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Best 10 Gazebos

As Of March 2021

Don't let unpredictable weather ruin that big event, party or dinner! Gazebos offer excellent protection against rain, wind, and harmful UV rays. No matter the occasion, you're sheltered from these elements.

Available in a variety of different colours, styles, and sizes you can set the scene. Cover that hot tub, eat al fresco, and dance the night away - No need to postpone! Transform your garden from drab to fab in minutes!

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1 MasterCanopy Pop-up Gazebo Tent on white background

Best Gazebo Overall

  • Enjoy the outdoors even with bad weather thanks to its high durability
  • Great for your next bbq get-together with its adjusted height
  • Don’t worry about rain & sun as it’s water-resistant and offers UV protection
  • Hassle-free installation within minutes
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2 Dawsons Living Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo on white background

Top Choice for Strong Winds

  • Install & uninstall in no time even in windy conditions
  • Enjoy its high-quality build for years to come as it’s rust-resistant
  • Keeps you protected from heavy rain & UV rays
  • Stays put during your garden parties thanks to its guy ropes & ground stakes
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3 All Seasons Gazebos on white background

Ideal for Versatility

  • Keeps you dry during heavy rain as it’s not just showerproof
  • Versatile use for your outdoor space to install on decking, grass or patio
  • Carry it effortlessly anywhere in its premium carry bag with wheels
  • Worry-free usage backed by a 1-year warranty
4 SUNMER Pop-Up Gazebo with 4 Sides on white background

Ideal for Heavy Duty

  • Perfect for year-round use providing shelter from sunny & chilly days thanks to its sidewalls
  • Set it up anywhere securely with its pegs or sandbags
  • Made to last with a rust-resistant steel frame
  • Take it with you wherever you go with its wheeled carry bag
5 Expressco Direct AIRWAVE Pop Up Gazebo on white background

Top Choice for Compact

  • Compact design that looks fabulous on a small garden
  • Stay dry with its extremely waterproof PVC coated exterior
  • Available in a wide range of colours to suit any event
  • Great for tall people as the pointed canopy-style roof provides extra headroom
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6 MasterCanopy Pop Up Instant Shelter on white background

Top Choice for Sturdiness

  • Protection from rain & sun made of UV resistant & water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Stable in any terrain by securing with its weight bags or stakes
  • Durable in windy conditions with its sturdy truss bars
  • Offers smooth portability with its wheeled carry bag
7 SANHENG Pop Up Gazebo on white background

Top Pick for Weather-Resistant

  • All-round as you can even use it as storage thanks to its side panels
  • You’ll never again cancel a bbq party because of rain as it’s waterproof
  • Just like your sunscreen, it’s made to keep you safe from UV rays
  • Roomy enough to enjoy with friends & family
8 Coleman Gazebo on white background

Ideal for Summertime

  • Ideal for warm days with its air vents at the top of the canopy
  • Spacious shaded area provides ample shelter with room to spare
  • Your favourite awning for any event from weddings to festivals
  • Great for uneven ground with the sturdy foot & pole connectors
9 Dawsons Living Waterproof Premium Garden Gazebo on white background

Ideal for Simple Installation

  • A simple do it your self set up in just a few minutes time
  • Enjoy summer garden parties under this tent that allows airflow
  • High stability & quality built to withstand high winds
  • Customize its height to your needs from the 3 different ones
10 Outsunny Gazebo on white background

Top Choice for Elegant Look

  • Enhance your summer nights’ garden experience by keeping the mosquitos away
  • Enjoy your privacy even outdoors thanks to its mesh sidewalls
  • Use on rainy days as it’s waterproof & has a drainage system
  • Robust construction to last for years

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Party Rain Or Shine With A Gazebo!

Instantly turn your garden, patio, or outdoor venue into a heavenly sheltered space. Whether you want some shade on a hot summer’s day or protection from those ominous dark clouds, a gazebo offers an attractive and cost-effective way to save the day!

But that’s not all! Gazebos are much more than a way to protect yourself from the elements. Why not transform that nook, cranny, or unused space into a private oasis? Add some lights, curtains, and furniture to create a private outdoor area you can use all year round. Add a fan or outdoor heater, and you’re set! Read a book, breathe, and relax in the privacy of your garden.

Everyone deserves a cosy garden spot. This is why we created this extensive buying guide to help you with the overwhelming search and decision making process. We did the hard work for you, so you can make the best decision for you quick and easy! Keep scrolling through to learn all you need to know about the best gazebos!

Why do you need a Gazebo?

No matter how you spin it, a gazebo is a brilliant solution to an age-old problem - the weather! And we’re not just talking about the rain! Good weather can also be an issue. If you live in an open space with little to no shade, you’re leaving yourself exposed to harmful UV rays. No one likes sunburn or, worse yet, heatstroke.

Do you have a big event coming up? Perhaps you like to eat al fresco no matter the weather. Don’t let the climate dictate your day. With a gazebo, there’s no need to cancel that BBQ party or event. Add some mesh side panels, and you have a versatile, water-resistant, UV-resistant, and bug-free sanctuary at your disposal.

What Types Of Gazebos Suit You?

Traditional gazebos were built from wood. Nowadays, while wooden gazebos are still an option, you can also pick a more modern gazebo that is made of metal, polycarbonate, or plastic. There are two main categories that you should consider before buying:

  • Soft Top Gazebos

Typically made from coated fabric with a fibreglass or metal frame, soft top gazebos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From temporary and portable pop-ups to more permanent and semi-permanent structures, soft top gazebos are an affordable, quick, and convenient way to block rain, wind, and UV no matter the occasion.

  • Hard Top Gazebos

A more traditional take on the classic gazebo, hard top gazebos are a permanent structure that can be left out year-round. This type of gazebo is usually hexagonal, more expensive and requires tools, planning, and manpower to erect. Left out exposed in harsh weather conditions, annual maintenance will be needed to keep it in tip-top shape.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Gazebo?

There are a few key features to keep in mind when you are looking to buy the perfect gazebo for your home. Here is our list, so you’ll know exactly what to search for and why. Check it below:

1. Type of Gazebo

You need to consider which type of gazebo will serve your needs best. If you have ample space in your garden and don’t mind the extra maintenance costs, you could go with a permanent gazebo. They bring a certain charm to your home’s backyard and can serve as the focal point of your outdoors.

If you are more like us, who put portability and convenience first, the soft top pop-up gazebos would be a better choice for you. You don’t have to break the bank to own one, plus you can place your gazebo anywhere you want. It will keep you safe from the sun, rain or wind, and once your event or day at the beach is over, you can pack it up and bring it home again whenever you want quick and easy.

2. Size

Think of when you plan to use it. Do you want to use it for your bbq Sundays with your family of 4 or do you plan to through big garden parties with family and friends? Or maybe you want to install it for an upcoming event, like a wedding? There are plenty of sizes to choose from, others are more spacious than others to accommodate more people, others have removable side walls to open up space while some are more compact to fit small gardens or a day at the beach.

3. Versatility

The soft top gazebos are known for their highly versatile design. Thanks to their construction and assisting tools most can be installed in any terrain, even or uneven. Search for gazebos that come with guy ropes, ground stakes or/and weight bags of sand so you can set it up on grass, sand, concrete or decking.

Versatility will allow you to use your gazebo for any occasion, from garden parties and BBQs to weddings, the beach or even the farmers market. It will keep you safe from rain, wind or sun to enjoy your day more than ever.

4. Durability

To be weather-resistant, your gazebo has to be made of high-quality, sturdy structure and materials. For bad weather conditions, search for a sturdy steel frame with truss bars and wind bars to ensure the tent will stay put during strong winds. For cold rainy days, keep an eye for sidewalls and a water-resistant roof, not just showerproof, to keep you dry.

When summertime comes, you need protection from the UV rays. If you want a tent that works as well as your sunscreen, make sure you check for a UV protection sun canopy. This will allow plenty of light to enter your tent but not enough rays to be harmful.

5. Portability

Another awesome trait of the soft top pop-up gazebos is their portability. They are super easy to pack up and go. Most can be installed and uninstall even when there are windy conditions by just one person. How cool is that? And they are ready to go in just a few minutes time. So, you don’t have to waste hours or energy to set up a pop-up gazebo.

Also, many come with their own carry bags which is so convenient. Some bags are even wheeled to offer even more comfort to their owners. Take it anywhere you want effortlessly without second thoughts and enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather conditions.

6. Installation

Depending on the type of gazebo you choose, there is some setting up to be done. When we talk about the traditional wooden gazebos, a professional usually does installation as it requires building and tools a typical homeowner may not possess.

But, when it comes to soft top gazebos, installation is a piece of cake. This is why many homeowners turn to this type of gazebo for their garden, and not only! They require minimal effort to install, and in many cases, it only needs one person to set it up and no tools. If you are not the best handyman yourself, you might want to bear in mind this one.

How much should you spend on a gazebo?

Well, to answer this question properly you have to settle on a type. As it is expected, a hard top gazebo that is also a permanent gazebo can cost extra compared to a soft top pop-up gazebo. To help you decide further, here is an estimation of costs.

  • Affordable

A soft top gazebo can start from as little as 70 pounds up to 150 pounds. Most within this range are good quality constructions that can endure harsh weather conditions well. They can protect you and your family from wind, rain and sun, and can be quite versatile to use in any terrain. Some are even compact, making them perfect for small gardens. Larger ones are perfect for big get-togethers with friends or family or small events.

  • High-End

Big and modern soft top gazebos can cost anywhere from 150 to 250 pounds. Their built is of high quality with a sturdy metal frame that can endure even the windiest days. Some come with side panels that close up with velcro or zipper for bug protection and privacy. Some even have a drainage system and air vents to make the tent durable for both rainy and sunny weather. Wooden & permanent gazebos can cost from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand depending on your constructor, size and materials used. This type is a long term investment that usually lasts for about 10 years or so with proper annual maintenance.

It all comes down to what you want out of your gazebo and how much you are willing to invest in making it yours!

Do you need a building permit?

If you plan on building a permanent gazebo, it is best to consult with your local building codes office to make sure you are eligible to build one. But if we are talking about a soft top pop up gazebo, then no, you don’t need a permit to install it. You will install and uninstall it as you please without any headaches. This is part of its charm, the fact that it needs absolutely nothing else other than purchasing it and setting it up.

Can a gazebo be left up all year?

Wooden gazebos, once they are built, remain outside, but when it comes to soft top gazebos, the answer is no. If you want your soft top gazebo to last for years to come, you’ll have to uninstall it after each use and save it somewhere safe, like your storage. It is advisable to protect it from harsh conditions when you have no use of it to last longer. For this reason, pop-up gazebos are the first priority for people who need to install and uninstall the gazebo within minutes and without any tools.

Always keep in mind that…

Whether you need a temporary shelter or a permanent fixture, a gazebo is a practical and versatile way to solve your seasonal woes. Choose from portable pop-ups and windowed soft tops to strong and sturdy hard tops. It’s time for a garden upgrade this season!

Whatever your needs, there’s a gazebo fit for the job. Unsure where to start? Our comprehensive buying guide comes to the rescue. Here you’ll find the best gazebos on the market to enjoy your time outside all year round! Happy shopping!

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