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Best 10 Dehumidifiers

As Of March 2021

The advancement of technology is enabling us to use appliances to create a great environment in our homes. Dehumidifiers are one such example that has made life simpler for many.

Are you tired of wiping your windows every day due to the persistent humidity inside the room? Give dehumidifiers a try to prevent condensation of windows and black mould on walls.
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1 Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier on a table
Thermoelectric Peltier Technology
4.8 /5

Dimensions: 21.99x15.99x29.99cm, Water tank capacity: 1.5 litres, Weight: 1.85kg, Wattage: 40W

  • Lightweight and portable help you move it around easily
  • Takes only a couple of minutes to clear the air of your home
  • Very quiet makes it an ideal choice for bedrooms
  • Improves air quality and creates a peaceful environment
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2 Pro Breeze 500ml Compact And Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier on a table
Thermoelectric Peltier Technology
4.7 /5

Dimensions: 17.99x27.99x15.99cm, Water tank capacity: 0.5 litres, Weight: 1.04kg, Wattage: 23W

  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage
  • Great performance even when humidity is really high
  • Pocket-friendly, a value-for-money option
  • Improves air quality just in a couple of minutes
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3 AUZKIN Dehumidifier on a white background
Compact Design
4.7 /5

Dimensions: 14.6x14.6x22.7cm, Water tank capacity: 1 litre, Weight: 1.3kg, Wattage: 40W

  • Low noise level, great for bedrooms
  • Low power consumption per hour
  • Adjustable off timer so you can program it easily
  • Compact and portable design so you can move it around however you want
4 LONOVE Dehumidifier on a wooden table
Quiet & Turbo Modes
4.6 /5

Dimensions: 16.5x13.5x28.5cm, Water tank capacity: 1 litre, Weight: 1.27kg

  • An ultra-quiet dehumidifier so you can keep it by your bed every night
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms with amazing results
  • Auto-shutoff feature saves your energy bills
  • Keeps your place healthier than ever and you can enjoy a fresh environment
5 Meaco MeacoDry Dehumidifier ABC Range on a wooden floor
Time & Energy Saving Technology
4.6 /5

Dimensions: 30x25x46.3cm, Water tank capacity: 2.6 litres, Weight: 10.5kg, Wattage: 160W

  • Lightweight and Portable for easy storage
  • Amazing results just in a couple of minutes
  • Ultra-quiet makes it a great choice for bedrooms
  • Auto shut-off saves your pocket
6 Hommak Dehumidifier on a blue background
Perfect for Smaller Homes
4.6 /5

Dimensions: 26x17.2x12cm, Water tank capacity: 0.7 litres, Weight: 1.66kg

  • Small and compact design so it won't take up much space
  • Save your energy with this amazing dehumidifier and see your energy bills lower than ever
  • Excellent choice for bedrooms thanks to its quiet operation
  • Turns your place into a more comfortable space
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7 Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumdifier on a wooden floor
Ideal For Large Rooms
4.6 /5

Dimensions: 49.5x28.5x24cm, Water tank capacity: 1.8 litres, Weight: 9.5kg, Wattage: 220W

  • Automatic shut-off makes it an economic choice
  • Digital LED display to keep you posted all the time
  • Automatic humidity sensor that works great
  • 24-hour timer so you can program it how you like
8 Inventor R290 dehumidifier in a laundry room
Desiccant Technology Operation
4.6 /5

Dimensions: 35.09x17.99x49.99cm, Water tank capacity: 2 litres, Weight: 6.3kg, Wattage: 30/330/650W

  • Low energy consumption will save your pocket
  • Continuous dehumidification mode can dry clothes
  • Swing function for better results
  • Turbo mode has excellent performance
9 Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier on a wooden floor
2-In-1 Dehumidifier & Air Purifier
4.5 /5

Dimensions: 38.5x59.5x29cm, Water tank capacity: 6 litres, Weight: 12.6kg, Wattage: 255W

  • HEPA filter makes it a perfect option for people who suffer from allergies
  • Low energy consumption
  • Current room reading is shown on a digital display
  • Variable humidistat gives you the power to choose what you like
10 Aidodo Quiet Electric Mini Dehumidifier on a wooden table
Thermoelectric Peltier Technology
4.5 /5

Dimensions: 16.69x11.1x24.5cm, Water tank capacity: 0.5 litres, Weight: 1.24kg, Wattage: 22W

  • Pocket-friendly, yet very efficient
  • Very quiet so you can place it right beside your bed
  • Lightweight and portable for easy storage
  • Water level sensor keeps you updated all the time

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Dehumidifiers

  • It has time and energy-saving technology
  • With ultra-quiet dehumidifier technology
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The Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier is a unique and popular option with the best reviews from its customers. It has several different features, reasonable cost according to the convenience that it provides and it is also energy efficient. One of the quietest models amongst the dehumidifiers of this brand which means no more disturbances while sleeping. Its compact design combined with its light weight makes it portable and easy to handle.

Pro Breeze has come up with a time and energy-saving technology giving features such as the laundry mode, automatic defrost, automatic turn off and auto-off timer. One of the biggest advantages that you'll love about it it's how it relieves all your allergies and helps you be more productive and peaceful.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Auto shut-off


  • Not the most beautiful
  • Lower water removal capacity than others
  • No wheels at the bottom
  • Small and compact design, perfect for small rooms
  • Allergy relief just in a couple of minutes
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Pro Breeze Mini Air Dehumidifier removes all the unnecessary humidity in your place. It's a value-for-money option that's super effective without emptying your pockets. It's small and compact so you can easily move it from one room to another. also, you can take it in your bedroom during the night and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Watch your allergies disappear after a couple of minutes and take a breath of fresh air. You'll feel peaceful and more productive! Plus, it's super quiet so you won't even remember that it's somewhere in your room.


  • LED display and touch panel
  • Automatic humidity sensor
  • Automatic shut-off


  • Kind of large
  • Smaller water tank than other options
  • Lower water removal capacity than others
  • Low energy consumption yet very effective
  • Auto-shutoff feature and LED indicator for a greater user experience
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AUZKIN Dehumidifier can remove damp and mould spores from your home just in a couple of hours. See your place under a new light. Take a breath of fresh air! Its compact design is great especially if you want to move it around with ease. Take it in your bedroom during the night and enjoy your sleep like never before.

With a low energy consumption, you don't have to spend much to keep your home pleasant both to you and to your loved ones. The LED indicator keeps you posted about the water level as it changes colour to warn you. 


  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • LED indicator
  • Compact and portable


  • Not for large rooms
  • Water tank could be bigger
  • Materials could be better

Say Bye to Humidity, Moisture and Mould Indoors!

Excess moisture in the room can cause many issues such as discolouration and staining of the walls, condensation on the windows and even peeling off of cement from the walls. It can make the room look rusty and old even if you try your best to maintain it.

The solution lies in an appliance that takes care of all of it itself instead of you trying to fix the walls and windows after the damage has already been done. Dehumidifiers are a blessing in this regard. You invest once in them and then sit back and relax without having to worry about stains caused by dampness.

Why give Dehumidifiers a Chance?

Dehumidifiers are something that you would need whether you are a clean freak or not. No one likes to live in an unappealing ambience. They dehumidify the room according to your need. Once you apply the settings, they will maintain the humidity level in the room so that you feel fresh.

Manufacturers have come up with features to facilitate customers to the highest level. For example, most of the dehumidifiers nowadays have an auto-off feature. So whenever the water tank gets filled to its full, or when the humidity level reaches the required value, the appliance gets turned off by itself. Similarly, the current humidity level is shown on screens of most advanced dehumidifiers to keep you aware of the moisture in the room.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Dehumidifier?

More options mean a greater choice. But that also means more difficulty in selecting the appropriate appliance. With the increasing popularity of dehumidifiers, manufacturers are coming up with more models with only slight variations in the features. How would you know then which one to buy? We are here to help you become comfortable before making a purchase.

Some models have a much greater cost than others even though apparently they look the same. What is the difference then? Some hidden features that use well-researched technology can significantly increase the price. But you don’t want to get a dehumidifier with all the latest features. You only need one that has the features that you require.

No need to spend a fortune on something that will not have value for money for you. How large are your rooms? How much moisture do you feel inside? How often are you willing to empty the water tank? Does too much noise cause a distraction for you? These are some of the questions that you need to answer for yourself before deciding.

A solution to your confusion can be found in the form of a detailed guide which will not only highlight the pros of purchasing a certain dehumidifier but will also honestly mention the cons. Without guidance, you may end up buying something that you don’t actually require. So if you feel like you are tired of watery windows, peeled off walls and a dampened environment, brace yourself, think about what exactly you need, do research, and buy a dehumidifier right away!

Always Think About...

  • Water tank capacity is important while choosing an appropriate dehumidifier. Every dehumidifier has a certain limit of litres of water that it can remove per day. This water gets collected in the water tank which needs to get emptied once it gets full. If you have a higher level of moisture inside your home, you would need a dehumidifier with a larger water tank capacity so that you don’t need to empty it again and again.
  • You also need to check the power that it uses. If you want an energy-efficient option that doesn’t use much power, you need to choose a dehumidifier with a lower wattage value. The wattage value of different dehumidifiers varies quite a lot. So if this is a priority feature for you, you can easily shortlist some models and reject others while making a choice.
  • Some dehumidifiers make a lot of noise disrupting work and sleep equally. If you are someone who easily gets disturbed by background noise, you would need to check the noise level of the dehumidifier that you choose. Some manufacturers have successfully come up with technologies that make the dehumidifiers extremely quiet.

You can select an ideal dehumidifier and bring yourself at ease right away. Be sure to make a wise choice and invest accordingly. Use our guide for detailed information on the features, advantages, and disadvantages of different models and brands. You will surely like to do proper research before you can purchase the perfect dehumidifier.

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