variety of recipes for you and your loved ones. The basic ones are the flat beater, which can be used for pie crusts, biscuits or scones. Then there is the balloon whisk, which is great for making frosting or whisking egg whites; in other words, it does what a hand wire whisk would do. And then there is the dough hook, which kneads bread dough exceptionally without a sweat. Some models have a multi-purpose hub that allows you to turn your stand mixer into a meat grinder or even a pasta roller! Others can also be a blender, citrus juicer, spiralizer or a food processor.

Planetary Mixing Action

Most stand mixers have the planetary mixing action. What it does is it evolves many times around and comes in contact with the sides of the bowl, so all ingredients are evenly incorporated and thoroughly mixed. This will give your dough the optimal texture, and you will never again witness a bake-off gone bad.

How much should you spend on a stand mixer?

There is a wide range of costs in this particular device. Depending on your budget, you can find a good quality, stable mixer that will take on all the hard work. This way you can enjoy more time with your family.


Basic good quality mixers are starting by 70 to 150 pounds. They come with all the necessary attachments and features to make your life in the kitchen more comfortable and pleasant. They have large capacity bowls, good enough for a family household. With even the lowest price tag, you can get a stylish yet multifunctional mixer to show off on your countertop.


Mixers that are excellent for domestic and professional use are on the pricey side. They can cost from 150 to nearly 600 pounds. Most times, the cost doesn’t refer only to the quality of materials. Many times, a costly mixer is not just a mixer. It has multifunctionality that turns it into an ice cream maker, pasta maker, juicer, spiralizer and more. The possibilities are endless!

Always Think About...

There are some extra factors to take into account when you look for a mixer to purchase. So, depending on the situation you find yourself in, we would suggest the following:

  • Do you have toddlers and small kids playing around in your kitchen while baking? A stand mixer with anti-slip and anti-splash features can be an adequately safe option.
  • Does your kitchen cabinet have enough spare room? Then, you won’t have to worry about the style or the colours of the stand mixer you buy. Should, however, this not be the case, then you might consider a more retro and colourful model, which is more pleasing to the eye.
  • If you find yourself puzzled as to how many speed settings your mixer should have, remember that there are additional features to pay attention to for a successful baking process. These are the pulse vibration that boosts the motor’s performance and the all-time classic planetary mixing action, which helps heavy ingredients to blend thoroughly. This way, you won’t have to stop every now and then to shake the bowl for any unmixed leftovers.
  • In case you are an experienced cooker, then look for a model that pushes your skills even further and don’t feel afraid to try a stand mixer of higher quality and value. If, on the other hand, you are at a starting level, opt for a less complicated robust device that will provide you with the basics, without spending too much.

Extra baking tip: When you do not have enough time to prepare all the recipe at once, you may well find it useful to freeze the dough and defrost it later, just before the baking begins. This will make your pastries a lot crispier and delicious, you’ll see!

No matter what type of stand mixer you wish to purchase, be sure that there’s plenty of different models to fit any level of experience, skill and culinary needs you may have.

We are here to help you make the most informed decision and save time.

We hope that our information and tips cleared up a bit of the “online market buzz” while offering you something sound and useful to count on. Don’t waste any more time and invest on your stand mixer today! It definitely deserves a spot among your other kitchen appliances.

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