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Best 10 Cordless Drills

As Of March 2021

DIY projects at this time will not only help relieve the tension of the year but also let you play around with your creativity. All you need is the right tool!

With a cordless drill, you can fix just about anything at home - from broken furniture pieces to door hinges as well as creating unique items for your home.
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1 Bosch 06039A3371 cordless drill being used by a man
Bosch Syneon Chip
4.8 /5

1.3 Kgs Weight, 1.5 Ah Battery power, 1,350 Max rpm speed, 38 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • Bosch Syneon chip that gives the tool maximum power and endurance
  • Comes with 2 fast-charging 18V batteries
  • 2-speed gearbox and 20 torque settings for a variety of occasions
  • Keyless chuck with an auto-lock feature for faster and easier bits changing
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2 BLACK+DECKER BCD700S1K-GB cordless drill being used by a man
Great Power
4.8 /5

2.19 Kgs Weight, 1.5 Ah Battery power, 1400 Max rpm speed, 40 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • Compact design with a kit box to store and transport
  • Has 10 pre-selected torque settings to suit your needs
  • Keyless chuck for fast and easy bits changes
  • High-performance setting with amazing results
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3 Ryobi R18ID3-0 cordless drill being used by a man
Powerful Torque
4.7 /5

1.57 Kgs Weight, 2.5 Ah Battery power, 3,200 Max rpm speed, 220 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • Powerful Torque of up to 220Nm that delivers great impact
  • An inbuilt Tri-Beam LED light for lighting up dark areas and eliminates any shadows
  • 3 power levels making it ideal for heavy-duty projects like fixing door hinges
  • Has a MagTray for storage
4 Terratek FUT18V01-3 cordless drill on a white background
Forward & Reverse Levers
4.7 /5

1.12 Kgs Weight, 0.8 Ah Battery power, 650 Max rpm speed, 45 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18/20V

  • Forward/reverse levers that enable to switch from drilling to withdrawing
  • 16 torque settings so you have a variety of settings to work with
  • 13 piece kit that includes a variety of useful items for all kinds of projects
  • LED lights to illuminate dark areas
5 Mylek MY18BMC1 cordless drill on a white background
Quick-Stop Brake
4.7 /5

0.9 Kgs Weight, 2.0 Ah Battery power, 1,300 Max rpm speed, 28 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • A quick stop braking feature that helps to conserve battery life
  • Twin sleeve keyless chuck for easy and efficient changing of accessories
  • 2-speed settings for either high speed or great torque speed and control
  • LED lights to illuminate dark areas
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6 Dewalt DCD796N cordless drill being used by a man
3 Mode LED Lights
4.7 /5

1 Kg Weight, 5.0 Ah Battery power, 2,000 Max rpm speed, 70 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • 3 mode LED lights for lighting up dark spaces and areas
  • Two speed all metal transmission for increased runtime
  • A brushless motor for a cooler, longer and more efficient running
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design for use in confined spaces
7 Meterk Cordless Drill Driver being used by a man
Great Power
4.7 /5

3.18 Kgs Weight, 2.0 Ah Battery power, 1400 Max rpm speed, 35 Nm Torque, Voltage: 20V

  • A very powerful tool with great battery life
  • With built-in LED light for dark areas
  • Soft rubberised and ribbed grip for extra comfort
  • Lightweight and compact for creating all the projects you like
8 Makita HP457DWE10 cordless drill on a white background
Large Accessories Set
4.7 /5

1.7 Kgs Weight, 1.3 Ah Battery power, 1,400 Max rpm speed, 42 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • 74 accessories for a wide array of drilling and fixing works
  • A forward/reverse switch that makes it easier to switch between the 2 positions
  • Highly versatile with 3 modes for a variety of works
  • Very easy to choose your suitable speed
9 Black & Decker BDCDC18-GB cordless drill being used by a man
Anti-Slip Grip
4.6 /5

0.7 Kgs Weight, 1.5 Ah Battery power, 650 Max rpm speed, 30 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • Αnti-slip and a soft grip for prolonged and comfortable use
  • 10 clutch settings for precise drilling and control on different materials
  • Forward/reverse feature for better control
  • In-built LED lights for illuminating hard to see and dark areas
10 Dewalt DCD796P1-GB cordless drill being used by a man
High Battery Capacity
4.5 /5

0.998 Kgs Weight, 5.0 Ah Battery power, 2000 Max rpm speed, 70 Nm Torque, Voltage: 18V

  • One of the biggest battery capacities, which gives this drill more running time
  • 2 LED lights with a delayed timer mounted at the base for lighting a wider area
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Trigger variable speed control to suit your needs

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Cordless Drills

  • Compact and lightweight for portability and long-hours usage
  • Versatile and efficient for a variety of jobs
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This is a versatile cordless drill that suits beginners and professionals as well. It has 20 pre-set torque settings, a hammer, and a drill setting, which gives you a lot of options to work on many surfaces. Its high speed and powerful torque are also strong enough to deliver optimum impact on a wide variety of materials like wood and metal.  

Also, it uses the Bosch Syneon Chip, an intelligent feature that manages how the motor, battery, and the gearbox work together so the tool can deliver its maximum endurance and powers. The keyless chuck has an auto-lock feature, which makes your job of changing bits and screwdrivers much easier and faster. There is an LED light for lighting up dark areas. It comes with an 18V battery that is durable and takes about an hour to charge.


  • Has 20 pre-set torque settings
  • Light and easy to use
  • Durable and fast-charging battery


  • The motor is not brushless
  • Doesn’t come with bits sets
  • No extra storage for bits
  • Many settings for efficiency and different tasks
  • Keyless chuck for fast and easy bits changes
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If you are looking for an affordable cordless drill, this is what you need to get. It still has reliable features that will get your DIY and home projects done. It comes with 10 pre-selected torque settings so you have a wide variety of settings to choose from, depending on what you are doing. Additionally, it has 2 more settings, drill, and impact drilling, making it possible for you to also work with large fasteners. 

The battery is fast charging and fully charges within an hour. Its power can make a reality every single project you have in mind easily. It might be heavier than other models but the compact design makes it perfect for places with limited space. 


  • Kit box included
  • Fast charging battery
  • Easy transport


  • Heavyweight
  • Torque could be higher
  • Not good for drilling hard material
  • High impact torque with 3 power levels
  • Affordable and high-speed drill
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The Ryobi R18ID3-0 is the perfect cordless drill for heavy-duty jobs. It has one of the highest torque ratings, at 220 NM, which delivers great impact. With this, it is also easier to work with large screws. The 3 power level enhances the impact of the torque, so you can easily work on heavy projects like fixing coach bolts and door hinges.

The speed is variable, from 0 to 3,200, so you can choose one that suits the job you are doing and the surface. It has an in-built LED light with Tri-Beam. This makes it easy for you to work on dark areas while the Tri-Beam eliminates any shadows on fasteners and bits. While it does not come with a battery, a 2.5 AH battery is ideal and will deliver up to 237 screws per charge.


  • 0NE+ tools use the same battery
  • Screwdriving and quick-change bit sets
  • Soft grip on the handle


  • Does not come with a battery or charger
  • It is loud with 107 dB
  • Doesn’t remove locknuts

Cordless Drills for Your DIY Projects

Carpentry is more than an occupation. It is an art avenue that many people follow to explore their creativity, as a stress reliever or just a hobby to pass time. Whether you are fixing a broken chair in the house, mending something on the fence, or just creating a new item for your home - all of this is carpentry.

What you will need is the right tool for the job and you will not need a technician for these jobs. With a selection of the best cordless drills in the market, you will have an easier time choosing your preferred tool. You are one step away from mending any broken items and creating new stuff for your home.

Why Give Cordless Drills A Chance?

cordless drill is an item we all need in the house, whether we are experts in the field or just beginners. There is a sense of triumph that comes with knowing how to fix items at home, all on your own. You have a broken chair, pick that drill and screw it back together. You have a hinge that needs fixing, drill the screws back in place and the door is fully functional.

And it is not just about fixing broken items. If you want to explore your creative side, there are many DIY projects you can undertake at home. Make yourself that bookshelfcoffee table, or even decor shelves for the house. A versatile cordless drill will give you an opportunity to do all this. And, the time you spend working on this will be a great healing time for your body and mind.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Cordless Drill?

It is not an easy scrolling through the internet searching for the best cordless drill. There are many options in the market, and narrowing down to the best model is harder than we would all want to admit. What you need to consider most are the features you are looking for as well as the kind of jobs you need to do.

Are you looking for a strong drill that can work through stone and concrete? Or just a lightweight drill to help fix small and light materials like wood? The wide array of cordless drills in the market can cater for all of these jobs, even if you are a novice or a pro.

A drill that allows you to work for long hours without draining the battery of getting you all worked up should be a top priority. There is no fun in starting to get into the job and your hands cannot handle the drill or the battery keeps running low. It will mess with your creativity and morale for the job.

Once you have the right drill, you will have an opportunity to fix all the broken items in the house that have been bothering you. It will also give you an opportunity to create things of your own. And the good news is that you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to afford the best cordless drill in the market. We have selected the best for any type of job for you, just choose one and you’re good to go.

Always Think About...

  • Speed (in RPM) or no-load speed. The higher the RPM the faster the drill rotates. Manufacturers always show the maximum speed when the drill is not drilling or loaded. With some brands, you can control the speed and choose your preferred drilling speed while in others you cannot. A low-speed drill is ideal for soft materials like wood, while a high-speed drill works for hard materials like concrete.
  • brushless motor shows that there is less friction and build-up of heat when you are drilling. As a result, the toll will be faster in terms of speed and the torque will have better control when you are using the equipment. A brushless motor also helps in increasing the durability of the tool.
  • Clutch settings or torque control gives you a chance to adjust and fine-tune the torque depending on the work you are doing and on what surface. The higher the number of settings the more options you have in fine-tuning the clutch. Small drills will have lower settings than big drills, with some having up to 24 settings.
  • Consider the power of the drill by looking at the voltage. Your choice of power will depend on the job and material you are working on. The higher the voltage, the higher the spinning strength of the torque, the bigger the battery, the heavier the drill, and more price. Low voltage drills are good for soft materials while high voltage drills will work well on hard materials.

The perfect cordless drill for your needs is somewhere out there and is waiting for you! That's why we wanted to make your life easier by finding the best options for you! Either you're a pro or a beginner, here you'll find the drill that has all the features that you need! Don't waste another minute and check our guide!

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