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Best 10 Wine Coolers

As Of March 2021

After a long day, you deserve to enjoy a chilled glass of wine in the evening. It doesn’t just revitalise your mind but also acts as a perfect stressbuster. And for that, you need a wine cooler.

A wine refrigerator will not only keep your bottles cool, but it will also preserve all the aromas & tastes so you can enjoy through each sip. So, if you are a wine enthusiast, a wine cooler is the ideal investment.

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Best Overall Choice

  • Ideal for home use with less humming & vibration due to its thermoelectric cooling
  • Compact yet spacious design to store up to 12 bottles
  • Protects wine from UV rays with its tempered reflective glass
  • Keep wines at different temperatures within 5-18 degrees
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#2 Wine Coolers Choice

  • Store up to 18 bottles thanks to this free-standing wine cooler
  • Keep wine at the ideal temperature as it has advanced cooling tech
  • An efficient design fit for storing both white wine & red wine
  • Stock standing bottles in the special section at the bottom
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Ideal for Low Noise Functioning

  • Noiseless cooler for home backed by its thermoelectric technology
  • Aware of the temperature with the elegant LED display
  • Save up to 12 bottles in the modern upright design of the wine cooler
  • Easily view drinks inside with the internal light & glass door
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Elegant Design Wine Fridge

  • Sturdy freestanding design made of stainless steel material
  • Spacious for your wine collection thanks to its 7 shelving design
  • Silent as it has a thermoelectric design without a compressor
  • Cool wine at varying temperature with dual-zone design
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Best Countertop Wine Fridge

  • Cool beer, wine or anything else with the compressor cooling technology
  • Keep the bottles of wine safe with the lock & key feature
  • Modify the fridge interior by adjusting the removable shelving
  • Single zone design can easily adjust up to 20 bottles
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Ideal for Maximum Storage

  • Fits up to 28 bottles backed by the super spacious design
  • Monitor & change temperature with the fitted LED display
  • Worry-free use backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Keep the contents safe from kids with the lock-key mechanism
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Best Compact Design Wine Cooler

  • Add grace to the living room with this compact yet elegantly designed fridge
  • Keep your beverages chilled with its advanced cooling system
  • Temperature maintenance backed by its airtight seal design
  • The freestanding structure can easily store 12 bottles
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Best Energy Saving Design

  • Save more money with this A+ Energy Class rating cooler
  • Protect your wine from solar radiation with the UV glass
  • Place it anywhere in the house thanks to the reversible door design
  • Best for any room as it has a 42dB low noise operation
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Best Wine Cooler for Commercial Use

  • Find a place for it effortlessly as it has a reversible door
  • Store bottles & cans with its huge 90-litre capacity
  • Pick your bottle without opening the cooler thanks to the glass door & internal light
  • Vary the temperature with respect to the type of wine
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Ideal for Gifting

  • Ideal for storing any wine as it has 8-18°C temperature range
  • Quiet and vibration-free design backed by the thermoelectric technology
  • Check the temperature on the included LED display
  • Inventory check without opening the door due to its internal light
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Make your Wine Collection look more Elegant with the Best Wine Cooler

Oh, a tasteful glass of wine is all you need to relax and enjoy some time alone or with friends. But no one can savour the delight of wine if it is tasteless. Can wine be bland, though? Yes, it can be! If you don’t store it at the required temperature, it will lose its rich taste and aromas.

If you want to keep the taste of your wine pristine, you need to invest in a wine cooler. And that is what this post is all about. You have seen the products. Now, it’s time for some in-depth knowledge to help you find the wine cooler that will suit your needs and space. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler or cellar is an awesome appliance that will not only keep your entire wine collection cool, but it will also add grace to the place you keep it. It is essential to check all the features before purchasing one as there are many choices out there from various retailers in the market. We did the research for you and here are a few key features to look out for:

  • Volumes available
  • Number of shelves
  • Reversible door
  • Lighting feature
  • Noise level

And many more! You need to keep in mind all of them as they can significantly affect your experience in the long run.

Why do I need a Wine Cooler?

Well, to be honest, there are more than just one reason why you should invest in a wine cooler. Here are some basic ones:

  • Temperature zones: Your regular fridge will not keep your wines fine. As there is an optimum temperature to store wine, it is necessary for you to get a wine cooler (with different temperature zones, if possible).
  • Events: If you have a party at your house, it gets tough to fit all the drinks and frozen food in your fridge. So, this gives you another good reason to invest in a wine cooler.
  • Protection: If wine is not stored at a perfect temperature, it gets spoiled or loses its taste very early. Hence, it is necessary to buy a wine storage cooler for preserving its quality.
  • Style: Other than function, the wine fridge also adds finesse to the place you keep it. So, style is another reason why you should choose one of the best wine coolers there are.

When to use a Wine Cooler?

It is a common tradition to gift champagne and wine bottles to each other on Thanksgiving and other festivities. And when these gifts become high in number, you surely need to empty some space in your fridge. Here is where a wine cooler will come in handy.

In contrast to this, if you are hosting a party at your home, your need to have secondary chiller storage for drinks. You can again use a wine cooler here. If you have a bar business, a wine fridge is a must-have appliance for your business.

Factors to consider before buying a Wine Cooler

It can become a bit difficult to choose the best wine cooler by yourself. There are many factors to take under consideration, so we are here to help you pick the best one for you!

Storage space

The key factor that you need to consider is the capacity of the wine cooler. As the coolers come in various volumes, your usage will help you decide how big a cooler you need. The wine bottle capacity also plays a crucial role in this. Hence, take that also into account. An eight bottles cooler is enough for your home use, whereas 21 bottles will be best for even your business.

Energy consumption

Make sure you analyse the energy consumption of the fridge before you make your final pick or you may have to pay hefty power bills. Most of the wine coolers are of A+ or A++ rating that has an annual consumption of around 105kWh, which is way better and more eco-friendly. They will not jack up your power consumption.


When opting for a wine cooler, do make sure that it is powered by thermoelectric technology. This technology makes your fridge absolutely noiseless and vibration-free. On the other hand, compressor technology can lead to more vibrations, so if you are worried about humming, avoid this.

Temperature Range and Stability

If you have different types of wine to store, you need to check the temperature range of the cooler. It will help you know what kind of wine you can store in the cooler. As there are both single-zone and dual-zone wine coolers on the list, you can opt for any of it, depending on the type of beverage you want to keep chilled.

Add-on Features

Apart from all these basic features, it is best to look for some additional features such as:

  • LED Display
  • Touch Controls
  • Locking mechanism
  • Reversible door
  • Internal light

And others! These are not that necessary, but they reduce your hassle by a great extent. We are going to discuss more features closely in the following sections, so, keep reading!

Types of Wine Coolers

If you are planning to make a buy of the best wine cooler, it is necessary to discover all the types first. Here is a detailed analysis of all types:

Single Zone

If you are a beginner in wine collection, then a single zone wine cooler might be the best for you. Why? Well, as the cooler has only one zone and temperature control, you can store wines without need the extended knowledge of which is the ideal temperature for each one. Hence, for keeping your wines chilled, you’ll need a single zone wine cooler.


Yes, if you are a wine enthusiast, it is best if you opt for a dual-zone wine cooler. This type of fridge has two vertical sections. Both the sections have their dedicated temperature controls that you can use to store both red and white wine.

Built-in Wine Coolers

If you want to make your kitchen more functional, then it is best to opt for a built-in wine fridge. The best thing about these fridges is that you don’t have to worry about its ventilation. They are fitted into your kitchen in a way that they perform in an energy-efficient way while staying cool.

How much should I spend on a wine cooler?

Frankly, it all depends on you how much you want to spend and what features you want. However, the price range of wine coolers varies between £100 to over £1000.

If you are buying it for storing normal beer bottles and wines, it is good to go for something between £100 to £400. However, if you are purchasing it for commercial purposes like your bar or restaurant go for those with more capacity. The price range will be over £500 or even £1000.

Extra features like the reversible door, temperature control, touch controls, LED light and display, anti-vibration, etc. also play a pillar role in the price of the wine cooler. So, if you are opting for more features, you may have to pay more for that.

How is a Wine Cooler different from a Wine Cabinet?

Some of you may think that wine cabinets and wine coolers are the same. But, actually, there are various major differences between them. Here are some of them:

  • Refrigeration system: If the built-in refrigeration system of the wine cooler fails, you need to replace the whole cooler. On the other hand, if the refrigeration system of a wine cabinet fails, you can get just the refrigeration system of the cabinet easily.
  • Racking: Racking is way more in wine cabinets than the coolers. If there are a maximum of seven shelves in a cooler, the cabinet can provide you with more customisation for fitting bottles of all lengths and widths. Coolers can only adjust some dedicated bottle sizes.
  • Humidity levels: Reduced humidity (below 60%) can lead air to enter into the bottles and affect the taste of the wine. A cooler cannot maintain humidity up to this level for long, but a wine cabinet can easily sustain humidity levels to 60%.

Where should I place my Wine Cooler?

The answer to this question depends on the type of wine cooler you are opting for.

If you are opting for a countertop wine cooler, you need to have it on a countertop. Make sure you check for the reversible door feature in this cooler. It will be easy to place in the corner of the countertop.

If you opt for a freestanding variant, you can place it anywhere in your house where you have a power plug and proper ventilation. Just keep a note of the area dimensions while buying one.

If you opt for a built-in cooler or an integrated cooler, it is obvious that it will be either under the counter or at your chest’s height. Note that the storage capacity of these coolers is limited.

Why is it crucial to serving wine at a specific temperature?

The key aspect is the flavour! It is all that differentiates a good wine from a bad wine. This makes it necessary to serve wine at an appropriate temperature, and a wine cooler helps you maintain that.

Both red and white wines have unique chemical compositions that taste differently, making them good for us. So, if the temperature is not appropriate for the served wine, your perception of that wine will not be good.

What temperature should I serve red wine?

Well, red wine should be served at a balanced temperature between 12-19ºC based on the wine type. Red wine contains polyphenols and tannins that can taste overly acidic if served in a cooler temperature. However, if the temperature is high, the alcohol may prevent the wine flavour to show their effect. Some red wines are malbec, pinot noir, burgundies, rioja, zinfandel, chianti and more.

What temperature should I serve white wine?

The ideal temperature range of serving white wine is between 7-11ºC. It requires a lower temperature compared to red wine. And serving white wine at a low temperature makes it more fresh and crisp. Moreover, at lower temperatures, components like terpenes and aldehydes can enhance the aroma of the wine. Some great white wines are riesling, chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc and viognier.

Why is a Wine Cooler better than a refrigerator?

Here are some quick pointers that make a wine cooler better than a refrigerator:

  1. A wine cooler has dedicated space for wine bottles, whereas a refrigerator does not.
  2. Cooler allows you to store more wine than a refrigerator.
  3. You can vary the temperature of a wine cooler as per the type of wine. Changing the temperature of a fridge can affect the other stored perishables. Low temperatures may also damage the wine.
  4. Wine coolers make less to no vibration whereas a refrigerator runs on a compressor that generates vibrations.

Always keep in mind that...

It is a dream come true for a wine lover or a wine enthusiast to own a wine cooler. With time, the coolers have evolved and have been introduced with various advanced features. So, it is a good time to invest your money on a wine cooler.

To help you with the price, features and other aspects, we have designed this guide. It will serve as a yardstick for choosing the best wine cooler for your home. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and make your dream come true! Pick the best wine cooler for you today!

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