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Best 10 Carpet Cleaner Machines

As Of March 2021

Cleaning your floors and carpets was never easier! With the power of the best carpet cleaner machines, you can keep your place germ-free and fresher than ever.

What's so great about them? You can get rid of even the toughest stains just in a matter of minutes while sterilizing the place. Do you want to find out more?
Check our guide!

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1 Vax Dual Power Carpet Cleaner
Excellent Dirt Extraction
4.8 /5

Best Overall Carpet Cleaner Machine

  • Ease of use is a big plus if you’re a beginner
  • Very fast drying time so you can enjoy your home in minutes
  • Dual action vibrating brush performs brilliantly and keeps your home fresh
  • Twin Tank Technology separates clean water from dirty
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2 Bissell SpotClean Pro carpet cleaner machine getting rid of dirt
Separate Water Tanks
4.7 /5

#2 Best Carpet Cleaner Machine

  • Large stain and upholstery tool and tough stain tool included making your life easier
  • Clean up hard floors amazingly and with ease
  • Separates clean and dirty water tanks to achieve a fresher home
  • Removes spots, spills, and stains and protects soft surfaces
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3 Vax Rapid Power Revive Carpet Washer carpet cleaner machine being used by a woman
Spin Scrub Technology
4.7 /5

Best For Deep Cleaning

  • Technology for thorough cleaning with powerful suction power
  • Can clean surfaces other than carpets, for example, stairs and car seats
  • Large tank capacity without the need to refill constantly
  • Cleans edges of carpets efficiently and leaves no grime behind
4 Vax W86DPE carpet cleaner machine cleaning
Pet Advance Technology
4.6 /5

Best Budget Carpet Cleaner Machine

  • Pre-treatment wand and cleaning solution help tackle stubborn stains
  • Separates clean water from dirty so you can achieve top results
  • Powerful suction power that provides you with a fresh home
  • You can clean stairs and upholstery with the extra accessories
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
5 BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro cleaning
Heatwave Technology
4.6 /5

Best For Pet Owners

  • Lightweight design helps you clean your home easily
  • Amazing results against pet stains and stain removal
  • Water temperature maintained at a consistent level depending on your needs
  • Cleaning tools are included to make your stain removal easier
6 Vax Rapid Power Plus Carpet Washer carpet cleaner machine being used by a woman
Spin Scrub Technology
4.6 /5

Best For Cleaning Other Surfaces As Well

  • Versatile remover that cleans other surfaces like stairs and car seats
  • Large tank capacity so you don't have to refill it constantly
  • Edge cleaning gets rid of carpet stains and keeps your home fresh
  • Wash tool and cleaning tools make your cleaning easier
7 Vax Compact Power Carpet Cleaner machine being used
Telescopic Handle
4.6 /5

The Most Lightweight

  • Portable and compact for easy storage just in seconds
  • Lightweight design makes it perfect for daily use without getting you tired
  • Carpet shampoo included helping you freshen up your home
  • Easy to fill tanks so you can avoid all this trouble
8 Bissell Stain Pro carpet cleaner machine being used by a woman
2-in-1 Tank System
4.5 /5

Best For Tough To Reach Areas

  • Removable nozzle included for you to clean crevices
  • On-board hose for cleaning stairs, upholstery & carpets without trouble
  • Cleans dirt from deep inside the carpets and leaves them fresher than ever
  • Ready tools dial give you total control over cleaning
9 Bissell InstaClean Compact 48X4E carpet cleaner machine cleaning the carpet edge
Rotating Dirtlifter Powerbrush
4.5 /5

The Most Compact Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine

  • Compact design makes it easy to store and move around through the house
  • Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable so you won't get tired
  • Has a retractable and telescopic handle for your comfort
  • EdgeSweep brush bar helps you clean tough to reach areas
10 Rug Doctor 933006 carpet cleaner machine in a living room
Easily Portable
4.5 /5

Best Portable Spot Cleaner

  • Lightweight and compact helps you clean even on a daily basis
  • Narrow floor head & brush bar cleans edges very efficiently
  • One of the greatest options if you want to clean your car interior
  • Save storage space due to small size without facing troubles

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Cleaning Was Never Easier!

Spending a lot of time at your place? Wouldn’t you like it to be perfect? And perfect doesn’t have to do only with decoration. It mainly has to do with how you feel when you’re there. And our team strongly believes that feeling good has a lot to do about being in a clean and fresh place. So, what happens when your vacuum cleaner or dry vacuum isn’t enough anymore?

Especially people with children and pets that have to face stains and spillages daily, know what we’re talking about! Keeping your carpets and floors clean easily is very essential for keeping your place nice and tidy. Don’t spend another moment in a house that doesn’t feel like home. Take matters into your hands and turn your place in the best environment that anyone could even ask for.

A carpet cleaner or carpet washer is an electric device that can help you keep your carpets, area rugs and floors stain-free easily. Why? Because they know how to face any type of stubborn stain just in a matter of minutes and offer you a fresh and germ-free environment. 

Do you have a pet that keeps filling the place with hair? Do you have a little child that keeps spilling things all over and want to provide them with a clean place that they can crawl around freely? Then the answer is simple. All you need to do is give the best carpet cleaner machines a try and you won’t regret it. Enjoy your home like never before!

Why Do I Need The Best Carpet Cleaner Machine?

Carpet cleaner machines are everywhere on the market. How can you be sure that you chose the right one? Well, for starters you need to make sure that you know what kind of usage you’re going to make. Find the one that can cover every single one of your needs

A carpet cleaner machine is all you really need to keep your house cleaner than ever. Carpets, floors, edges, and corners are now easily cleaned just in a matter of minutes. Forget about a place full of stains and pet hair and enjoy your home’s freshness like never before. Mould and germs belong in the past. Health isn’t something that you should risk!

Turning your home into the cleaner space you’ve ever been in isn’t that hard after all. A carpet cleaner machine is most of the time a very easy to use device. Think about all the advantages a clean home has. And our team totally recommends them if you’re having kids or pets. Let your children play without the fear of stains or germs.

A carpet cleaner machine wants to make your life easier and that’s how they’re designed. Easy to use and clean even for those who’ve never tried it before. This guide has all you need to learn about the insights of buying a carpet cleaner machine and actually finding the best one for you.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Carpet Cleaner Machine?

What to expect when looking for the best carpet cleaner? A good question! Especially if you’re new to the whole carpet cleaning world. Well, there are some features that play a major role in your experience. That’s why you should take them into consideration before making your decision.


Most of them have the same weight as your vacuum cleaner. Depending on their size this may vary a little. If you’re a bit older or you have some type of mobility issue, then this feature might affect your decision. Check them before buying if you don’t want to have any issues.

Tank Size

Tank size has a lot to do with the area that you need to cover. For spot cleaning only, you don’t need to invest in a big water tank. If on the other hand, have a large place with multiple rooms that need cleaning, then you have to go big. Think about all the times that you will have to empty a small water tank. It can’t be fun! Have in mind though that a larger tank means a heavier cleaner.

Water Temperature

So, what about the temperature of the water in your tank? You might want to check those who have a tank heater. Why? Because breaking down dust, grime and dirt is much easier when the water is hot. It reaches deeper into your carpet’s fibre and gives you better results. The downside though is the weight once again. The heater can add up to 10 kgs to your product.

Hose & Cord Length

Another feature that has to do with the area that you have to clean. Big places need longer cords as you can imagine. Well, if you want to make the whole process easier. The hose can also help you reach a bigger area without facing any trouble. Always have the dimensions of your space in mind.


Choosing based on the features above might narrow down your options and help you in your shopping experience. But one of the most essential parts of your purchase is the performance. Effectiveness is everything. What about suction power? What about brush bars? You need to make sure that the carpet cleaner of your choice can do the job.


The final thing that you have to consider is the extras. Many products come with a variety of cleaning tools that can help you and make your life much easier. Among them, you can find smaller brushes for spot cleaning, upholstery tools, hand tools and many more. Take a look before buying.

How to Use a Carpet Cleaner Machine?

Never used one before? It’s okay! You can learn step by step the whole process so you’ll be sure that your place is fresher and cleaner than ever. Have a look

  • It’s best to move any furniture that might get in your way, out of the room before starting the whole cleaning process.
  • You can open a window to let fresh air come through. Some cleaning solutions might not smell very good. Or they might be dangerous for your health if you keep inhaling them for a long time.
  • Start by vacuuming your carpets well so you’re sure that there’s no debris around that might hurt your carpet cleaner. Except when using a carpet cleaning machine that doubles as a vacuum cleaner.
  • In case you have to face a tough stain, it’s good to spray the area with the cleaning treatment first.
  • Fill up your cleaner’s tank with water and the cleaning solution of your choice. If they don’t mix automatically, you have to stir them manually.
  • Start your cleaning at the far corner of the room. This might seem funny to you but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Being trapped in a corner isn’t fun. Don’t ask how we know this. It’s a funny story!
  • You have to move slowly and make sure that you move parallel to the wall of your home. Go over the same spot with the suction to make sure that you get it as dry as it can be.
  • Always have in mind that you should check your water tank level. You might need to empty it if you’re cleaning a big place.
  • A good time to check if you can open your windows again if you want to reduce drying time.
  • Try not to step on the rug until it’s completely dry. Once you’re sure about it, you can move your furniture in the room again.

If you’re wondering about the frequency of those cleaning sessions, then you need to know that it depends on many factors. A good choice is to clean them two times a year. If you have pets though, you can do it more often.

What Type Of Carpet Cleaner Machine Suits You?

When looking for a carpet cleaning machine, it’s true that it might be a little overwhelming. Especially if you hadn’t one in the past. That’s why this buying guide is here to help you find the right home appliance for your needs. There are three main categories of carpet cleaners that you can come across. Let’s see them together!

Upright Carpet Cleaner Machines

They come with a cord and are the most famous out there. You can use them while standing up and clean carpets and floors easily. They might have two different water tanks, one for the clean and one for the dirty water, to optimize the cleaning results. Cord length plays a major role in this type especially if you have a large place to cover. Plus, they might cause you trouble while moving around furniture.

Upright cordless Carpet Cleaner Machines

The big difference from the previous type is the cord. They are just like the traditional ones but without the cord restriction. You can move freely and without facing troubles when it comes to space you have to cover. Make sure that you check the operation time before buying though. Running out of power in the middle of your cleaning sessions can’t be fun.

Portable Carpet Cleaner Machines

Thinking about cleaning a place outside your home? Like your car interior for example? These are the ones that you can easily take with you. They are better for that type of cleaning, but using them on floors can be tiring. So make sure that you check all the options available and finding the best solution for you.

How Much Does A Carpet Cleaner Machine Cost?

The price tag on carpet cleaning machines can vary depending on the features and the type that you choose. As you can imagine, a more pricey product can offer you many more cleaning options and probably with far better results. No worries though! There are great models out there for every budget.

Cheap Carpet Cleaner Machines

For about a hundred pounds you can get a more than decent carpet cleaning machine that can take care of your place. They are pretty easy to use as they don’t come with complicated systems. So even if you’re a beginner in the whole cleaning process, there’s no need to worry. They might not be the most powerful out there but that’s okay if you’re not a professional. Most of the products are corded so you have to be ready for that!

Mid-Range Carpet Cleaner Machines

If you go a little further on your budget and spend from 100-200 pounds, then you get a very good carpet washer. Bigger water tank, less drying time, amazing brush bars and many cleaning tools are just the beginning. Some of them are made for pet hair removal so if you have a dog or a cat you need to check those options. Plus, you can go for a cordless and portable spot cleaner and make it super easy for you.

High-End Carpet Cleaner Machines

Reaching the amount of 300 pounds might not be perfect for you but you need to know what comes with it. Deep cleaning at its finest. Powerful suction power will remove tough stains in no time. They are versatile enough to help you clean up crevices and tough to reach areas with their wide variety of cleaning tools. We’re talking premium here! 

Always Have In Mind…

When vacuuming isn’t enough anymore! When a steam cleaner isn’t the right choice! Then it’s time to find the perfect carpet cleaner machine. It’s somewhere out there and waiting for you to give it a shot. Don’t forget that you’re the only one that can make the right choice, as you’re the only one who knows exactly what features you need. 

And you might ask “what’s in it for me?” and the answer is pretty simple! A clean home can make the difference and help you enjoy your space with your loved ones. Plus, deep cleaning can help you stay safe and healthy. Make your research and take a look at our buying guide! We’re sure that you’re going to find the one!

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