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Best 10 Waffle Makers

As Of March 2021

Do you wish you could eat your favourite waffles anytime? Well, you no longer have to get dressed & go out to enjoy your hearty meal. We can save you the trouble with one of the best waffle makers in the market!

A waffle maker & a good old dough recipe is all you need to make savoury Classic or Belgium-style waffles in your kitchen- whether you want to enjoy waffles for breakfast, brunch or as a dinner snack with ice cream spread!

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Best Overall Waffle Maker

  • Light indicators for knowing when it’s on or ready for cooking
  • Adjust temperature to suit your preferences
  • Perfect American waffles with the non-stick plates & even heating
  • Enrich your waffle making skills with the recipes included
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Ideal for durability

  • Takes up less storage space as it’s compact & lightweight with cord storage
  • Easy to use heat control knob with varying temperatures
  • Slip out easily your Belgian-style waffles thanks to its nonstick plates
  • Durable waffle maker with a 365-day warranty
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Best for fast cooking

  • Perfectly shaped waffles thanks to DuraCeramic coating
  • Mess-free operation & cleaning with its fully enclosed & removable plates
  • Enjoy waffles in no time thanks to its fast heating plates
  • Fits even in small storage spaces standing with a cord-wrap holder
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Best digital waffle maker

  • Digitise your waffle making with the digital control system and display
  • Makes Classic, Belgium, Buttermilk, Chocolate & customised waffles
  • No moat mess with the inbuilt drip tray capturing excess batter
  • 12 browning level settings to choose from
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Best for dishwasher cleaning

  • Removable & dishwasher safe plates make cleaning an effortless job
  • Indicator light for power on & when waffles are ready
  • Durable stainless steel housing & 5-year warranty
  • A recipe book full of mouthwatering waffle making options for lunch or brunch
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Best for large-size waffles

  • Safely open the handle to remove waffles or check the cooking status
  • Makes 2 large Belgium waffles at a go in just 10 minutes
  • Deep & thick waffle pockets absorb all the maple syrup or butter you can take
  • No sticking or burning of batter or waffles
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Best for safe handling

  • Cooks waffles evenly in under 5 minutes
  • Safe touching & easy storage with its long foldable & heat resistant handle
  • Steady on the countertop when cooking due to nonslip feet
  • Control simply the cooking temperature by the control knob
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Best for individual waffles

  • Small & lightweight for travelling or bachelors
  • More than just a waffle maker; makes paninis, biscuit pizzas & hash brown snacks
  • Even cooking & easy cleaning with its nonstick surface
  • Simple to install and use for fast cooking
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Best versatile waffle maker

  • Make various treats, like waffles, doughnuts, & cake pops
  • Your safety comes first, with non-slip feet & cool to touch housing
  • Quick-cooking time & light indicators when preheated
  • Looks great in any kitchen with its fancy & stylish red finishing
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Best for customised treats

  • No guesswork with automatic temperature control & measuring cup
  • Bowl-design waffles for filling with endless dessert options
  • Less time cooking more time enjoying with fast 3-minute preheating time
  • Heat resistant latch for safe opening of the waffle maker

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Best Waffle Makers to Transform Your Snacking Experiences

Choosing the best kitchen gadget is a whole draining hassle. That’s why we are taking the guesswork and full-load research off your back with our top picks of waffle makers. Whether you are a die-hard fan of Classic waffles or you fancy Belgian-style waffles, we’ve got you covered.

Our top picks list caters to all budgets and household needs: from anyone on a budget or people who want to spend a little extra for a digitised waffle machine. Whether you live alone, need a waffle maker to enjoy tasty snacks when camping or hiking, or those with a large household and need to make many treats for everyone in the house.

Why Do I Need a Waffle Maker?

You probably do not need one, but if you love waffles and want to save money and time, a waffle maker should be on your top list of kitchen gadgets to get this year.

Yes, your favourite restaurant might have the best waffles in the world plus a delivery option, so you do not always have to go out to fulfil your cravings. But think about it. How much do you spend in a week or a month to satisfy that craving? But instead, imagine having the freedom of making waffles any time of the day from the comfort of your kitchen.

With a waffle maker, all of this is possible. You do not have to wake up the family so you can grab a hearty breakfast in the restaurant. Just wake up, make waffles at your own pace, and everyone wakes up to fresh homemade waffles.

With the more digital models, you can personalise the waffles to suit your taste and culinary skills. We are talking about adding any toppings you see fit and trying as many waffle recipes as possible. With this, you can opt for healthier recipes and toppings at affordable prices compared to what a restaurant will serve you.

What Types of Waffle Makers Are There?

There are two main types of waffle makers to choose from, depending on the style of waffles you want to make.

Classic Waffle Maker

For round waffles, a classic waffle maker is what you need. It has thin plates, which produces thin but crispy waffles. The waffles from a classic waffle maker are smaller in size and shallower with more pockets. That means you will have more crunchy waffles, but the small and shallow pockets cannot hold much of the syrup, honey or butter. It is worth noting that some sites will refer to classic waffles as American waffles.

Belgian Waffle Maker

Unlike the classic waffle maker with thin and round plates, the Belgian counterpart has thicker and square plates. These produce thick and fluffy waffles with fewer but larger pockets. The Belgian-style waffles have deep pockets, allowing the waffle to absorb more of the butter, jam or maple syrup. It produces less crispy waffles than the classic waffle maker.

Apart from the waffle style, waffle makers come in three other types - electric, stovetop and convertible. Electric waffle makers mostly ceramic or metallic with a non-stick coating or a Teflon finish. They are quite portable, allowing you to carry it when going out for camping in an area with power ports. Stovetop models are mostly made from cast iron or cast aluminium. They are not as popular as the electric counterparts, but are more compact and take up less storage space. You can make other foods like bacon, eggs or paninis and sandwiches with a convertible waffle maker.

What To Look For When Buying a Waffle Maker?

There are a few features that you need to keep in mind when searching for a waffle maker. Here is our list to help you decide without all the fuss:

Size and Shape

While the shape of your waffles narrows down to your preferences, thinking about the waffle maker's size is also important. It is the key determinants of how many waffles you make in every round and the waffle size. Do you want to make single waffles per waffle mix pour or only two waffles? Some waffle makers are large enough to make up to four waffles, which can come in hand if you are making waffles for a family or a friends’ get-together.

If you live alone or have only two people in the house, a small-sized waffle maker that makes one or two waffles is probably enough. It will also be more affordable than a large one. However, if you have kids or live in a large household with family or friends, a large waffle maker is ideal. It will save you the time and energy of making many waffles in a short time.

Setting and Control

The control and settings may vary between waffle makers, but the basics to look for are a light indicator and browning settings. The light indicator lets you know when the plates are hot enough to start making your waffles. Some brands have light indicators or a sound feature that beeps to indicate when the waffle is ready. If the model is more advanced, it will have a timer, allowing you to choose the preferred cooking time. Others will adjust the cooking temperature and time for you based on the type of waffle you want to make.

With the browning control feature, you can choose how brown you waffle is going to be. Just like you get to choose your toaster settings, the same applies to the doneness waffles. Do you like it lightly made or a bit darker? Ensure you get a waffle maker with more cooking or browning settings to choose from to suit every family member's needs. Some have a dial control, while others are sliders or digital for this.

Other control functions to consider, depending on how fancy you need your waffle maker, include automatic programs and a digital display. With automated programs, you get to customise how you want to make your waffle rather than using the standard American or Belgium-style waffles.

Heating Features

Speaking of heat settings, the heat of the waffle machine also needs to be evenly distributed. Failure to this, you will not make a perfect waffle that's well cooked on all sides, inside and out.

Next thing to consider is safety. Is it safe for you to touch the waffle maker during or after cooking? If the waffle maker has a handle, ensure it is a cool-touch handle that doesn't heat up.

Ease of Cleaning

How easy is it to clean your waffle maker? You do not have to spend all your time after cooking cleaning appliances. Waffle makers are challenging to clean due to their design, but that's no excuse to avoid looking for one that makes your cleaning work as easy at it can get. The easier the waffle maker is to clean, the better for you.

While a non-stick surface is one of the features to look for, you also need to consider whether the plates are separatable or not. Removable plates are much easier to clean without worrying about water tampering with the waffle maker's wiring. In addition to this, are the removable plates dishwasher safe or just handwash? If the grid is fixed, consider the applicable maintenance methods that the manufacturer recommends and determine whether it is something you will struggle with.

Another option to consider when it comes to the ease of cleaning is whether the appliance has a drip tray. A drip tray captures any excess batter that drips from the waffle iron, ensuring your cooking surface remains tidy.

The Material Of The Waffle Iron

The primary materials to consider are cast iron, cast aluminium, cast steel and non-stick. Cast iron cooking plates are durable with excellent heat retention but take longer when preheating. These plates also require seasoning but get a non-stick surface once preheated.

On the other hand, cast aluminium plates take less time to preheat, are energy efficient and have a fast baking time. On the downside, the material is soft, making it prone to scratches and dents. The material must also be hand-washed if you want the latest to last.

Cast steel plates are usually dishwasher safe, which eases your cleaning work. They have even heat distribution, and the material is usually scratch resistant. Unfortunately, they have a longer preheating and cooking time.

Most of the new models of waffle makers have non-stick plates. Not only does this make your cleaning easier, but also allows for the waffles to slide right off the plate. Also, ensure the non-stick coating is longlasting. Some non-stick materials get scratches in no time, causing the batter to stick and making cleaning harder. The only problem with them is that you need to hand-wash them for durability.

Storage Space

The size of the waffle will also determine its storage. So, if you are a minimalist or have little to no space for extra-large appliances in your kitchen, consider getting a mini-sized waffle machine. Small-sized waffle machine is relatively compact and can fit in drawers, the counter or cupboard.

Larger models, though, will probably have long handles or drip trays. These take up more space so that you will need a bigger, dedicated space for storage. If a larger model has a flipping feature, it will probably have a standing storage design, which lessens the required storage space.

How Much Do I Need to Spend For The Best Waffle Maker?

There is a wide range of options and prices to choose from when in the market for a waffle maker. Based on the features and versatility you can find the perfect waffle maker for you in your price point.

  • Affordable

There is a budget for everything, and with as little as £35.00, you can get a decent waffle maker. It might not have fancy features like removable plates or pre-installed programs, but it can give you delicious waffles for your breakfast or brunch needs.

  • High-End

If you are a self-proclaimed chef and you need more from a waffle maker than the basic features, regardless of the price, you need to be prepared to cough out more than £100.00. Some of these high-end waffle makers go for £400.00.

Is It Easy To Make Waffles In a Waffle Maker?

Baking methods vary between gadgets, but following the manufacturer's instructions makes your work less challenging. Most waffle makers need preheating before pouring the batter. Again, the time it takes for the waffle plates to preheat will vary between models.

To ensure you get the perfect waffles and have an easy time while at it, read the manual and the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also helpful to go a step further and read reviews from previous buyers to get a glimpse of their experiences.

What’s The Best Way To Make Waffles In a Waffle Maker?

The best way to make waffles in a waffle maker is to read the manual or user guide. Every waffle maker is different, with varying control and settings from other models. Unless you understand how it works, you cannot work your way to making these delicacies.

Most importantly, do not forget to use online resources to get recipes. Once you have a recipe to follow, you will learn the best waffle making methods and secrets from different chefs.

Is It Easy To Clean a Waffle Maker?

It depends mostly on the design and material of plates. Are the waffle plates removable or fixed? Also, are the plate non-stick coated or not? Removable and non-stick plates are easier to clean, even if the non-stick surface lasts longer when hand washed. Some manufacturers are making dishwasher safe waffle plates for ease of cleaning. Still, the material will last longer when hand washed rather than using a dishwasher.

What Else Can I Use Waffle Makers For?

Waffle makers can be quite versatile, allowing you to make more than just waffles for your snacking. Some models come with extra plates for making other snacks, like doughnuts and cake drops.

But if your waffle maker only has waffle plates, there is still room for creativity as you can make from brownies to pizza, quesadillas, hashbrowns, cinnamon rolls, bacon, and cornbread.

Always keep in mind that…

Take your breakfast and brunch dining to a whole new level, with homemade waffles. Nothing beats the freshly made waffles any time of the day. Enjoy them alone or with family and friends any time you want. Be creative with your toppings and indulge in a different culinary experience each time. Surprise your taste buds and warm up your heart.

Even with a tight budget, you can get a decent waffle maker. Some of our top picks also come with recipes so that you can try new waffle making methods. Let's find you the perfect waffle maker!

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