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Best 10 Star Projectors

As Of March 2021

Would you like to bring the stars into your living room ceiling? With these cool gadgets, you can! Use these compact star projectors to bring the universe into your home and create your very own home planetarium.

The stars in the night sky fascinate young and old, women & men all around the world. If you used to fall asleep under glow in the dark stickers, then these star projectors are definitely for you! Want to learn more?

Check our guide!

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1 star projector with remote control

Best Overall Star Projector

  • Versatile to use for bedtime or for a romantic dinner
  • Perfect for falling asleep carefree as it has an auto-off timer
  • Relax listening to your favourite tracks with its built-in speaker
  • Incredible soothing effect due to its starry night lighting effects
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2 national geographic star projector

#2 Star Projector Choice

  • Accurate projections of celestial bodies & even falling stars in your home
  • Ideal for astronomy enthusiasts as it has a poster explaining the night sky installations
  • Works with easy to purchase AA batteries
  • Simple to operate as it has illuminated buttons
3 star projector with remote control

Best with Speaker for Lullabies

  • Ultimate visual experience with the multi-star & galaxy lighting modes
  • Sooth your kids with lullabies so they sleep better
  • Set the mood just as you like with its adjustable brightness level
  • Cultivate your kid’s creativity with this high-quality device
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4 star projector with remote control

Best Star Projector Gift

  • Perfect choice to set the mood at the next home party with 360-degree dynamic projections
  • Play the music your love via Bluetooth or USB cable
  • Hassle-free as you can control it remotely or set the auto-off time
  • Excellent gift for all ages & genders
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5 smart star projector

Ideal for Smart Star Projector

  • 4-in-1 projector that can be a star projector, night light, mood light & music player
  • Smart device that works with Alexa & Google assistant
  • Customize your scenes or choose from its 8 different ones
  • Pick your favourite color options using your phone’s app
6 star projector with remote control

Perfect for Home Parties

  • Bring the Milky Way to your living room
  • Choose between 10 different color combinations
  • Change colours to the beat or by clapping your hands' thanks to its sound-activated flicker mode
  • Care-free with its auto shut off after 4 hours without use
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7 star projector on white background

Best Compact Star Projector

  • Awesome projection of drifting stars in a transforming green or blue nebula cloud
  • Create a relaxing environment for you & your family with the soothing aurora effects
  • For every space thanks to its long AC adapter cord
  • Neatly stored with its compact design
8 star projector on white background

Top Choice for Nurseries

  • Perfect for your newborn’s ears with 12 built-in soft songs
  • Adjust the modes without getting up from the sofa with its remote control
  • Save energy thanks to its auto shut off function
  • Requires easy to find AAA batteries to operate
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9 star projector on white background

Ideal for Planetarium Projector

  • Perfect for astronomy enthusiasts as it projects 60,000 stars on any white surface
  • Make a wish or two with its shooting star function
  • Never bored with the discs of vivid galaxies
  • You get a double-sided poster of the southern & northern hemisphere
10 star projector with remote control

Best for Silent Operation

  • Amaze everyone with a dazzling light show thanks to its 10 different lighting modes
  • Perfect for bedtime thanks to its silent operation
  • Choose remotely from a static or floating nebula cloud display
  • Easily share your music lists via its Bluetooth speaker

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Bring The Night Sky Indoors with Star & Galaxy Projectors

Bring the starry sky at your ceiling. Create a home planetarium with a star projector that can excite everyone and set an amazing atmosphere in your space. A star projector is undoubtedly a great gadget for all ages and genders. They come with different modes that help you create the ambiance you want, from relaxing to parting.

A star projector night light can be used as a night lamp at your kids’ bedroom and play lullabies to soothe your newborn to sleep. It can also be used to create a colourful ambiance for your home party with friends and family. If you plan a romantic night with your better half, then a star projector can create an alluring and romantic atmosphere. In case you are an astronomy enthusiast or want to boost your children’s imagination and creativity, you should start your own home planetarium. How? Simple and easy!

We have created a thorough buying guide that will help you choose the right star projector for your home. Enjoy the starry night sky indoors with these nifty gadgets even on cold and clouded nights. Learn all you need to know here!

What is a star projector?

Have you ever visited a planetarium on your own or a school field trip? If so, then, a planetarium projector, widely known as a star projector, is that device that helps project those images of celestial objects on the dome of the building.

Nowadays, a star projector is very accessible to anyone who wants to create their own home planetarium. They are usually compact and include different stars, the Sun, the Moon, various planets, and nebulae. Most have different colour combinations, built-in Bluetooth speakers, auto-off timer and adjustable brightness. You can customise the night light to ocean wave light, party light, game room decor light or light lamp for kids. Pretty much anything you want!

Most run with a USB cable or batteries which are easy to find -mostly AA batteries or AAA batteries. Simply aim to a white clear surface - wall or ceiling - and enjoy the beautiful starry night sky in your home.

Why should you buy a star projector?

As a child, have you ever fallen asleep under glow in the dark star stickers in your ceiling? Do you remember how soothing and magical that was? Well, with a star projector you can save all the fuss of sticking stickers on your ceiling and simply purchase a star projector. Furthermore, they come with awesome features that make them useful to so much more than just bedtime. Set the ambience of the next gathering or surprise your wife with a romantic dinner under the starry sky.

What should I look for when buying a star projector?

When you are in the market for a star projector, there are some features that you should bear in mind. These will help you decide best which one is ideal for you based on your needs and taste. Here is our list:


Opt for a versatile device that will allow you to adjust the brightness of your projector lamp. This way, you will be able to use it as a relaxing projector that will help you sleep and as a party decor light to set a more fun and upbeat atmosphere. Most modern star projectors have led technology for clear projections and adjustable brightness, so it is not hard to find. Not so often, you can come across laser projectors that use powerful green lasers and holographic technology to recreate the universe on your wall or ceiling.  Laser stars tend to be more powerful and clear but less soothing when it comes to sleeping.


Some star projectors can be powered solely by plugging them to a socket, some on AAA batteries or AA batteries and then there are some that use both. Some devices are also powered via USB cable and can be plugged into external power banks or any kind of USB port on your PC. You might come across a few that have rechargeable batteries, but these are not so common to find.

Noise level

Think of the usage and pick the less noisy star projector you can find in the case of a nursery or kids bedroom. Because if you plan to use it for relaxation and sleeping aid, then the last thing you need is an annoying whirring motor sound. If you plan to use it for partying and romantic nights, this should be a less pressing consideration.

Remote control

When you are laying down looking at the starry night sky, it can be pretty annoying to have to get up in order to change the mode or shut it off. This is why most models come with a remote control so you’ll avoid all this hassle. Change the colour combination, adjust the brightness and set the timer from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

Speaker function

Enhance your visual experience with your favourite songs thanks to their built-in speakers as most models work as a music player too. They have Bluetooth speakers or WiFi-connected speakers so you can seamlessly share your phone’s music library to the star projector. So, make sure you check for this functionality as it can elevate your planetarium experience further.

Range of visuals

Basic models have a few classic combinations that can still create a mesmerising ambience in the room. More sophisticated ones can add further to the atmosphere of the room with different colour combinations, ocean waves and galactic constellations.

Timer function

Search for a model with different timer settings, so you can get the ideal timing for your sleep routine. It is really useful if you plan on using it at your kids’ bedroom or the nursery as it will automatically shut-off without having to get up in the middle of the night to shut it off manually.

Additional Discs

Depending on the type of star projector, there are some more flexible models that take interchangeable discs. These are used to expand the variety of celestial objects a projector can display. Additional discs will allow them to project the Earth, Sun, the Moon, different planets, cosmos, auroras, galaxies and nebulae. Some discs come bundled or are available as a separate purchase.

Where Should You Place a Star and Galaxy Projector?

The best place to set and use a galaxy projector is in the centre of your room. You need enough room to display the starry night sky otherwise it will appear blurry or fuzzy. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid this from happening. Most require around two meters distance from the ceiling, and others might need more or less.

Can You Use a Projector on Any Wall?

It is best to use the projector on a clear, light-coloured wall without any patterns. Avoid using it on floral curtains or busy wallpapers as they will interfere with the objects projected. If your walls are dark, then it might be hard for you to see all the images clearly. In this case, try a projection screen to help you enjoy the images displayed.

Are Projectors for Kids and Adults the Same?

There is a wide variety of star and galaxy projectors available in the market. Opt for one that can be used for both adults and kids to benefit from its versatility and usability. The ones mainly designed for children have a more stylized design and use brighter colours that sometimes might overwhelm your room. On the other hand, the ones mainly manufactured for adults use more realistic displays and features such as built-in speakers. The speakers are great as you can play music for your home party or white sounds to help you or your little one fall asleep.

How much should you spend on a star projector?

Overall, star and galaxy projector fall under the affordable side of gadgets. Based on their build, quality of materials and functionalities, these are the price ranges:


You can find star projectors starting from as low as 15 pounds to 50 pounds for a good quality model with many functionalities such as a variety of different colour options and auto-off timer. They are great for home use if you want to enjoy a star projector night light with a glass of wine or before bedtime.


These are a bit more accurate to the star installations they are projecting and come with extra cool features. Their price range is 50 to 100 pounds. Some of these models have interchangeable discs that allow you to project the Earth, Sun, the Moon, different planets, cosmos, auroras, galaxies and nebulae. Moreover, the built-in speakers will enable them to work as music players also add more value to their experience.

Always keep in mind…

A star projector is a great addition to any household as it can transform your living room or bedroom into a planetarium wonderland. It brings the outdoor starry sky indoors and creates a mesmerising atmosphere. Ideal for both soothing your self to sleep or to set a romantic ambience for you and your special someone.

This guide sheds light on everything you need to know before purchasing a star projector. Now that you have all the information pick yours here and create a magical atmosphere in any room!

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