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Best 10 Vanity Makeup Mirrors

As Of February 2021

Do you wish you had good lighting so your makeup would be flawless every day? While you are chasing natural light to apply your makeup, we searched everywhere and got the absolute best solution for you!

Without further ado, here are the best vanity makeup mirrors in the market! Since your makeup can only be as good as your lighting, we encourage you to stop chasing sunrays & invest in a quality tabletop mirror!

We did the

1 Waneway Large Lighted Makeup Vanity Dressing Table Mirror on white background

Best Vanity Makeup Mirror Overall

  • Apply your makeup flawlessly just as if you were applying it under sunlight
  • View all your face at once as its screen is 30cm large
  • Energy-efficient to last up to 3 weeks while using it daily
  • Adjust the brightness to your desire with its soft touch dimmer
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2 Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror on white background

Best On-the-Go Makeup Mirror

  • Use it at home or take it with you when you’re on the go
  • Check your face from every angle with its 180-degree rotation
  • Apply makeup best down to the last detail with its magnification options
  • Benefit from the little storage space on its base for jewellery
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3 No 7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror on white background

Ideal for Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

  • Clear view of your skin as it’s designed to eliminate shadows & glare
  • Control the brightness to your liking from the dimmer switch
  • Use its swivelling motion to make your beauty regime effortless
  • Double-sided mirror with a magnifying side for precision
4 Nestling Makeup Mirror with LED Lights on table

Ideal for Gifting

  • Promises perfect looking & no scratches as it’s made by premium quality materials
  • Makes for a great present to a loved one or yourself
  • Perfect for shaving with its magnifying & lighting options
  • Care-free usage as it comes with an 18-month warranty
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5 BESTOPE Makeup Mirror with Adjustable Touch Screen Lighted on white background

Top Choice for Trifold Lighted Mirror

  • Super flexible as you can use it with the USB cable or batteries
  • Lightweight & compact to carry it with you when travelling
  • Ideal for sharp eyeliner lines with its bright natural light
  • Convenient with storage tray at its base for lipsticks
6 H&S Makeup Mirror on white background

Best Budget Makeup Mirror

  • Cordless & portable to carry it in your purse when you’re on the go
  • Handy touch sensor switch when putting on makeup
  • Track your progress by various angles up to 180 degrees
  • A small detachable 10x magnification spot mirror for higher precision
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7 Fancii 7X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror on white background

Top Choice for Bathroom Use

  • Attach it in your bathroom mirror with its strong suction mount
  • Practical for both women applying makeup & men to shave
  • Your travel buddy as you can fold it up & carry it in its pouch
  • Benefit from its brightness & 360-degree rotatable swivel for accuracy
8 Fancii 10X Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror on white background

Ideal for Magnification

  • Eco-friendly with minimum energy consumption LED lights
  • If you seek perfection in your beauty regime, its 10x magnification does the trick
  • Foldable & cordless to take no room in your suitcase
  • Attach it anywhere safely with its airtight-seal suction cup
9 Simplehuman Sensor Mirror with Touch-Control Brightness on white background

Best Splurge High-Tech Mirror

  • See every detail of your face with this high-tech mirror
  • Total adjustability as it tilts back for using it comfortably
  • Ultimate control over its brightness to adjust it to your liking
  • Autonomy as it’s cordless & only needs to be charged every 5 weeks
10 WEILY Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror on white background

Top Choice for Trifold Touch Sensor Mirror

  • Turn it on with a simple touch by its convenient touch sensor
  • You can see every flaw & pore due to its magnification
  • Quality foldable mirror at a great price point
  • Take it with you at work for light touchups thanks to its folding design

Applying your makeup in a poorly lit spot in your home can be tricky. Enter the Waneway Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror! It is the best overall vanity makeup mirror in our list and for a good reason. It will help you apply your makeup or draw your eyeliner line with precision just as you would in natural daylight. You can also, comfortably see your entire face thanks to its large dimensions and dim the light to your liking.

Be care-free as you can use your Waneway mirror daily and its batteries will last up to 3 weeks due to its LED lights low consumption. It is 30% brighter than any other LED mirror and 20% larger so you can enjoy your beauty regime more!

If you are in the search for the best on-the-go vanity makeup mirror you’ve hit the jackpot! This mirror by Beautyworks will accompany you to all your travels, walks or for soft touchups at work. Lightweight, portable & foldable, it’s the best choice for a good-quality magnifying vanity mirror to carry around with you.

Whether you plan on using it at home or on the go, the Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror will be a great addition to your dressing table among your beauty products.

The No 7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror is the ultimate double-sided mirror with its bright flat-panel, making it great for applying makeup at home. Its various magnification options give you the flexibility to see every single detail of your face and from multiple angles thanks to its 180-degree rotation. This comes in handy when you try to put mascara on a dark corner in your bedroom because your roommate has called dibs in the bathroom.

You can also store some lipsticks or a few small pieces of jewellery in the little storage compartment at the mirror’s base, which can be really useful too! What more should one ask out of a single mirror?

Final Verdict

Let’s break it down. So, you are looking for a vanity makeup mirror, and it’s a good thing you landed on our page. Best overall in our list comes the Waneway Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror and with good reason. It’s larger and brighter than any other mirror of its category, plus it is energy-efficient. Now, if you are travelling a lot or you are always on the move, then the Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror might be the best choice for you with its portability and lightweight design. Lastly, if you search for a double-sided lighted mirror that you can also store a few small accessories or beauty products, then the No 7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror is for you!

Apply your makeup comfortably and with precision at home with one of the best vanity makeup mirrors out there! Have your pick!

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