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Best 10 Gaming Headsets

As Of June 2022

Gaming never felt so real before! Enjoy your favourite video games to the max with top quality sound and make it the best experience ever! What's so great about gaming headsets? The fact that you can feel like you're in the game without distractions and communicate with your teammates like never before! The best gaming headsets are here! Ready to find out more?
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7 INSMART Gaming Headset on white background

INSMART Gaming Headset

Premium Ear Cushions
4.5 /5

Best Choice for Sleek Design

  • Highly versatile as it’s compatible with all consoles & PC
  • Endless hours of comfortable gaming as it’s breathable & lightweight
  • It’ll last for years of gaming as its metallic elements make it durable
  • Enhance the atmosphere of your games with its LED lights
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3 Corsair VOID ELITE Wireless on white background

Corsair VOID ELITE Wireless

Excellent Wireless Range
4.7 /5

Most Futuristic Look

  • Keep them on your ears for hours on end thanks to the breathable mesh fabric
  • Connect them to your PC or console with the USB adapter
  • Flip the microphone up & it automatically mutes you
  • Know if others can hear you with its built-in LED when you're on
3 Pacrate Gaming Headset on white background

Pacrate Gaming Headset

Excellent Wireless Range
4.7 /5

Ideal for Console Gaming

  • Communicate better with your teammates as it has noise-cancelling technology
  • Forget the real world thanks to the immersive surround sound
  • Plug it in your PS5, Xbox or other devices due to the multi-compatibility
  • Bring an attractive headset to your game with the built-in LED light
3 Logitech G332 on white background

Logitech G332

Excellent Wireless Range
4.7 /5

Top Choice for Leatherette

  • Control the volume effortlessly with its flip to mute design
  • Share it with others as it works with PC, Xbox, PS4 & Nintendo Switch
  • No pressure on your head with its soft headband
  • Stay aware of your home sounds thanks to the rotatable ear cups
4 Razer Kraken on white background

Razer Kraken

Amazing Microphone
4.6 /5

Comfiest Choice

  • Catch every glimpse of gameplay sounds with its wide soundscape
  • Stay in the game longer thanks to the cooling gel-infused comfy cushions
  • Communicate with your team worry-free with the microphone
  • Relieve head pressure as it comes with a padded headband
5 Razer Barracuda X on white background

Razer Barracuda X

No Latency
4.6 /5

Best for On-Headset Controls

  • Share it between your gaming PC and your phone with its USB-C & USB-A extender
  • Host a mega gaming marathon as it has an ergonomic design
  • Stay immersed in the game longer thanks to the 3-part driver audio
  • Answer calls worry-free with the built-in controls
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6 Logitech G432 on white background

Logitech G432

Noise Reduction Microphone
4.6 /5

Top Wired Pick

  • Enjoy cinematic experience thanks to its 50mm drivers
  • Detect your enemies wherever they come from with its impeccable surround audio
  • Your partners will clearly hear your commands due to its volume control
  • Play for hours without ear strain as it has soft leatherette ear cups
9 ASTRO Gaming A50 on white background

ASTRO Gaming A50

Great Mid-Frequency
4.4 /5

Top Choice for Premium Quality

  • Have the upper hand in your games & hear every beat with its high-resolution audio
  • When it’s time to focus, flip your mic to mute it
  • Enjoy 15 straight hours of gaming with its long-lasting battery
  • Optimise your audio hassle-free thanks to its built-in controls
10 Corsair HS80 RGB on white background

Corsair HS80 RGB

Great Imaging
4.4 /5

Best Pick for Enhanced Audio

  • From massive blasts to a faint breath- catch everything due to its high-density drivers
  • Ultimate comfort for hours of gaming with its plush memory foam earpads
  • Total immersion thanks to its 3D Dolby Atmos system
  • If the 20 hours of battery life are not enough, just plug it in

Gaming never felt so real!

Gaming is one of the most popular ways not only to pass your free time but also to connect with other people and enjoy yourself like never before. It’s true that video games came a long way and can now provide you with an experience that makes your senses feel heightened to the max. What you need to achieve that, is a great gaming headset.

Either you are in an “arena” type of place trying to eliminate your rivals, or driving the fastest cars there are, the sound is one of the most essential things. Forget about your surroundings and reach a level of realism that will make your body full of adrenaline. Every gamer knows what we’re talking about, isn’t that right?

Why Give Gaming Headsets a Chance?

“Roger that” might be a sentence that you can’t believe how important it is during gameplay if you’re not a gamer yourself! Which lane would you go? How many rivals have you taken out? All these little details that make gaming so much more interesting. And what better way to enjoy a well-played round than with your friends? And to make this happen you need a gaming headset!

With more and more games tending to base their greatest features in online gaming, the fact that you need to communicate with your team was never this essential. And to make it even better, you can combine this communication with brilliant sound reproduction. Hear your friends loud and clear even when the worst of guys chase you around!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Gaming Headset?

A gaming headset is a gadget that totally worths your time if you’re a gamer. Imagine trying to understand what is happening during gameplay from the basic speakers of your PC or the TV that you’re using to connect your console. Ambient and external noises everywhere! And if you don’t live alone, this can ruin it for you! Headsets, on the other hand, provide you with clear sound right in your ear to not miss a single thing.

While using a headset, all the distractions are eliminated and you can maximize your performance and get even better than before. When you’re in the gaming zone, a simple distraction can be the end of the match! And who wants that? The answer is simple… NO ONE! Plus, the 3D surround sound that headsets give you, can make you more aware of your environment in the game and help you locate the position of the one you’re looking for or the one that you’re trying to avoid.

A gaming headset also has a microphone that makes communication with your buddies easier than ever. You don’t have to scream to a microphone attached far away from you, for your friends to hear you anymore. You can mute and unmute it anytime you want and feel the whole gaming experience to the max. You can now let your teammates know where the enemy is and win each game like pros!

And let’s not forget the sound quality. How can you enjoy a game when the audio performance is mediocre or even bad? Sounds play a major role in the whole gaming world because of the things they make you feel. And some gaming companies have done an extremely good job in dressing their games with top-quality sounds and music. It’s out there just for you so all you need is to find the right equipment and let yourself get lost in all these sounds.

Always Think About...

  • Sound quality and 3D sound effects are one of the most essential things when buying a gaming headset. Taking every single sound and delivering it to you in a way that makes you feel like you’re in there yourself is a great thing. The 3D sound effects let you have a more realistic experience as they hit you from the left or right depending on the location of the sound in the game.
  • Microphone and communication during gameplay must be top-notch. You need to hear your teammates crystal-clear to avoid any incidents during your match. And they need to hear you too! Good communication is what drives the best teams to a series of wins. And with a great gaming headset that could be you and your friends.
  • Comfortability plays a major role because most gamers don’t just sit for a match or two. They tend to spend hours doing what they love. A headset that makes your head feel heavy and uncomfortable doesn’t worth your money. Make the right decision and find the best match for you.

You might be a gamer who already has a headset. That doesn’t mean that you have one of the best models out there. So you can still do a research and see for yourself that upgrading your old and mediocre headset is very important. If you’re new to the headset world, then this is your chance to find the best possible option. Take a look at our guide and don’t waste another minute!

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