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Best 10 Water Flossers

As Of March 2021

Dental hygiene! The memory song our dentists hum with every visit and every phone call! But brushing your teeth twice a day is not the only dental care you need to practice.

Flossing is an additional way of keeping your teeth, gums and breath healthy and fresh! The good news is that there is an answer to all the manual dental flossing labour: The water flosser!
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1 Anjou water flosser with three tips on a watery setting
LCD Indicator
5.0 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 300 ml, Flossing Modes: 3, Jet Tips: 4

  • Long battery life with LCD indicator to check the power supply
  • 2 refilling options, sideways or by disconnecting tank from the handle
  • Cordless design & IPX7 waterproofing makes cleaning easy
  • Charging cable and a travelling case included for portability
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2 Waterpik WP-662 black water flosser on a white background
Large Capacity
4.9 /5

Type: Countertop, Reservoir Capacity: 650 ml, Flossing Modes: 2 Jet Tips: 3

  • Large tank capacity of 650ml lasts about 90 seconds of use
  • One minute timer and 30-seconds pacer for extra effectiveness
  • 10 pressure settings and 7 flossing tips for deep and gentle cleaning
  • Push power button with LED display
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3 Pecham black water flosser with four tips on a white background
Travelling Bag
4.8 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 300 ml, Flossing modes: 3, Jet tips: 4

  • Small, lightweight and with a travelling case, ideal for trips
  • 1400mhA battery for quick charging and up to 3 weeks durability
  • Removable water tank makes it easy to clean
  • High water pressure of 1400-1800 times/minute for effective plaque removal
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4 Liberex FC2660S bluish water flosser with extra tips on white background
Extra DIY Modes
4.8 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 300 ml, Flossing modes: 4 & 10 DIY modes, Jet tips: 5

  • Additional 10 DIY flossing modes to match your special needs
  • OLED display shows the remaining power and working mode
  • Comes with a travelling case making it easy to carry around
  • Charging cable for multiple charging ports like your PC or power bank
5 Atmoko HP129A blue water flosser with four tips on a white background
Long running battery
4.7 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 270 ml, Flossing modes: 3, Jet tips: 4

  • Long-running battery of up to 28 days
  • Smart timer turns flosser off automatically after two minutes
  • Ergonomic handle with a concave design prevents accidental pressing of modes
  • 360° rotating nozzle for easy aiming and flossing
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6 Nicwell water flosser with blue details in a watery setting with five tips
Multiple Charging Options
4.6 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 200 ml, Flossing modes: 4 Jet tips: 5

  • Inside and outside IPX7 waterproofing for extra durability
  • USB charging port for PC, power bank, and phone charger
  • Low noise design for a comfortable environment for you
  • 2 tank refilling options make it more convenient for you to fill it
7 Fairywill 5020E white water flosser on a watery setting with eight tips
Water proofed
4.5 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 300 ml, Flossing Modes: 3, Jet tips: 8

  • IPX7 waterproofed material for full-body cleaning or use inside the shower
  • Compact and lightweight with small bottom diameter for portability
  • Battery charges in about 4 hours and lasts up to 3 hours
  • Powerful water pressure with a low noise level
8 Fairywill 5020A black water flosser with two tips standing by a blue package
360° Rotating Nozzle
4.5 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 150ml, Flossing Modes: 3, Jet Tips: 2

  • 360° rotating nozzle design for easy cleaning the interiors
  • High water pressure pulse of 1400 to 1800 times per minute
  • Fast charging battery that lasts about 21 days on a full charge
  • Double sealing rings prevent leakage of the reservoir
9 Waterpik WP-562 black water flossing on a bath counter next to grey towel and a soap bar
Storage Case
4.4 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 200 ml, Flossing modes: 3, Jet Tips: 4

  • Comes with a storage case for tips and a carrying bag for portability
  • Rechargeable battery with an LED charging indicator
  • Its ergonomic handle has a non-slip handle
  • Long-running battery lasts for about 7 days and charges quickly in 4 hours
10 Laluztop black water flosser with five pics a toothbrush and grey stylish carrying pouch
4.3 /5

Type: Cordless, Reservoir Capacity: 300 ml, Flossing Modes: 5, Jet Tips: 5

  • IPX7 waterproofing for use in the shower & full water washability
  • Adjustable pressure level for deep cleaning
  • Leakproof 300ml reservoir tank provides enough & uninterrupted flossing
  • Innovative gravity ball design makes teeth cleaning freely in any angle

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Water Flossers

  • Small and lightweight, you can easily have it with you during trips
  • Cordless with a long battery life allows for many uses with one charge
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Anjou’s water flosser is a high-end product. But if you don’t mind digging a little deeper into your pockets, it could be an excellent choice. It comes with three flossing modes, normal, soft and pulse, so you have a few options to choose from. It also features a detachable 300ml water reservoir tank for easy cleaning. Besides, the tank has a leak-proof drain to avoid messiness.

The internal and external parts of the water flosser are IPX7 waterproof for dual protection against water. This makes it possible for you to exercise maximum cleanliness of the flosser. Since it’s cordless, you don’t have to stand by a power source while using it. Its inbuilt battery charges fully within 4 hours and can last up to 15 days. What more to ask of a water flosser?


  • Low noise level
  • Travel bag included
  • Multiple charging port options


  • Rather expensive
  • Medium capacity water tank
  • No automatic shut-off
  • Large capacity water reservoir, no need to refill regularly
  • Push-button power control with OLED display
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If you are looking for a water flosser with a large water reservoir capacity with an affordable price tag, this Waterpik model is an excellent choice. With a 650ml water tank, you can count on it to last 90 seconds on the job. For maximum flossing, you can choose from its array of 10 pressure settings and 7 flossing tips, depending on your sensitivity levels.

Perhaps the best feature of this water flosser is not just its large capacity, but other unique functions like its timer. With a one minute timer and the 30-seconds pacer, you can eliminate all the guesswork from your flossing. If that’s not enough, it also comes with covered storage space for the tips on the countertop, making it convenient and safe. As a whole, it makes for an efficient choice!


  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • Multiple pressure settings
  • LED indicators


  • Corded, with no rechargeable battery
  • Not shower safe
  • Big size and a bit heavy
  • Affordable water flosser which removes 99.99% of food residue
  • Cordless design can easily be carried around
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Pecham water flosser is your go-to choice if you are keeping a low budget but still need a reliable device. It meets all the essential features you may expect from all high-end models. For example, it has 4 jet tips for better cleaning options, while some other models have more or less the same. However, you will get only 3 cleaning modes and no chance for a DIY specified adjustment.

It’s FDA approved, with a rechargeable battery that takes up to 4 hours to charge fully, with the capacity to run for 20 days. For a traveller, this would be a great and reliable choice. And, with the multiple charging options, you can charge it from your PC or power bank while on the road. There are several accessories included in the packaging, from a USB charging cable to a UK plug and storage bag. An excellent choice for people who travel frequently.


  • Double-wall waterproofing
  • Carrying bag included
  • Low noise level


  • The nozzle doesn’t rotate
  • Delayed timer
  • Water flow not quick enough

Water flossers for fast flossing and healthy teeth!

Trying to keep up with your hygiene routine but the manual flossing is wearing you out? Does your busy schedule stop you from flossing every inch of your teeth? Then, it’s a good thing that water flossers are here and ready to serve you!

Whether you have sensitive teeth or gum, or you just love the brightness and freshness your regular dental hygiene provides for you; a water flosser will do the work. With plenty of products to choose from, there’s a comfort knowing that there’s a perfect water flosser for you!

Why give Water Flossers a Chance?

Water flossers come in different sizes and shapes to choose from. They also come with varying levels of pressure, which makes it pretty easy for you to adjust the pressure level, depending on the sensitivity degree of your teeth and gums.

Are you struggling with an overly sensitive, bleeding mouth? Well, a low-pressure level will work just fine- removing the plaque and any residual food while gently massaging your inner mouth area. And, all it takes is less than 2 minutes to get it all done, even when in braces!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Water Flosser?

It’s always good to have plenty of choices for any product you desire, right? This way, you get to compare the features of every worthy model so you can end up with the right one. The only problem is that it can be quite exhausting, sometimes. Do you want a portable water flosser for your travels abroad or one that can keep more water in its reservoir?

For a traveller, whether you are always travelling for business or for leisure, a compact and lightweight water flosser with a long-serving battery could be the perfect choice for you. Are you stuck in the transit section of an airport? Just whip it out of your carrying bag, and your teeth are good to go!

But the ultimate guide to getting a water flosser is your dental needs. While healthy teeth and gums are paramount, it doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve it. It also doesn’t mean going for a cheaper model that doesn’t meet your specific hygienic needs since that would be an ultimate waste of money and time.

So, thanks to our buying guide, getting the perfect water flosser will be an easy challenge for you to tackle, regardless of your budget. We want you to stay healthy, and that begins with good dental hygiene. So, get ready to do little to no research and take a look at the best water flossers in the market right now!

Always Think About...

  • Type: Water flossers come in various types. A cordless model allows you to floss without tangling with cords, offers better portability options, but has a smaller reservoir. Countertop flossers, on the other hand, have larger pools and more customisation features. Also, have in mind that complete dental care comes when a water flosser is combined with an electric toothbrush.
  • Reservoir capacity: A water flosser will not come with a huge water tank of 1 litre, but you can expect to see capacities between 150ml to at least 650ml. Of course, a larger water reservoir offers more flossing time, with large capacities like 650mls going for about 90 seconds or more.
  • Battery: Think about the battery life as well as how long it takes to recharge. While the batteries can charge quickly, it will take a few hours for the battery to recharge fully. But how long would you like a full charge to serve you? A week or two weeks, or perhaps, three? If you travel a lot, you need to consider getting a water flosser with a long-running battery.
  • Personalisation: Would you like a water flosser with more flossing modes to suit your gums and teeth sensitivity? Most water flossers have a minimum of 3 modes when others have 4. But some have a DIY setting too, for even further customisation purposes, according to your specific needs.

A water flosser, once it gets into your everyday cleaning routine, will make a huge difference in the overall health of your teeth and gums, giving you a bright smile ready to shine in every occasion. So, why not give it a chance?

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