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Best 10 Thermos Flasks

As Of March 2021

Quenching your thirst or satisfying your hot beverage cravings is the best feeling, especially when the drink is at the right temperature. How do you like yours? Hot or cold?

What you need is a thermos that you can rely on when it comes to preserving your drink’s temperature. Either icy cold or burning hot, we are here to help you choose a thermos that meets those needs.
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1 A chilly's thermos flask on a white background
4.8 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 750ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • Airtight screwing top is leak-proof, keeping the contents from spilling
  • Double-wall insulation for keeping drinks at the right temperature
  • Rust-resistant and food-grade material for durability and odourless drinks
  • Small diameter base for easy fitting
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2 Thermos 181261 on a white background
Twist And Pour Stopper
4.7 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 500ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • Easy to pour drinks with twist and pour feature
  • Stainless steel serving cup is included and it’s insulated
  • Lightweight flask for portability by hand or in a bag
  • Sweat-proof exterior design keeps it dry when filled with cold drinks
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3 ProWorks PW-1000 thermos on a white background
4.7 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 1000ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • Eco friendly and safe flask that uses reusable stainless steel material
  • It’s food-grade and rust restaurant for durability
  • Its leakproof design protects your items from accidents
  • Latest technology in maintaining the right temperature
4 Stanley Legendary Classic thermos on a white background
Serving Cup
4.6 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 1000ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • Features a free serving cup that also doubles as a lid
  • Phthalate and BPA-free material preserves the freshness of the drink
  • It’s leak-proof so your bag remains dry at all times
  • Double-walled for better insulation and longer temperature retaining
5 Thermos King Flask on a white background
Long Insulation Hours
4.6 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 1200ml Heat Retention Time: 24 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • Longer insulation design retains temperatures up to 24 hours
  • Serving cup saves you the trouble of drinking from the flask
  • Sweat-proof and cool to touch design for handling at any time
  • Twist and pour stopper for easy serving your cup
6 Hiwill thermos on a white background
Wide Mouth
4.6 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 450ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 8 Hours

  • A wide mouth of 5cm for quick and easy filling
  • Small diameter allows it to fit on spaces like a car’s cup holder
  • Easy-to-open lid with an inbuilt anti-hot sip for safety taking hot liquids
  • Strong and sturdy material is scratch-resistant
7 720°DGREE thermos on a white background
Retains Taste of Drinks
4.5 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 1200ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • BPA and phthalate-free that’s odourless for fresh drinks
  • Leakproof design for ensuring contents don’t leak even when it’s shaken
  • Uses KeppDGree technology for maintaining temperatures for long hours
  • The lid has a carrying handle for portability
8 Thermos Direct Drink on a white background
Cool Exterior
4.5 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 470ml Heat Retention Time: 10 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • Cool exterior finishing so you can handle the flask when it's hot
  • Push-button with a locking catch that prevents spilling
  • Sweat-proof design ensures the flask remains dry when filled with cold drinks
  • Uses recyclable materials and it's eco-friendly
9 Love-KANKEI QJ0020 thermos on a white background
Compact Size
4.4 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 500ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • Small and compact size for portability that can fit on a cup holder
  • Wide mouth of 3.7cm, making it easy for you to fit ice cubes
  • Double walls keep your beverages at the right temperature
  • Rustproof material ensures a long-lasting life
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10 Y·J&H thermoses on a white background
6 Layers
4.4 /5

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 650ml Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours Cool Retention Time: 24 Hours

  • 6 layers that ensure the flask retains the temperatures of your drink
  • BPA, toxin and phthalate-free material ensures your drinks are healthy
  • Has an airtight seal to avoid any spillages and protect your bag
  • Includes a cup cover to make your life easier

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Thermoses

  • Long temperature retention to always enjoy our drinks
  • Medium volume capacity makes it perfect for travelling
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If you are looking for a budget-friendly thermos flask, this Chilly’s thermos is more than enough to cater to your needs. For starters, it uses double-wall technology, which ensures the drinks retain the temperature for long hours. A cold drink will remain cold up to 24 hours or more, while hot drinks retain their temperature up to 12 hours.

It’s made of stainless steel material, which is reusable and eco-friendly. It’s also BPA-free, ensuring the taste of your drinks remains unchanged. It’s also very strong and durable and can withstand falls. And, when you fill it up with hot or cold water, you don’t have to worry about getting burnt or a wet surface due to condensation. The thermos is insulated and sweat-proof with cold so you can comfortably hold it, no matter the temperature of the drink.


  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow, spill-free mouth


  • Pricier than others
  • Leaks with fizzy drinks
  • Surface scratches easily
  • Low price tag, a value-for-money option
  • Durable stainless steel material
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The Thermos 181261 is quite a fancy choice. While being classy is not the sole reason to settle for a cute thermos, this one does meet all the necessary needs. First, it will retain the temperature of your hot drinks up to 12 hours and 24 hours for cold ones. The mouth of the flask is wide enough for you to effortlessly input ice cubes and any fruits without getting stuck.

It has a 500ml capacity, which is enough for medium capacity. The surface is designed to have a cool touch when filled with hot liquids. It’s also sweat-proof with cold, ensuring no condensation keeps it wet when you have filled it with icy liquids. Although it has an inner lid, there is an added lid, designed like a cup. It’s stainless steel but insulated for safe usage when shipping on hot drinks.


  • Leak-proof
  • BPA free
  • Twist and pour stopper


  • No carrying handle
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Scratches easily
  • Large volume capacity of 1000ml
  • Eco-friendly product from top-quality materials
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If you are looking for a thermos with a large volume capacity, this 1-litre thermos from Proworks is an excellent choice. It’s made from stainless steel that’s durable. It’s also phthalate and BPA-free, ensuring all your drinks are safe and plastic-free. The thermos is insulated using double walls. This helps it retain temperatures for 12 and 24 hours for hot and cold drinks.

The screwing lid has an airtight technology that helps keep the drink’s temperature and ensure it does not leak. It also comes with a carrying bag with carrying handles for better portability. It has a wide variety of colours and designs so you can choose your desired ones. So what are you waiting for? Let's find the one that suits you!


  • Carrying bag included
  • Variety of colours and styles
  • Affordable


  • Scratches easily
  • Bottom is not very stable
  • Has a wheezy sound when opening

Enjoy Your Drinks at the Right Temperature

We all love to keep our drinks closer to us, no matter where we are. The only problem with this is getting a thermos that can retain the temperature of our favourite drinks.

But what better way to get what you want than with a high-quality stainless steel thermos? Whether you need to recharge with a hot cup of tea or coffee or a cool and icy drink with your favourite fruity-scents and tastes in it?

Why Give Thermoses A Chance?

Thermoses have been around for years, and have mostly helped serve the purpose. As technology progresses, the longer the current thermoses can retain the temperature of its contents. Whether you want your drink to remain hot or cold, a thermos will help you achieve this.

Especially when you have long working hours or need to explore the outdoors and there are no places to get your favourite drink. With the right thermos, you are assured whatever desired temperature you require, it will deliver, no matter where you are.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Thermos?

When you start looking for a thermos to buy, the many options from online stores will surely make the process overwhelming. What material should you look for, or what’s the best budget-friendly thermos to settle for? But don’t worry. Our thermoses buying guide is here to hold your hand in the process.

The first step to getting a perfect thermos is knowing what to look for when buying. That means starting with listing down why you need a thermos in the first place. What are your needs, and what should the thermos achieve? Are you working long shifts at work and need a really hot or cool drink by your side?

Your budget should also come into consideration. Believe it or not, there are affordable thermoses in the market that will meet your needs. With this, you save some money and still get the perfect thermos for your daily needs. Go over all the things you need and the features of the thermos. If it meets your needs and has a lower price tag, you have a win-win situation.

Buying any product is an overwhelming process, and even thermoses are not spared from this. You might have all the needs you want listed down, but all the online choices will make it impossible for you to choose. However, our buying guide is here for that. To guide you buy the perfect thermos.

Always Think About...

  • The material of the flask that can determine the durability of the flask and its heat retention. While there are plastic flasks, stainless steel materials are the best for durability and temperature retention. Plastic material will especially cool down hot contents, but a stainless steel flask is best at retaining the heat.
  • Capacity, depending on how long you need to use the flask. Some flasks can accommodate up to 1.2 litres of a drink, while others are low capacity. If you need to carry a lot of drinking contents, you need to consider getting a flask with large capacity.
  • Temperature retention capabilities, for both hot and cold drinks. Think about how long you will be needing the drink to stay hot or cold. For long working schedules, you will need a flask that can retain temperatures for long hours, possibly more than 8 hours. The longer the flask can retain your desired drink’s temperature, the better it will serve you.

While thinking about temperature retention, consider other added advantages like a cool surface when the flask has hot liquids and a sweat-proof design for keeping it dry when filled with cold drinks. If you find all the features you’re looking for, you will easily get the perfect flask for your drinks. 

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