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Best 10 Earbuds

As Of March 2021

Music never sounded so good! Take your tracks anywhere with the best earbuds of the year! It's like stepping on stage with your favourite artists.

What's so great about earbuds? Well, now you can enjoy the beats that you love with top audio performance! Do you want to find out more?
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1 Apple AirPods Pro earbuds on a gray surface
Best Noise Cancellation
4.6 /5

True Wireless, Usage up to 5.3 hours, Noise Cancellation, Microphone, iOS/macOS

  • Active noise cancellation that takes sound quality to another level
  • Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear for maximum quality.
  • Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for customizable fit
  • Sweat and water resistance
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2 Jaybird Vista earbuds on their yellow case
4.5 /5

True Wireless, Usage up to 5.5 hours,Waterproof (IPX7), Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Fully waterproof with IPX7 certification
  • Latest technology for crystal-clear sound with zero lag for music and calls
  • 3 sizes of interchangeable ear gels for secure and stable fit
  • The Jaybird app for infinite EQ control & custom audio experience
3 Beats Powerbeats Pro earbuds on a wooden surface next to their case
Long-Lasting Battery
4.5 /5

True Wireless, Usage up to 11.4 hours, Super Fast Charge, Microphone, Android/iOS/macOS

  • Amazing results in usage hours. Plus, one full recharge with the case.
  • Adjustable and secure-fit ear hooks for extra stability
  • Volume and track control on each earbud, voice capability and auto play/pause
  • Sweat and Water resistant
4 Samsung Galaxy Buds true wireless earbuds on their case on a blue surface
Excellent sound quality
4.3 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 7.5 hours

  • More than seven hours of usage that plus an extra charge with their case
  • Sweat and water-resistant with IPX4 certification
  • With extra adjustable tips in three sizes to provide with comfort and stability
  • Premium sound with deep bass
5 Apple AirPods earbuds on a gray surface
Great Microphone
4.3 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 5 hours plus extra charges

  • Excellent sound quality in all types of music
  • Very strong microphone performance even in noisy environments
  • Really easy pairing and stable connection without failure
  • Great design
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6 Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 earbuds on a sand colored table
Case Charges
4.3 /5

True Wireless, Usage up to 6.5 hours, 5 Case Charges, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • 10-minute charge offers two hours of usage
  • Custom set of EQ settings
  • Ergonomic design for extra comfort and extra stability
  • Aptx technology receives sound with the highest possible quality
7 Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds on a wooden surface
Noise Cancellation
4.3 /5

True Wireless, Usage up to 6.9 hours, Noise Cancellation, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Adaptive sound control
  • Alexa can be activated easily with a touch
  • Battery lasts up to 24 hours with the case recharges
  • Excellent noise cancellation
8 Anker SoundCore Life P2 earbuds on a wooden surface
IPX7 Waterproof
4.2 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 7 hours plus extra charges

  • Waterproof with IPX7 certification
  • Great battery life and even greater fast charging
  • Brilliant sound quality for all type of genres
  • Very efficient microphone performance
9 Sony MDR-XB50AP earbuds on a white background
Amazing Bass
4.3 /5

Wired, Volume Controls, Microphone, Android/Windows (Jack)

  • Brilliant bass quality and accuracy
  • Great results in blocking ambient noise
  • Top-material quality and very sturdy
  • Crystal-clear audio performance for all frequencies
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10 1More Triple Driver earbuds on a surface made of glass
Budget Option
4.2 /5

Wired, Volume Controls, Microphone, Android/Windows (Jack)

  • Brilliant sound reproduction for all genres
  • Great build and design for total comfort
  • Ultra-portable design
  • Low leakage

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Earbuds

  • Ultracompact, lightweight, noise-isolating and sweatproof design
  • Their active noise-canceling significantly reduces ambient noise
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The sound quality has really improved from the previous model. With very nice audio reproduction in every music genre, everyone can enjoy their favorite tunes. The battery life is strong and very decent for true wireless earbuds that offer so many great features. The king of its features though is the excellent noise cancellation which is the best by far.

The design and the quality are very premium and they look really cool without even trying. Weight is also a big plus with AirPods Pro, as they are the lightest true wireless pair of earbuds on the market right now.


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Premium design


  • Poor customization for Android
  • Not totally waterproof
  • Only decent microphone
  • Compact, portable, and breathable design
  • Rated IPX7 for water resistance. Perfect for any weather condition
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With a very good sound profile, Jaybird Vista reached one of the top spots on the list. With the equalizer that can be found inside the app, the users can customize the sound exactly how they want. Plus, the design is very nice and stable and offers total comfort and stability no matter what the user's activity.

With IPX7 certification, they are perfect for any weather condition. The system offers playback and call control without the need to use the smartphone. They also let the user locate lost earbuds through the app so any accident can be avoided.


  • Very good sound quality
  • Brilliant audio customization
  • Brilliant audio customization


  • High latency
  • Poor microphone performance
  • Options for control are very limited
  • They deliver richer, cleaner sound with amazing bass
  • The most stable and secure earbuds
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Beats really did a great job with this product. On each of the two earbuds, you can find a playback control button and a volume control as well. You can use them hand-free and still manage to change whatever you want during usage. They are extremely comfortable and hug your ears securely, which plays a very important role if you’ll use them for a couple of hours.

The sound quality is amazing even during workouts or if there is a lot of ambient sound in your environment. We tested them on almost every genre and we were amazed by how good they sounded. They come with an exceptionally good battery which offers many hours of usage even when the volume is increased. Plus, you can always recharge them with their case and keep going!


  • Easy pairing with iOS
  • Excellent fit and stability
  • Amazing sound reproduction


  • The case is a little bulky
  • Only IPX4 certification
  • They are bigger than most

Music Never Sounded So Good!

Take a minute and think about someone who doesn’t like music! That’s right! Everyone likes music! That’s why you should always enjoy such a wonderful thing to the fullest. No matter the genre, the best way possible to enjoy your favorite tracks is with the best earbuds, don’t you think?

Finding the best one can be hard when there are so many options on the market right now. Which one is the perfect choice for you? Which one will cover every single one of your needs and which one can provide you with all the features that you want? There’s no need to panic! Why? Well, we made a really detailed research and we are here to help you with all the insights you’re going to need. Close your eyes and get on the stage with your favorite artist!

Why give Earbuds a Chance?

Earbuds aren’t a trend. They are in our lives for many years now and they have a reason for that. First of all, they can give you top quality sound so you can enjoy your favorite beats anytime, anywhere. Earbuds are more comfortable than other ways of listening to music and they are also portable so you can take them everywhere with you.

Working, lounging, studying, playing even working out are way more fun when you have an ally like this with you. Plus, if you are the type of person who spends a lot of time calling friends and family, a pair of earbuds can make the whole thing more comfortable. We bet that you already have a pair of earbuds but it’s highly unlikely that the sound quality they have is good enough for you. It’s time for a change!

What Type of Earbuds Suits You?

There are three main categories of earbuds that you can find on the market:

  • Traditional Headphones are all those headphones that you’re used to. You connect them to your device via jack, USB type-C or lightning ports and you place them on or in your ears depending on the pair. The sound transmits to the headphones via cable.
  • Wireless headphones are the ones that connect to a device, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, TV, gaming console, computer, etc. without using a wire or cable. The two earbuds are connected with each other with a cable.
  • True Wireless earbuds can connect with all those devices without using a wire or a cable as well, but the main difference with the wireless options, is that true wireless earbuds aren’t connected with each other via cable. 

What Should You Look for When Buying a Pair of Earbuds?

Going online and buying the first pair of earbuds that come your way isn’t the right way to do it. It’s really possible to end up with a mediocre product that can’t do the job. So, what is the best solution for that? Well, to decide what you’re looking for is a great way of starting! What type is most suitable for you? What features are you looking for?

Music is one of the most important ways of expression and that’s how you should think of it. You should always be able to not only enjoy your music but also being comfortable doing that. Especially for people that tend to use them daily and for long hours, the choice is very essential. The efficiency of your pair of headphones is something that you should always take into consideration. Sound quality, stability, comfort, features, water-resistance, control and so much more should always be considered.

Who wants to spend money on something that isn’t good enough? No one! That’s why you should not fall into that trap, and give just a little bit of your time to go through the available products. Most technology brands have launched some very good products this past year and we’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for among them. The thing is that not every single one of them is perfect for every single one of you. 

Are you ready to make the right choice? Even if you're not, don't worry! Good things take time! Make your research and check out our guide for all the insights that will help you out! We are here to present to you the best options and the value-for-money models, so you can find the perfect one for you. Especially those of you who are interested in a pair of earbuds for the first time, this is the right place to be!

Always Think About...

  • Sound quality is the first thing you should take into consideration when you think about buying a pair of earbuds. Find a model that has more than decent bass accuracy, great audio reproduction in both mid and low frequencies and always check their performance depending on your favorite music genre.
  • Hours of usage can stand in your way if you spend your money on a model that can't last long enough. That's why you should make a good research and be sure that your choice is good enough for you and can cover your needs.
  • Compatibility is a very important thing if you're looking to buy a pair of earbuds that isn't compatible with all operating systems. Make sure that your smartphone or your device, in general, is compatible with the model you like.

There are plenty of options right now that you can check but this guide will provide you with the most important information and help you find the right pair of earbuds.

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