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As Of June 2022

If you’re here then you probably love using the Internet. And the truth is, who doesn’t? You can do anything with it. But the question is, how safe are you while browsing the web? Your internet connection isn’t really safe if you think about it. Digital security is a thing! Without it, hackers can access your device anytime they want. And your sensitive information isn’t that private after all. No need to worry! There’s a solution! The best VPNs are here to keep you safe!
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1 PrivateInternetAccess VPN logo on a white background


4.6 /5

Save 78% off now at just £2.19/month + 2 Extra Months Free

  • Get unlimited data from torrent downloading and unlock Netflix, Hulu & more
  • 30-day trial to connect to over 75 countries without any IP leaks
  • Very quick setup and 24/7 live chat support for any issues
  • Cleaner browsing thanks to the included Ad-blocker
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2 Express VPN logo on a white background


4.8 /5

Choose the #1 trusted VPN risk-free

  • Unlock all streaming services like Netflix in HD/4K resolution
  • Try it for 30 days & don't worry with the money-back-guarantee feature
  • Secure connection to 90+ countries including 4 spots in the UK
  • No-log policy & with fast speed for unlimited browsing
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3 SurfShark VPN logo on a white background


4.7 /5

Enjoy all features for just £1.76/month

  • With no-logging policy as it’s based in the British Virgin Islands
  • Connect safely to 50+ countries & get unlimited P2P/torrenting
  • Top protection with military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Enjoy user-friendly app & browser extensions for a better experience
ribbon connection for unlimited devices
4 CyberGhost VPN on a white background


4.5 /5

Don't miss out! Limited offer saves you 85%

  • Try it for 45 days and see the safe side of browsing
  • Get secure connections to 90+ countries and unlock Netflix, Disney+ & more
  • With many protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP & 256-bit encryption
  • Enjoy user-friendly apps for all kinds of platforms
5 Nord VPN logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Choose now the 2-year-plan & Save 72%

  • Audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers for no collecting, tracking or sharing your data
  • No worries with the 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Military-grade security combined with Ad-blocker for clean browsing
  • Enjoy fast speeds with a no-logs policy & no IP leaks
fast choice ribbon
6 IPvanish VPN logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Save up to $92.41 with the VPN + Storage Deals

  • Install the app in under a minute & start safe browsing
  • With a wide variety of security protocols to choose from
  • Get private cloud backup & keep important files safe all the time
  • Unlimited data download while being connected to one of the 55+ countries
7 Private VPN logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Special deal! Pay 12 months & get 12 months extra!!!

  • Fast connections for streaming unlocking like Netflix, BBC iPlayer & more
  • Choose from over 60 countries & connect for unlimited torrenting
  • Give it a 30-day try & be sure about your purchase
  • No IP address leaks due to IPv6 the military-grade encryption
Streaming choice ribbon
8 Atlas VPN logo on a blue background


4.5 /5

Unbeatable prices! Get 86% Off now!!!

  • Enjoy fast speeds to totally safe P2P without spending a fortune
  • Top pick for unlocking streaming services and reach 4K resolution
  • Super easy installation combined with 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited devices option for connecting to 500+ servers
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
9 Vypr VPN logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Spring Sale! Get up to 12 Months Free & total security

  • Zero user data logging, no one sees your internet traffic
  • Strong encryption with AES 256-bit & DNS protection (IPsec, OpenVPN & Chameleon)
  • Personalized Kill Switch as a safeguard for your data
  • Enjoy the most famous streaming services with top speed
10 Proton VPN logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Start today & save up to 33% off!

  • No surveillance due to Secure Core in countries that are privacy-friendly
  • Switzerland-based for the strongest encryption & privacy laws
  • Get unlimited bandwidth & P2P support for up to 10 devices
  • Enjoy a simplified interface & stay protected every time

VPN: The Digital Security You Wished For

Lovers of the Internet come forth! Everyone likes to browse the web every now and then. There are some people though, that are constantly on some kind of site or application. Sounds familiar? The only thing you need to do is grab your mobile device either it’s your smartphone or your laptop, connect to your Wi-Fi router and then do whatever you love to do. Which is pretty simple, right?

And think about all those people that are working from home. The hours that they spend on their devices are so many and the sites they visit are even more. Some might say that this is what a typical day looks like. And it’s true! There’s one thing though that you might haven’t thought about. What’s that? Your security! Or better yet, your digital security!

Using a public network isn’t the safest way to do your browsing. Yet, almost everyone does it. And you might ask yourself “what else am I supposed to do?”. The answer is simple! You have to stay protected. From whom? Another simple answer! Call them “hackers” if you want. Let’s just say that there are some people out there that they’re after your personal and very sensitive information. Usernames, passwords, bank accounts and many many more! 

There’s no need for you to panic! Because technology might give the opportunity to some “bad guys” to play their game but it also gives you a way of staying protected. With the best VPNs, you can do it easily. Be one step ahead of them when it comes to online privacy and kiss all your worries goodbye. This guide will give you all the information you need about VPN connections so you can make the right choice and find the ideal one for your needs.

VPN Explained: All You Need To Know

Either you’re a novice or a more experienced user, VPN can seem a bit complicated at first. But it’s actually easy to use. Let’s demystify that. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is a popular internet security method. It lets you access the web in a safe and private way by routing your connection through a VPN server and concealing your online actions. In other words, VPNs are used to increase online privacy and security.

So whether you are an individual or part of an organization, or a business itself, VPNs allow you to send and receive data while maintaining the secrecy of a private network. They are therefore a secure and private solution within the wider internet. This isn’t only pretty cool, but it can save you from serious trouble

Do you know what a Swiss knife is? It’s a multi-tool to put it simply. So, a VPN is like a Swiss knife for the web. They have many different functions and benefits. That’s what makes them the safest mainstream way to browse the web privately. The truth is that a VPN might save you but in case your device has already been compromised with malware, then you need to take care of that first. In that case, a good antivirus could be a better solution to your problem since a VPN won’t spare you from being spied upon. Fair is fair! First, get rid of malware and then find the ideal VPN service for you!

What Are The Benefits Of Having a VPN?

If you think that digital security is all you’re going to get with a VPN service, then think again! There are many benefits that come with them and that’s why they are so popular after all. Your browsing behaviour privacy is only the beginning

Safer Public Wi-Fi

Have you ever found yourself using a hotel, airport or even a shopping centre public Wi-Fi connection? If yes, then you should know that all your data is out there for everyone to just grab them! Don’t risk it anymore.

Unblock Foreign Services

There are so many streaming services that we love. Think about Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer for example. Now, think about a movie or a TV series that you like to watch but it’s not available in your country. That’s just sad! But, a VPN can also easily disguise your geolocation, bypassing blocked websites, and regional censorship. You can see anything you want!

Countries With Censorship

Combine the one above with this one. There are some countries with geo-restrictions that have some kind of censorship when it comes to what a user can see on the Internet. Chine, India, Russia and many other countries have blocked what we think it’s the basics. Seriously! Think about WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, even Google! So, if you’re someone who’s travelling a lot or wants to take a vacation, then a VPN will save the day!

Holidays & Travelling

Have you ever heard that hotel rooms and aeroplane tickets have different pricing depending on the region that your computer seems to be in? Your IP address is what gives away your server location! Change that and find cheaper services anytime you want.

Sports & Events

For all the lovers of sports and other types of entertainment events, VPNs is the solution. If you want to watch football, basketball or even a tennis match and you can’t find it anywhere, then your VPN will take you to the VIPs. It will be like you are in another country!


Let’s say that you stay lawful when it comes to your downloading content. You’re still risking being exposed to all those bad guys that want to steal some kind of information from you. Turn on your VPN and never worry.

Work From Home

It’s a reality for so many people nowadays. Using your personal internet connection while doing business might be really risky. The best VPN services will make sure that everything that has to do with the business you’re in, stays safe.

Gaming Experience

Another reason to protect your identity and your information while being online. Lucky for you, most VPN providers can protect you against DDoS attacks as well. No harm, no foul!

Unblock Social Media

Some schools and offices apply security features that won’t let you sign in to your social media accounts. Which can’t be fun! Unblocking them is easy while using a VPN. Plus, you can play games as well!

Fastest Internet

If your service provider has a hard time giving you the connection speeds that you want because of all the simultaneous connections, then you can change your location and avoid all this traffic. Pay a visit to Canada if you like! A speed test will give you all the answers about your download speeds!

How To Choose A VPN?

The VPN services market has exploded in the past few years. In fact, 26% of internet users worldwide have used a VPN service. And that is more than 1 billion people! Picking a VPN is not easy. Internet surfing hides many threats and dangers. Websites are able to collect your personal data. Whenever you’re online, you’re compromising your safety, identity, and privacy which leads us to our primary solution for the problem, a VPN.

It’s really important to keep a few things in mind when evaluating which VPN service is right for you. In particular, you should always check VPNs ease of use, performance, and transparency. Customer support and the type of encryption they used are also important features. Unfortunately, many people only focus on price and speed. Although these are key factors, you should not focus only on them.

Make sure you are happy with what you signed up for and also take advantage of money-back guarantees. Most of the VPN providers offer a 30-day money-back-guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. Besides, it’s understandable that it is a little bit expensive if you pay for it per month but you can sign up for long-term ones, like a two-year plan, as the prices per month drop considerably! This review gives you all the information you need, in order to cover all the important features you need to know to make the right choice, such as:

  • Privacy – Security
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Torrenting
  • Streaming
  • User Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Simultaneous Connections

What To Look For When Choosing a VPN?

There are many different services right now so picking one is not easy. Don’t worry! This guide will explain in detail all the things that are mentioned above. Have a look!

Privacy & Security

Let’s be honest here. This feature is #1 in case of importance when you choose a VPN. You have to be sure that the VPN will offer the latest and most secure levels of encryption, a range of security features including split-tunnelling and kill-switches and support for multiple VPN protocols. So, always check if the VPN provides military-grade AES 256 bit-key encryption and make sure that it doesn’t log IP addresses, browsing history, network traffic, or connection timestamps.


The cost of a VPN is one of the most important key factors to many people and the existence of free providers makes it a more difficult decision. People are looking for free services and that’s not going to change easily. But, the only good thing about them is that you don’t have to waste money. Ask yourself. “What’s the best VPN to protect my identity?” Well, you will not find the answer to a free VPN. There are plenty of choices out there so you will easily find the one that suits you. Don’t forget to take advantage of money-back guarantees

Connection Speed & Servers

Regardless of the VPN you use, it may affect your web browsing speeds. So you should always check the VPN’s speed tests. If the limit in long-distance connections is still high enough, you are ok to proceed with the purchase of this service. That’s because this speed limit is a common problem among VPN services. Also, be sure that your provider has a huge server network. The number of servers can affect VPN’s speed because the more varied server locations a VPN offers, the more choices you have when looking to hide your location. So you are able to choose the fastest server.


A VPN provider must support a wide array of platforms and operating systems. A strong service will offer you 5+ simultaneous connections. In particular, you will be able to connect your smartphone, your laptop or desktop, and many other devices at the same time. And all of that with only one subscription. If you think that this feature makes no difference for you, take a minute and consider the benefits especially if you have a family.

Unblocking Capability

“Is it good for unblocking famous streaming platforms?” That’s a question that many people ask VPN companies nowadays. It is well known that streaming platforms are very famous worldwide but their content is not available anywhere. Therefore, with a good VPN choice, you can bypass restrictions, unblock geo-restricted content, and enjoy your favourite shows.

User Experience

A VPN with an easy-to-use interface is one that is worth your attention. That’s because even if you have zero VPN knowledge you have to be able to use it without any problem. So, you must have in your mind that the service that you chose to buy provides simple software and it is easy to find and configure your connection settings. Besides, always look at the design of the app. If you can’t get what you want out of a VPN service within a few seconds, don’t waste your time.

Customer Support

It’s obvious that good tech support even if you are familiar with VPN services, is something that you need from a VPN. Keep in mind that a 24/7 live chat support with an expert team ready to answer every question,  is a feature that you have to expect. Besides, the tech team has to be friendly and knowledgeable and to answer as quickly as possible.

How To Install A VPN On Your PC Or Mobile

Using a VPN is easy. Once you’ve settled on a service, the first thing to do is to download the software to your computer or mobile device and follow the setup guide. It’ll only take a couple of minutes. There is usually a download page for this on the VPN provider’s website.

You’ll want to protect as many of your devices as you can. With only one subscription you can get a certain number of licenses and then you can use the service on any device for which it provides apps.

Once you’ve installed the apps, you have to enter your login information. So, you’ll have to put the username and password you created when you signed up for the service. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Your VPN app usually connects to a server closest to your current location after you log in to the app. And that’s because the speeds are better there as the performance degrades if you select a server that is far away from your location. And that’s it. The VPN is working fine and your information is totally secured.

Attention. If you don’t have any experience with VPNs you do not have to worry! It makes no difference if you’re browsing with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example. Or if you’re using an iPhone or an Android device. It’s much easier than it sounds and you can check the beginner’s guide whenever you like.

Free vs Paid VPN: An Everlasting Battle

It’s no secret that nothing in life is free. One could argue that you shouldn’t have to buy your right to online privacy. While this claim is quite accurate, let’s be realistic! Most of us can recall a situation where they had the choice between a free and a paid product and the free one was worse. 

Are free VPNs safe to use, though? Not really. While you’ll find a variety of options available on the market that provide their services for free – it’s important to know that unlike a paid VPN, using them usually comes with a few downsides. If you want a provider to guarantee your privacy and offer you the number of servers and features you need and demand, it’s better for you to pay a few pounds than ending up disappointed with a free version. Simple as that!

The idea to get full anonymity online, get protection from cyber threats, and access geo-restricted websites and all that coming in a free package, is of course tempting! But is that really possible? Not really! And here’s why:

1. You’re Tracked Consistently

You should probably already know that free VPNs are famous for tracking everything when it comes to your online activity. This includes all the websites you visit, the time you spend once there, as well as the location you’re accessing the Internet from. In this case, free VPNs work in the same way as ISPs, governments, hackers, and corporations collecting all of this information and getting their hands on your personal data.

2. Your Data is Compromised by Third-Parties

By using a free VPN you not only give your personal data and information to that company but to every possible third-party that wants to buy it such as advertisers and corporations. So selling your personal data to free VPNs is a way for them to make money. That is the cost you pay under the table for using something for free.

3. You Can Get Affected By Malicious Ads

Showing annoying ads is another way for free VPNs to earn some money. As you might have assumed until now, these services aren’t reliable, contrary to a paid VPN. They offer laggy connection speeds and suffer from connection drops. So, being shown ads one after the other only gets you frustrated and diminishes your experience. Another thing is that these ads may be malicious and clicking them would probably end up infiltrating malware and spyware onto your device, threatening your security and privacy.

4. You’re Vulnerable to IP Address Leaks

Most people nowadays use torrenting, so the need for a well-tailored VPN is a must. You need to use one to hide your IP from the world and prevent it from being exposed. This is known as an “IP traffic leak”, in which your IP address is uncovered and visible to the outside world. Yet by using a free VPN you most likely fail and get your IP compromised. The IP address is left exposed, meaning that it could be tracked or monitored by anyone. 

5. Lack of Premium Features for Every Use

The use of free VPNs comes with outdated security protocols such as PTTP that leave your privacy exposed to any spying eyes that may be watching. More than that, you are offered a limited amount of server locations and IP addresses, meaning that you have to share bandwidth with thousands of other users (when paid VPNs give you unlimited bandwidth). This, in return, leads like a domino to slower connection speeds. And this is not the end of the list. Unlike their rivals (paid VPNs), a free VPN also lacks features like Internet kill switch, DNS leak protection, multi-logins, etc. which make your life as a user, way easier.

Online Banking Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Your online security is always something that you must consider and it is never a given! Even more when it comes to your online banking data and your digital transactions. Although banks deploy a handful of strong security measures to keep your data safe, they can’t protect you against every threat. Nowadays more people start using online banking and the audience is always and constantly more demanding. So your first priority should be to protect successfully your personal data. VPN is a MUST tool that is essential if you want extra assist with that process. It can protect your data and hide your identity from the most malicious acts. 

Mobile devices help us on many occasions in our daily lives. And they do the same when it comes to e-banking. They give us the chance to watch our bank accounts and even use them for transactions without the need to go to the bank. But they come with a cost! They give another pathway for hackers to get access to our accounts. Mobiles are considered safer and harder to hack, yet it is not impossible. VPN apps tailored for devices can be a great asset to protect your e-banking account. Running it in the background will work as a shield and keep hackers from stealing your information.

Making online transactions can become dangerous to both your personal data and your hard-earned money. For some of us, online transactions are a daily necessity that we can’t do otherwise. You just take out your credit card and do what you have to do. But, you can never be really sure how protected you are and you can never be secure enough. Especially when you might risk your money in the process! A VPN will get your security to the next level adding an extra layer of encryption to your sensitive data. In that way, it can provide you with rock-solid protection for your transactions and security from prying eyes.

Interesting Things you Probably didn’t Know About VPNs

Time for some interesting facts, don’t you think? VPNs seem like a simple thing but there are some aspects of them that most of us can’t believe they’re true. Did you know that:

1. 10 Countries Have Banned VPNs

Let’s take a minute to discuss that. Any product or technology can be used for legal or illegal purposes. If you use a VPN provider for legal activities, you are perfectly safe! It is worth mentioning that it isn’t illegal to access streaming services such as Netflix over a VPN, though it does breach their terms of use. In conclusion, as long as they are deemed legal in your country, most VPNs are legal to use. 

But as you would expect in countries with authoritarian laws, VPNs are banned from online access. Particularly they did that to ensure that they would have complete control over the online practices of their citizens. China, Russia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Belarus, and North Korea are those countries. In some of them, you can use a VPN but these providers must agree to a number of terms that the government requires.

2. VPN Allows You To Save Money On Subscriptions

Many subscriptions on streaming services or sports channels often adjust their prices based on your geolocation. In most cases, there’s a chance that you pay more if you are situated even in a different city. But, with a VPN you can save money from a subscription.

The steps to save money are very easy. You activate the VPN and you select a server at a different country to browse with until you find the best price of the product/service. If you know that the sale is at a certain location, just browse using the VPN server in that area.

3. VPN Use To Purchase Some Games Early

This feature is for gaming addicts. Anyone who follows the gaming industry knows that games sometimes have one single release date. The thing is that they can be released at different times based on platforms or the regions they are located in. Both in single or multiplayer games this can seem a bit unfair. That’s because it is a little bit frustrating for some players to wait for a game when people in other countries are already playing it. Therefore if you are not patient you can change your location with a VPN before making your purchase. Grab your PS5, Xbox or PC and don’t wait up!

4. PPTP is the oldest VPN Protocol

Did you know that PPTP, which stands for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, is one of the oldest VPN protocols still in use? It’s been around since Windows 95 and standard on all versions of Windows since. It was developed by a Microsoft software engineer. In the beginning, it was originally designed for dial-up access. PPTP is one of the most common, fastest, and easiest to set up VPN protocols. However, the service has the lowest level of encryption.

To Sum Up

Digital security is one of the most essential things that you need to take care of before using the internet. Android, iOS, macOS, Linux and Windows, no matter what, you need to stay protected from all those that want to have a look at your personal information. As you can see the operating system isn’t what stops you. Encrypt your data and kiss all your worries goodbye once and for all. And if you feel overwhelmed about choosing the right one, then all you have to do is trust this guide. Here you can find all the information you need to find the perfect one for you. Have a look and stay safe with the best VPNs!

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