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Best 10 Chest Freezers

As Of February 2021

Be prepared for that unexpected guest, troublesome snow in, bountiful harvest, or big family BBQ. With a chest freezer, you can store everything all year round to ease those cravings whatever the weather!

Stock up on your favourite foods and take advantage of that amazing bulk offer. Don’t live in fear of wastage and spoilage! Chest freezers are so efficient, they’ll keep food fresher for longer - even through unforeseen brownouts.
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1 Fridgemaster MCF194 chest freezer on a white background
Winter Guard
4.8 /5

194L Capacity, 40dB Noise Level, H84cm x W89cm x D56cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • Keep it in the garage or shed thanks to Winter Guard
  • Large capacity holds around 10 bags of shopping
  • Eco-friendly it won’t cost an arm & a leg to run
  • Take control with the adjustable thermostat
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2 Russell Hobbs RHCF200 chest freezer on a white background
Amazing Capacity
4.8 /5

197L Capacity, 42dB Noise Level, H85cm x W94.5cm x D52.3cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • Adjustable thermostat as well as a counter-balance lid
  • Very large capacity to cover all your needs all-year-round
  • Energy-efficient to keep your electricity bill low
  • 5-year guarantee is another sign about its top-quality
3 Cookology CCF99WH chest freezer on a white background
Adjustable Feet
4.7 /5

99L Capacity, 41dB Noise Level, H85.3cm x W56.5cm x D52.3cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • No big energy bills thanks to energy-efficient design
  • Drainage valve on the front to reduce mess while cleaning
  • Adjustable feet make fitting it into a specific space easy
  • Convenient freezer basket provides easy access to favourite items
4 Cookology CCF99WH White Chest Freezer on a white background
SN-T Climate Class Rated
4.7 /5

99L Capacity, 41dB Noise Level, H87cm x W60cm x D54cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • LED indicator (power, run, alarm) keeps you informed
  • Black colour won’t show dirt or age
  • No mess defrosting thanks to drainage valve
  • SN-T Climate Class rating means it can handle cold (10ºC) & hot (43ºC) conditions
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5 Igenix IG100 chest freezer on a white background
A+ Energy Rating
4.7 /5

100L Capacity, 40dB Noise Levels, H85cm x W57cm x D53cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • 4 Star freezer rating keeps things fresh for longer
  • Counterbalance lid allows for quick & safe access
  • One of the quietest of the market
  • Great capacity for families without being too bulky
6 SIA CHF60B/1 chest freezer on a white background
7 Temperature Settings
4.6 /5

53L Capacity, 42dB Noise Level, H85cm x W35.5cm x D63cm, Energy Rating A+

  • Perfect for families, students, boats, etc.
  • Handy sliding basket won’t get in the way
  • Counterbalance lid won’t slam shut unexpectedly
  • Efficient energy that won’t hike up your bills
7 Cookology CCF60WH chest freezer on a white background
Counterbalanced Lid
4.6 /5

60L Capacity, 42dB Noise Level, H86cm x W50cm x D52.5cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • Counterbalanced lid won’t slam or trap fingers
  • Adjustable thermostat gives you ultimate control
  • Store food up to 12 months with this 4 star rated freezer
  • Sleek design so you can place it anywhere, even in small places
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8 Russell Hobbs RHCF99B chest freezer on a white background
Modern Black Design
4.6 /5

99L Capacity, 42dB Noise Level, H85cm x W56cm x D52cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • Black design looks modern & sleek
  • Impressive 5-year guarantee from a brand you can trust
  • Basket lets you find smaller items quickly
  • Adjustable feet let you easily fit it on uneasy floors - no more wobbles!
9 Russell Hobbs RHCF150 chest freezer on a white background
Large Capacity
4.5 /5

142L Capacity, 42dB Noise Level, H84cm x W76cm x D56cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • Temp control with colour indicators is easy to understand
  • Large capacity can fit up to 8 bags of shopping - great for batch cooking!
  • Versatile build quality lets you put it in the kitchen, garage or utility room
  • Adjustable feet for uneven floors
10 Fridgemaster MCF142 chest freezer on a white background
Fast Freeze Technology
4.5 /5

142L Capacity, 40dB Noise Level, H85.4cm x W62.5cm x D55.9 cm, A+ Energy Rating

  • Counterbalanced lid opens & closes with ease
  • Fast Freeze technology keeps things fresh for longer
  • Use it inside or out - can handle temperatures as low as -15°C
  • Easy-access freezer basket lets you get to frequently used items quick!

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Chest Freezers

  • A large capacity freezer complete with winter guard
  • Quiet and energy-efficient it gets the job done
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For a reliable chest freezer you can count on, the Fridgemaster MCF194 ticks all the boxes. The large capacity provides ample room to fit all your shopping with plenty of room to spare. While the convenient basket gives you quick access to those fiddly, delicate, and frequently used items. It’s the perfect size for those large or unusual shaped items that simply won’t fit in a conventional stand-up freezer.

Those wishing to save room, can with the Fridgemaster MCF194. This chest freezer can be stored in the garage, utility room, or outbuilding. Thanks to the built-in temperature control system (Winter Guard) it will work in cold conditions up to -15 degrees without losing efficiency. The adjustable thermostat is another nice touch and lets you change the temperature to suit the type of food you’re trying to preserve.


  • Quiet operation
  • Freezes fast
  • Easy set-up


  • Not frost free
  • Only one basket
  • Not many settings
  • One of the largest capacities of the market
  • Energy efficient with an A+ rating to keep your bills low
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The design of Russell Hobbs RHCF200 chest is what makes this chest freezer stand out. Tou can store whatever you want in it without the fear of running out of space. Why? It's able to fit up to 197 litres, there’s adequate room to fit all the ice cream you want! While you can keep everything organized without having trouble finding what you want in there.

When it comes to maintaining the RHCF200 won't trouble you at all. It will keep your electricity bills low and provide you with the best quality! An amazing option for big families that need to store food all-year-round. Made from top-quality materials that have a 5-year guarantee. With this chest freezer by your side, there's nothing to worry about!


  • Very quiet
  • Great capacity
  • Low energy cost


  • Might be big for some places
  • A bit heavy
  • Manual defrost system
  • Amazing quality with textured aluminium interior lining
  • Defrosting drainage valve to avoid messes during cleaning
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At 99L, Cookology CCF99WH chest freezer is a great way to freeze and store your favourite foods. Store your leftovers, bulk buys, and more. You can batch cook for days without fear of food going bad or running out of room in your fridge. Choose different presets to get the temperature just right. Use it as a main or secondary freezer.

Whether you decide to use it inside or out, the tall and slimline design is versatile enough to fit a variety of different sized spaces. While the adjustable feet stop it from wobbling and vibrating on uneven ground. The lightweight design also comes in handy when you need to move it for cleaning. If you’re looking for a quiet and energy-efficient freezer, you can’t go wrong with it.


  • Drainage valve on the front
  • Well proportioned
  • Easy to move


  • Not for small spaces
  • A bit heavy
  • Basic design

Why Every Home Needs A Chest Freezer...

If you’re constantly running low on space in your freezer, it might be time to invest in something larger. Chest freezers typically have a larger capacity than your standard combi fridge-freezer. This makes them perfect for batch-cooking, bulk buying, and keeping your garden spoils from going to waste.

Built to be efficient, the insulated walls and vented sides can operate well in hot or cold conditions. Keep it inside or hide it away in the garage, shed or utility room. It will keep your food colder for longer without risk of freezer burn.

Why give Chest Freezers a Chance?

If you want to take advantage of an amazing bulk offer but aren’t sure where to put it, a chest freezer is an excellent option. Perhaps you simply want to make sure you always have a free-flowing supply of your favourite ice-cream! With a chest freezer, you have the space to store what you need and more without hiking up your energy bills.

Gardeners can also rejoice! A chest freezer is a quick and efficient way to store your excess fruit and veg all year long. And because it’s frozen straight from your garden, you keep all those yummy nutrients - no wastage or loss of nutritional value.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Chest Freezer?

Like any large purchase, deciding which is best takes time and research. It can be particularly challenging if this is the first time you’re buying a freezer. There’s so much to consider that it can all be a little daunting. What size will fit best? Is a counterbalance lid essential? What does a 4-star freezer rating mean? It’s enough to confuse anyone.

Whichever you choose, a chest freezer is a worthy investment. That large capacity is ideal for stocking up on all of your essential and favourite items. With more room to store what you love, that means fewer trips to the supermarket too - yay! Buy in bulk or batch cook some ready meals for the family. With a chest freezer, you can be sure that the house will always be fully stocked with lots of delicious treats.

Because chest freezers only perform one function, they’re much more efficient than a fridge-freezer. Their basic yet proficient design keeps things cooler - faster. In the event of a power outage, the insulated sidewalls help lock in that icy cold goodness leading to less spoilage too. This is also convenient if you’re moving or have to unplug it temporarily.

There’s no need to waste a thing with a chest freezer. That large capacity lets you keep all those cuttings, leftover bones, and offcuts that you’d usually have to throw away. Make your own stock, add flavour to that stew or soup and add depth to that sauce. A chest freezer lets you lead that zero waste life with zero hassle to boot. Not sure where to start? We have you covered! Continue reading our guide to help you on your way.

Always Think About...

  • Capacity: Usually measured in litres or cubic feet, the capacity lets you know how much you can fit inside of it. When buying a chest freezer, the manufacturer will give both the net and gross measurements. The net capacity is the one you’ll want to pay close attention to as this is the actual usable space inside of the freezer.
  • Efficiency: There are several ways to measure a freezer’s efficiency. When making a choice, try to look at the kWh/year, the energy rating, freezer star rating, and whether it is fast freeze or not. A chest freezer with a 4-star freezer rating for instance not only freezes food fast, but it also keeps items fresh and edible for up to 12 months. You may also want to consider the noise level (dB).
  • Maintenance: When deciding which chest freezer is best for you, it’s important to think about the on-going upkeep. Defrosting is an essential part of maintaining a freezer. While frost-free freezers exist, chest freezers usually require manual defrosting. Try to look out for models that have easy access and a defrost drain at the front to save you time and effort.

Never worry about a lack of freezer space again! Stock all your seasonal favourites to enjoy year-round. With a large capacity chest freezer in your home, you can reduce those bothersome trips to the shops and always have those essential items to hand. We’ve picked ten of the best chest freezers available right now. Want to know more? Take a look at our top three chest freezers for insights, pros, cons, our thoughts, and more!

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