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Best 10 Gaming Headsets

As Of March 2021

Gaming never felt so real before! Enjoy your favorite video games to the max with top quality sound and make it the best experience ever!

What's so great about gaming headsets? The fact that you can feel like you're in the game without distractions and communicate with your teammates like never before! Ready to find out more?
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1 HyperX Cloud II gaming headset on a red stand
Great Noise Handling
4.8 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.32kg

  • Top-quality built and comfortable design
  • Very good audio reproduction with no latency
  • Brilliant microphone performance
  • Great noise handling results
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2 Beexcellen GM-1RED gaming headset on a white background
Advanced Anti-noise Mic
4.7 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.39kg

  • Great microphone performance with Anti-noise mode
  • Very comfortable and stable design
  • Fantastic audio reproduction in all frequencies
  • LED lights make them look super cool
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3 Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless gaming headset on a black background
Excellent Wireless Range
4.7 /5

Over-ear, Cordless, Battery Life: 20h Available Controls, Weight: 0.43kg

  • Very beautiful design and great built quality
  • Great comfort even after hours of usage
  • Excellent wireless range and latency performance
  • The haptic feedback system is one of the greatest
4 Turtle Beach Recon 50X gaming headset on a white background
Amazing Microphone
4.6 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.36kg

  • Multiplatform compatibility to suit all your consoles and PC
  • High-quality sound with crisp highs and great lows
  • Brilliant microphone performance with high sensitivity
  • Lightweight and comfortable for hours of gaming
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5 Razer Kraken gaming headset on an orange background
No Latency
4.6 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.32kg

  • Great microphone performance
  • Very low leakage even in maximum volume
  • No latency at all
  • Great design
6 INSMART Gaming Headset on a white background
Noise Reduction Microphone
4.6 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.44kg

  • Noise reduction microphone that is also retractable
  • Fashionable, durable and super comfortable design
  • Compatible with all consoles and PC
  • Breathable and lightweight so you won't notice that you wear them
7 Turtle Beach Recon 70X gaming headset on a white surface
Premium Ear Cushions
4.5 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.086kg

  • Premium ear cushions from synthetic leather for total comfort
  • High-quality speaker for an amazing experience
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Multiplatform compatibility so you can switch between consoles
8 Mpow EG3 Pro gaming headset next to a controller
Ultra Comfort
4.5 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.58kg

  • Full compatibility with every console and PC
  • Crystal clear microphone with noise cancellation mode
  • Lightweight and comfortable design for hours of gameplay
  • Steel-reinforced headband makes them extra durable
9 Turtle Beach Recon 200 gaming headset on a gray couch
Great Mid-Frequency
4.4 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.5kg

  • Compatible with any device
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Very good microphone performance
  • Brilliant mid-frequency accuracy
10 HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headset on a white table in front of a window
Great Imaging
4.4 /5

Over-ear, Corded, Available Controls, Weight: 0.28kg

  • Boom microphone with great performance
  • Sturdy and stable fit
  • Durable built
  • Very nice imaging in all types of sounds

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Gaming Headsets

  • One of the most comfortable products on the market
  • The 7.1 surround-sound capabilities highlight more subtle sounds
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HyperX Cloud II shocked many gamers with their fantastic abilities. It’s one of the greatest gaming headsets right now and it’s a totally value-for-money option. They are very stylish yet minimal and even after hours of usage are super comfortable. The truth is that you won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. Plus they are leather-coated which gives them an even greater look.

They are really flexible and fit any type of head without being tight at all. No matter where you want to use them, either for PS4, Xbox One, or PC, their performance is amazing. You can be heard loud and clear when you use the microphone during online gaming without any troubles. When it comes to audio performance, you will realize pretty quickly that they make you feel like you’re in the game yourself, as everything sounds super realistic.


  • Best-in-class comfort
  • Very stylish and lightweight
  • Extra ear covers


  • Not the best bass
  • No software available
  • Noise isolation could be better
  • Amazin audio with 360-degree stereo surround sound
  • With advanced anti-noise microphone for optimum gaming experience
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If you're looking for a new gaming headset that can offer you hours of amazing gameplay without getting out of budget then we have this great option for you. Beexcellent created this pair of headphones for everyone. No matter your level in the gaming world. Lightweight, comfortable, and durable with a sleek design. Plus, the LED lights give them that little extra to make them stand out among other models.

They come with an advanced anti-noise microphone to make sure that you hear everything clear and your teammates hear you back just as good. Add the fantastic and clear sound they have, with 360-degree coverage and you are in the game! You can use it with every type of console and PC so you can switch between them whenever you like.


  • Comfortable and stable
  • Anti-noise mic
  • Clear sound


  • Plastic material
  • A little bulkier than others
  • USB cable is needed for LED
  • The wireless range is really exceptional
  • Lots of hard-wired personalization for optimal results
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Razer is one of the most popular brands when it comes to gaming headsets. And there’s no wonder that you see it having top models because all those people in Razer know what they do. This gaming headset is one of the strongest you can find right now. A feature that left us speechless is HyperSense, which processes the most intense sound signals and then reproduces them as vibrotactile frequencies. They create a feeling like no other!

Contrary to other headsets, this one doesn’t overdo it with a certain sound frequency but provides you with a balanced and clean sound. Plus the microphone is retractable and you can mute it just by pressing a button. You can also balance the audio of the game really easily with the controls on the earcups. The battery life is more than decent as you can have 20 hours of continuous usage without charging.


  • Very stylish
  • Comfortable fit and earcups
  • Solid and natural sound


  • Might be heavy for some
  • Not great for smartphone usage
  • Could have more features

Gaming never felt so real!

Gaming is one of the most popular ways not only to pass your free time but also to connect with other people and enjoy yourself like never before. It’s true that video games came a long way and can now provide you with an experience that makes your senses feel heightened to the max. What you need to achieve that, is a great gaming headset.

Either you are in an “arena” type of place trying to eliminate your rivals, or driving the fastest cars there are, the sound is one of the most essential things. Forget about your surroundings and reach a level of realism that will make your body full of adrenaline. Every gamer knows what we’re talking about, isn’t that right?

Why Give Gaming Headsets a Chance?

“Roger that” might be a sentence that you can’t believe how important it is during gameplay if you’re not a gamer yourself! Which lane would you go? How many rivals have you taken out? All these little details that make gaming so much more interesting. And what better way to enjoy a well-played round than with your friends? And to make this happen you need a gaming headset!

With more and more games tending to base their greatest features in online gaming, the fact that you need to communicate with your team was never this essential. And to make it even better, you can combine this communication with brilliant sound reproduction. Hear your friends loud and clear even when the worst of guys chase you around!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Gaming Headset?

A gaming headset is a gadget that totally worths your time if you’re a gamer. Imagine trying to understand what is happening during gameplay from the basic speakers of your PC or the TV that you’re using to connect your console. Ambient and external noises everywhere! And if you don’t live alone, this can ruin it for you! Headsets, on the other hand, provide you with clear sound right in your ear to not miss a single thing.

While using a headset, all the distractions are eliminated and you can maximize your performance and get even better than before. When you’re in the gaming zone, a simple distraction can be the end of the match! And who wants that? The answer is simple… NO ONE! Plus, the 3D surround sound that headsets give you, can make you more aware of your environment in the game and help you locate the position of the one you’re looking for or the one that you’re trying to avoid.

A gaming headset also has a microphone that makes communication with your buddies easier than ever. You don’t have to scream to a microphone attached far away from you, for your friends to hear you anymore. You can mute and unmute it anytime you want and feel the whole gaming experience to the max. You can now let your teammates know where the enemy is and win each game like pros!

And let’s not forget the sound quality. How can you enjoy a game when the audio performance is mediocre or even bad? Sounds play a major role in the whole gaming world because of the things they make you feel. And some gaming companies have done an extremely good job in dressing their games with top-quality sounds and music. It’s out there just for you so all you need is to find the right equipment and let yourself get lost in all these sounds.

Always Think About...

  • Sound quality and 3D sound effects are one of the most essential things when buying a gaming headset. Taking every single sound and delivering it to you in a way that makes you feel like you’re in there yourself is a great thing. The 3D sound effects let you have a more realistic experience as they hit you from the left or right depending on the location of the sound in the game.
  • Microphone and communication during gameplay must be top-notch. You need to hear your teammates crystal-clear to avoid any incidents during your match. And they need to hear you too! Good communication is what drives the best teams to a series of wins. And with a great gaming headset that could be you and your friends.
  • Comfortability plays a major role because most gamers don’t just sit for a match or two. They tend to spend hours doing what they love. A headset that makes your head feel heavy and uncomfortable doesn’t worth your money. Make the right decision and find the best match for you.

You might be a gamer who already has a headset. That doesn’t mean that you have one of the best models out there. So you can still do a research and see for yourself that upgrading your old and mediocre headset is very important. If you’re new to the headset world, then this is your chance to find the best possible option. Take a look at our guide and don’t waste another minute!

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