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Best 10 Thermostats

As Of March 2021

Say hello to the future of HVAC and goodbye to expensive energy bills! From toasty toes to cool and drip-free brows, a smart thermostat ensures your home is the perfect temperature, whatever the climate.

Control it remotely or let it make decisions based on your daily habits, patterns and preferences. Have peace of mind while on vacation or at work. No need to worry about leaving the heating on or returning to a stuffy house.
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1 Google Nest 3rd Generation thermostat on a white background
Geofencing Mode
4.8 /5

Dimensions: H8.4 x W3.2 x D8.4 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting & Freestanding, System: Wireless / Fixed Wiring, Display: LCD Screen

  • Geofencing mode and in-built activity sensors detect when you’re home or not
  • Has a hot water schedule for controlling the heat level of your water
  • Smart control using Android and iOS devices
  • Safety notifications when it’s cold and pipes are freezing
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2 Salus RT510RF/TX thermostat on a white background
Programmable Timer
4.7 /5

Dimensions: H10 x W3 x D10 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Wireless, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • 5/2 day or 24-hour programmable time with 6 sets of time or day
  • Features a temporary temperature override from active programme to the next
  • Has both manual and auto control changeover system
  • Holiday mode for setting temperature needs when you are away
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3 Hive HAH2PMZ thermostat on a white background
Child Lock
4.6 /5

Dimensions: H10 x W10 x D10 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Fixed Wiring, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • Uses pin codes on thermostat or app keeping it safe from children
  • An auto frost protection feature prevents pipes from freezing
  • Remote and smart control using phone, tablet or PC
  • Voice-control compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa
4 Salus RT310RF thermostat on a white background
Sleep Mode
4.5 /5

Dimensions: H10 x W3 x D10 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Wireless, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • Sleeping mode for suspending all thermostat functions
  • Auto pairing feature so you don’t have to repeat communication codes
  • An anti-frost mode with a temperature range of 5°C - 17°C
  • Wireless communication is pre-paired avoiding dip switches
5 Honeywell Home Home T6R thermostat on a white background
Backlit Touch Screen
4.5 /5

Dimensions: H10.3 x W6.8 x D10.3 cm, Installation: Freestanding, System: Wireless, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • Large and clear backlit touch screen for easy control
  • Smart control using Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT
  • Geofencing mode uses your phone to determine if you’re home or not
  • 7 day, 5/2 day and 1-day programmable timer and 6-time settings
6 Netatmo NTH01-EN-EC thermostat on a white background
High Accuracy
4.5 /5

Dimensions: H8.3 x W2.2 x D8.3 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Wireless, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • Temperature range of 0°C - 50°C with high accuracy of ± 0.1°C
  • Auto adapt factors home insulation and outdoor temperatures for efficiency
  • Voice control for Alexa, Apple and Google Assistant
  • Money-saving heat schedule, frost protection and an absent mode
7 Salus IT500 thermostat on a white background
Smart Control
4.5 /5

Dimensions: H10.16 x W17.53 x D20.83 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Wireless, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • Compatible with smartphones, PC, or tablet for smart control
  • Large LCD display screen with touch controls and is easy to read
  • Uses a wireless system and it’s internet enables
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
8 Salus RT300 thermostat on a white background
Frost Protection
4.5 /5

Dimensions: H12 x D10.4 x W5 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Hardwired, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • Has frost protection that heats up house pipes to prevent freezing
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries included in the package
  • Has a temperature range of 5° to 35° and a high accuracy rate
  • Programmable timer with 1 time/temperature events
9 Drayton 123042 thermostat on a white background
Day Scheduling
4.5 /5

Dimensions: H5.66 x W4.09 x D9.19 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Fixed Wiring, Display: LCD Screen Display

  • 7-day scheduling of 2, 4 or 6 time/temperature events
  • Has three pre-defined programmes including auto-summer and winter time change
  • Memory function in case of a power outage
  • Large LCD display screen shows actual room temperature and time
10 Qiumi BHT-002-GBLW thermostat on a white background
WiFi Compatible
4.5 /5

Dimensions: H8.6 x D8.6 x W3.76 cm, Installation: Surface Mounting, System: Fixed Wiring, Display: LCD Screen

  • Remote controlled via the mobile application of computer WiFi
  • Voice-controlled through Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT and Tmall Genie
  • A 5/2 6 times programmable timer for weekday scheduling
  • Easy to use UI interface with large legible LCD display
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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Thermostats

  • Automatically shuts down when you’re away
  • Freestanding option using nest stand
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With about 10 years in the game, Google’s Nest Learning Thermostats are still the best energy-saving gadgets you can go for in the market. Nest thermostats have already helped save about 39B kWh of energy across the world. These smart gadgets will adjust to your home needs and environment to help you save energy. Nest uses geofencing features- that’s your phone location and its in-built sensors to ensure it doesn’t heat up an empty space.

If you want your water hotter, just control the hot water tank using the Nest app and enjoy hot showers. The phone notification feature, you can rest easy knowing Nest will alert you when it’s too cold for your pipes to handle. Nest Learning thermostat comes in four different colours, stainless steel, copper, black, and white. This way, you can choose one that matches your decor for excellent heating with an exquisite look.


  • Compatible with Alexa, Google and IFTTT
  • Easy to read display
  • It’s easy to install


  • Mounting stand sold separately
  • It’s expensive
  • Not compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Long-running 5-year warranty
  • Has a temperature override feature
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If you are on a budget, this Salus wireless thermostat will provide you with your heating needs at an affordable price tag. It’s a programmable thermostat with 5/2 day or 24-hours programme, and sets of time or day settings to choose from. These allow you to choose your heating time and setting depending on your schedule so you can always come home to a warm and cosy environment.

The Holiday mode will come in hand when you’re travelling. With this, you can set when the thermostat will be off and when it should be on depending on your itinerary. Better still, use the sleep mode to suspend its functions when not in use. It also features an automatic pairing with devices so you don’t have to repeat communication codes.  


  • Anti-frost function
  • Boost function
  • Wireless communication


  • Battery-powered
  • Difficult to programme
  • No smart control
  • Childlocking feature for safety
  • Heat boosting up to 6 hours
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His Hive thermostat is the go-to for a mid-range budget. It offers an array of features and functions that are also available in the expensive models. For starters, it’s ideal for heating only the zones you need rather than heating up the whole home and using up extra energy. This ensures that the zones that are rarely used do not console much of your power bill for no reason.

It also has a sheathing schedule with six-time slots, every day. This way, you can schedule when the thermostat starts heating to keep the place warm by the time you get home. If you have a child or children at home, you can rest easy and use the child lock feature for their safety. Hive thermostat is highly compatible with Alexa and Google Home.


  • Smart control system
  • Has geofencing features
  • Hive app compatible with Android and iOS


  • Does not use Apple HomeKit
  • Requires a professional to install
  • Uses alkaline batteries

Start Saving Year-Round With A Smart Thermostat

If you want to take your heating and cooling to the next level, then a smart thermostat could be the answer. Not only can you control the thermostat remotely via an app, but it can learn and adapt to your preferences automatically.

Pair it with your smartphonetablet, or laptop for unfettered access to a whole host of features and money-saving tools. Turn up the heat or cool things down all from the comfort of your sofa, the office, or even while on vacation. With a smart thermostat, you can have your home pre-cooled or heated before you even step through the door.

Why Give Thermostats A Chance?

Connect the thermostat to your home’s smart ecosystem and you can unlock a whole host of features and commands. Use voice control, your smartphone, or simply adjust it from the on-board controls. For a fully automated experience, let it learn your household’s patterns to adapt and fine-tune without you having to give it a second thought.

Help cut down on your energy bills and track your heating and cooling usage. In-app reporting helps you figure out where you can make changes and save money in the process. Cut down further by opting into geofencing for a fully automated, location-based tracking experience like no other. By connecting your phone, it knows when you’re home. This ensures your heater or A/C is never left on unless it’s needed.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Thermostat?

With so many great options, it can be difficult to decide which smart thermostat is best for you and your home. Is location tracking really what you want? Or does manual 7-day scheduling fit your lifestyle better? Would you prefer total app control? or do you want some functionality on the thermostat itself?

One standout benefit of installing a smart thermostat is location-based tracking - geofencing. By activating this feature, the thermostat will know when you’re on your way home. In turn, it will automatically heat or cool your home in anticipation of your arrival. Equally, when you’re not there, it will turn everything off to avoid wasting energy.

If you prefer manual controls, a smart thermostat gives you the option. When at home, you can interact directly with the thermostat’s control panel. Sync it with your smartphone, and you can open up a whole world of possibilities. Adjust the temperature from the office and monitor your usage remotely. Some apps will give you reports on how much you’re using and when. Most importantly, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the heating on again!

Smart thermostats have been designed to help make your life easier. When it comes to choosing your perfect model, we’re here to assist. We’ve crawled the web to find some of the hottest smart thermostats available right now. Once you’ve finished reading our guide, check out our top ten picks, and start saving money on your energy bill today.

Always Think About...

  • Compatibility: When choosing a smart thermostat, it’s important to ensure that it’s compatible with your HVAC and electrical systems as well as all of your smart devices. If you have a particular smart home ecosystem already in place, make sure that it’s not only compatible but offers you full functionality. The last thing you want is to be unable to unlock your smart thermostat's full potential.
  • App Functionality: One of the benefits of a smart thermostat if the ability to control it remotely via a smart device. However, some apps offer more functionality than others. Features such as geofencing, usage monitoring, rebate/exemption finders, and other money-saving tools can greatly improve the user experience. Before buying, try to test the app first and see how easy it is to navigate and use with your phone’s OS (Android or iOS). Also, check how often the app is updated and maintained.
  • Display & Interface: While the main draw of a smart thermostat is the remote voice and app controllability, the interface on the thermostat itself is also important. After all, this is what will be on display in your home. Try to think about what information you’d like to see on display. Also, consider the readability of the display. Is it clear enough to see from anywhere in the room? What’s the resolution? How easy is it to navigate? If it has a touchscreen, how responsive is it?

Whichever smart thermostat you choose, you can be certain that your life is about to get a whole lot easier. If you’re still unsure, take a look at our top ten smart thermostats. For further insight, we deep dive into the best three products currently on the market. So why delay. Start saving today!

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