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Best 10 Steam Mops

As Of February 2021

We all want clean floors but is cleaning floors your favourite chore of the day? We bet it’s not. A vacuum cleaner might help you pick debris from floors and upholstery and traditional mopping might help a bit too! But how tiring...

But there‘s hope and fun in doing the cleaning, thanks to steam mops. All you have to do is fill the tank with tap water, power it up, and you are off of to a squeaky clean house in no seconds.
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1 Vileda Steam Mop being used by a woman

Best Steam Mop Overall

  • Clean hard floors, wood, vinyl, laminate and refresh your carpets with the carpet glider
  • Fast heat in 15 seconds & steam control over every surface
  • Long cleaning time of 28min for large rooms
  • Accessories like 2 microfibre pads & filling/refilling jug
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2 Vax Steam Fresh Combi Classic steam mop being used by a woman

Best Multifunction Steam Mop

  • Steam mop & handheld unit for use in oven tops, taps, windows & hobs
  • Multipurpose cleaning & an accessory kit of 13 tools
  • Get into tight corners and tough spots with the angular design
  • Includes steam detergent for faster grime & grease removal
3 Beldray Multifunction 12-in-1 steam mop cleaning the floor

Best For Pet Owners

  • High cleaning power, no need for harsh chemicals
  • Versatile, to use as an upright steam mop or handheld steam cleaner
  • Variable steam control depending on what you’re cleaning
  • Long power cord, large water tank for long cleaning time & wider coverage
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4 H2O HD Steam Mop being used by a woman

Best For Portability & Limited Storage Space

  • Folding handle, easy to move around & less storage space
  • Easy to use handheld unit for cleaning hobs, ovens, taps & windows
  • Durable with water filter preventing limescale buildup
  • Versatile unit to use as a fabric steamer & for any hard floor
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5 Shark Klik n’ Flip S6003UK Smartronic Deluxe Steam Mop being used by a woman

Best Intelligent Steam Mop

  • Intelligent control with 3 automatic steam settings
  • Klik n’ Flip design for double-side cleaning & release of cleaning pad
  • Be an eco-user with reusable & machine washable cleaning pads
  • Clean stubborn dirt with steam blaster mode, no harsh chemicals
6 Hoover Steam Capsule steam mop being used by a woman

Best 2-in-1 Steam Mop

  • Choose cleaning temperature for different surfaces
  • Upright & handheld for mopping floors & deep cleaning bathroom tiles
  • Get sparkling mirrors, shower screens & windows due to the window squeegee
  • Round brush to remove stubborn stains in your kitchen
7 Shark S6001UK Klik n’ Flip Corded Pocket Steam Mop being used by a woman

Ideal For Long Cleaning Sessions

  • Natural cleaning & disinfecting of your floors with only tap water
  • Swivelling steering & 8m power cord to manoeuvre easily
  • Easily fill up the steamer using the filling flask and don’t lose time
  • High quality & durable steamer with a 2-year warranty
8 Shark S3255UK Lite Steam Mop being used by a woman

Best Choice For Adjustable Height

  • Adjustable height to match your needs for comfort
  • Easy to clean all the corners with stubborn dirt with the triangular head
  • Lightweight, long 5m cord & swivelling handle to move around effortlessly
  • Affordable cleaning pad, reusable & machine washable
9 Black & Decker 9-in-1 Steam Mop being used by a woman

Best Automated Steam Mop

  • No worries about steam level - adjusts automatically to match the surface
  • Steam clean directly from your palms with safe to use SteaMitts
  • Heats up fast so you can start cleaning in just 15 seconds
  • 180-degree swivel to get into dark edges & corners
10 BISSEL Vac & Steam mop being used by a woman

Best Vacuum & Steam Cleaner Combination

  • Switch from steam to vacuum cleaner or use both for thorough cleaning
  • Effortless control with electronic control on the handle
  • Collect & dispose of all debris easily with the Drop-It dirt tank
  • Strong & durable to handle all your hand sealed floors
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Steam It And Clean It

Are you running crazy with all the home-appliance cleaning options? And are you looking for a cleaning appliance that does more than just vacuuming floors and upholstery and saves you from the laborious work of a standard cordless vacuum and mop cleaner? You are in luck because technology brings us steam mops.

With steam mops, you can forget about the harsh cleaning chemicals and pricy detergents. All you need is tap water to clean and disinfected floors, freshen your carpets, and say goodbye to the grease and grime in your kitchen appliances. In fact, steam mops are the best solution for your place.

We have searched through all the available options to ensure you have an easy time picking the perfect steam mop among the best steam cleaners. Whether you are looking for one that works only on your floor or a multipurpose appliance with vacuuming options or a handheld unit, we’ve got your back!

What Is a Steam Mop And How It Works?

Unlike regular mops that use water and cleaning agents like detergents and bleach for cleaning, a steam mop cleans carpets, upholstery and floors using steam. To use it, you need to fill the water reservoir, which heats up to 120-degrees Celsius. Depending on the steamer's model, it might have 1 to 15 jets to wet the cleaning pad. The wet pad draws off the dirt from the floor, and the high temperatures are great for killing dust mites and other bacteria and disinfecting your floors.  

Benefits Of a Steam Mop

There is a reason why many users of steam mops recommend them to everyone who has not tried them yet. And it is not hard to see why. For starters, a steam mop will retain the heat of the water, ensuring your floors are disinfected. Because of this, you do not have to fill your cleaning supply shelf with harsh and expensive chemicals, which might damage your floors and affect pets, children, or anyone in the house with allergies. With the standard cleaning mop, you will fill up the bucket with water, and by the time you are on to the second wipe, the water is already on its way to getting cold and dirty.

Second, you can bid goodbye to back aches from all the bending you have to do to scrub off tough stains for deep cleaning on tiles or other floors. The steam mop's ability to retain its high temperatures makes it much easier for the mop to lift off these stains without the need for an extra scrub. Better still, you don't have to keep re-soaking and straining the mop. All you have to do is pass the steam mop over the floor you need to clean, and you are good to go.

Most importantly, no one has to tip-toe on the washed floor to avoid dirtying it and taking you back to point zero. With a steam mop, the floor dries instantly, allowing everyone to walk freely within the house. Finally, a steam mop reduces the time and energy you would use to clean a regular mop and the dirty bucket.

How To Use a Steam Mop?

The operating instructions might vary between models and brands, but steam mops just require you to add water into the steam tank and plug it into a power source.

The water heats up, and the steam disinfects the floors or whatever you are cleaning while the pad under the steam jet picks up the dirt. Some models use disposable cleaning pads, but you can go for the reusable pads or wipes if you are an eco-friendly user.

What features should I look for when buying a steam mop?

Do you want an easier time while shopping for the best steam mop to unburden your cleaning chores? Well, it is best to know what features to look out for. A high-priced steamer does not necessarily mean it is the best option for you unless it meets the qualifications you need. 

Capacity Of The Water Tank

The larger the capacity, the more cleaning time the steam mop offers. While larger tanks take time before the cleaner pumps out steam, the steam from these models also lasts longer. A large tank is the best option if you have a large home to clean, which will take more time than a smaller home with fewer rooms. 

Heating Time 

How long does it take for the steam mop to produce steam after filling the water tank and plugging it into a power source? You would want one that heats up faster, so you do not have to waste much time waiting for the steam.

Steaming time 

As much as steaming time, this depends on the water tank's capacity. It is best to compare the steaming time each model offers.

How much should I spend on a steam mop?

Steam mop prices range from £50 to £250, but the final price will depend on the power, functionality, and equipment quality. £50 will get you a basic steam mop, but with £100 or so, you can get one with a handheld steam cleaner

The important thing is to go through the available features and extra accessories the steam mop has, like metallic or nylon brushes, filling jug, or the number of mop heads you get to use on various cleaning jobs. A high price does not necessarily mean the steam mop will meet your needs.

Which Steam Cleaner Accessories Do I Need?

These will come in hand when you need to do more than the basic cleaning jobs the standard one allows you to do. That includes cleaning of carpets, your car, or windows. 

In that sense, some of the accessories to watch out for include:

  • Scrubbing brushes - for removing any embedded grime on the tiles and grout 
  • Squeegees - to clean windows or glass doors 
  • Cleaning pads - for wiping down surfaces 
  • Scrubbing pads - help in removing grease from cooking appliances like ovens 
  • Carpet gliders - for refreshing your carpets and mats 

Upholstery tools - to refresh upholstery fabrics and to treat stains. The tool will mostly consist of a squeegee or brush tool fitted with a pad or piece of cloth on the top side.

Are steam mops safe for floors like tile, laminate or hardwood?

Steam mops are usually safe for use on ceramic, porcelain and vinyl tile floors. But we would advise you to check if the manufacturer of your floor tiles recommends steam cleaning. It will save you from voiding the warranty of your floor tiles in case anything happens. 

Not every steam mop, however, is ideal for laminate or hardwood floors. Some manufacturer’s claim that it is safe to use their steam mop on these types. Unless your hardwood floor is sealed, then do not attempt to use a steam mop on it. The sealing on the hardwood is excellent at withstanding the steam moisture without damaging the wood. 

With laminated floor, it is best to stick to cleaning materials made specifically for these floors. A steam mop will damage your floors. In fact, even the standard wet mops, soaps and detergents are not a good option for cleaning a laminate floor.


Steam mops are the answer to all your cleaning problems, from the light work of running a mop over your fancy floors to the most challenging tasks of removing grouting and other stubborn stains. And you do not need bleach or other cleaning detergents for this, just a little tap water. Our guide allows you to have an easy choice picking from the best steam mops available in the UK, regardless of your budget. And if you want to check something else, then you can take a look at our Steam Cleaners guide where you can find cylinder steam cleaners and handheld options.  

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