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Best 10 Waterproof Sprays

As Of March 2021

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors even on gloomy, rainy days without worrying about getting all wet? Are your waterproof clothing & gear worn from time & usage? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got just the solution for you!

Don’t buy new ones, just get a waterproof spray! They will turn your regular clothes & gear to waterproof or revive your old ones while keeping their breathability! So accessible for ease of use & their low price! So, find them here!

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1 Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct Twin Pack on white background

Best Waterproof Spray Overall

  • Perfect for waterproofing all your technical clothing like ski jackets & sleeping bags
  • Effortless wash-machine cleaning & waterproofing with this pack of 2
  • Enjoy your outings more without sweating as it allows your clothes to keep their breathability
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2 Nikwax Tx. Direct Spray-on Waterproofer on white background

#2 Water Spray Choice

  • Keep your outwear & gear as new for longer, plus revive their breathability
  • Simple application so you can use it even in clothes with wicking liners without trouble
  • Eco-friendly as it is water-based & fluorocarbon-free
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3 Mountval Textile Shield Spray-on Waterproofer on white background

Top Choice for High-Tech Spray-on

  • Spray your outwear & leave to dry, works as simple as that!
  • Safe to use for your clothing & you, ideal with your GORE-TEX climatic membranes
  • A great choice for reviving your gear’s water-repellency while keeping their breathability
4 Nikwax TX. Direct Wash In Waterproofer on white background

Best Budget Wash-in Waterproofer

  • Ideal for cleaning your rain gear on the washer without trouble
  • Helps you maintain your clothing as good as new for longer than regular detergents
  • Safe for the environment & you so you can use it without worrying
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5 Grangers Clothing Wash & Repel 2in1 on white background

Ideal for 2-in-1 Clean & Waterproofing

  • Save time & energy as it’s 2-in-1 so you can both keep your clothing clean & waterproof them
  • Trouble-free cleaning in the washer, & you can also tumble dry your clothing
  • Suitable for all your outdoor clothing & all GORE-TEX garments
6 Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof on white background

Top Choice for Footwear Use

  • Turn your fabric & leather shoes to waterproof & enjoy them all winter long
  • Helps maintain your footwear’s breathability while it keeps your feet dry
  • Use a sponge to simply apply it within a few minutes & enjoy rainy days out
7 Impressions 4 X 300ml Water Proof Spray on white background

Top Choice for Pack of 4

  • Not just for waterproofing clothes but also shoes, tents, sleeping bags & rucksacks
  • Protect your outwear for bad weather with this waterproofing spray-on
  • Enjoy camping & hiking even during the autumn weather with this pack of 4

If you are searching for a pack of cleaning and waterproofing your clothes and gear to enjoy your hikes and ski excursions more then look no further. This Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct Twin Pack is everything you are looking for in waterproofing!

It also allows your clothes to keep their breathability so you can enjoy the outdoors without any discomfort from sweating. Super easy to apply in any clothing you need to turn to water-repellent. Plus, it can be used in the washer for ease-of-use and effortless cleaning that will prolong the life of your outwear & gear! You can’t go wrong with this pack of 2!

The Nikwax Tx. Direct Spray-on Waterproofer is so simple in applying that you no longer need to worry about your clothing with wicking liners. Spray on and add or renew waterproofing while maintaining their breathability.

If you want a spray-on that is eco-friendly as it’s water-based and fluorocarbon-free, then add it to your basket before it’s sold out! Apply it quick and simple on your garment and enjoy your outdoor excursions to the maximum without getting wet! Say yes, to more adventures from now on!

The Mountval Textile Shield Spray-on Waterproofer is ideal for climatic membranes like GORE-TEX, and any other waterproofing clothing or gear. You just spray your clothing and leave them to dry! As simple as that!

Go with this high-tech textile spray-on if you want to keep the breathability of your clothing and gear, yet make them water-repellent! If your waterproof gear feels worn, spray on and revive them to continue enjoying your days out even when it’s raining. Plus, it smells nice, too as it has no solvent!

Final Verdict

You don’t need to throw out your old waterproof jackets and gear because you feel the water-repellency has been worn off! No! With these sprays, you can revive their waterproof ability while you get to maintain the fabrics’ breathability! Go with the Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct Twin Pack if you want the perfect dual pack with wash-in cleaner and waterproofing spray! It’s easy to use, and cleaning is a breeze! If you want an eco-friendly solution, go for the Nikwax Tx. Direct Spray-on Waterproofer and enjoy your hikes more from now on. Lastly, pick the Mountval Textile Shield, a high-tech waterproofer that is ideal for climatic membranes like GORE-TEX!

Happy day trips in the woods & mountains even on gloomy, rainy days!

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