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Best 10 Halloween Costumes For Women

As Of June 2022

Want to amaze the crowds on Halloween night? Want people to remember your costume for years to come? Fancy looking appealing and scary at the same time? With our list of top 10 Halloween women costumes, you’ll find the answers to all of these questions. Find the perfect costume for you and prepare for the most fantastic trick or treat night! Check our top 10 list here!

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1 Harley Queen Costume on white background

Harley Quinn

4.8 /5

Best Women Costume Overall

  • Feel seductive and rebel dressing like the most famous bad girl of DC universe
  • Move around comfortably as it has an elastic bask waistband
  • You’ll never get it off due to its top-quality fabric
  • If it gets dirty, simply handwash it, and you’re good to go
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2 Squid game guard Costume on white background

Squid-Game Guard

4.7 /5

Most Trendy Costume

  • That’s the most famous costume right now; everyone will recognise your red outfit
  • As comfy as it gets as it’s a full-body uniform
  • Never sweaty due to its top-quality polyester material
  • Perfect for any body type- simply choose the right size for you
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3 Squid game player Costume on white background

Squid-Game Player

4.6 /5

Most Versatile Pick

  • Fancy playing a deadly game? Feel like you’re in the series!
  • Wear it whenever you want as its a 3-piece versatile suit
  • You can even do your workout wearing it as it’s lightweight and skin-friendly
  • Ideal for all season as it has a T-shirt and a zipped jacket
4 Cruella Deville Costume on white background

Cruella Deville

4.5 /5

Most Iconic Pick

  • It’s timeless, Disney-classic & spooky at the same time
  • Dress like Cruella for Halloweens to come, as it’s highly durable
  • It looks premium like the real deal due to its top-quality spandex & uniform cloth
  • It’s so realistic that dalmatians will run away from you!
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5 Graveyard bride Costume on white background

Graveyard Bride

4.5 /5

Spookiest Costume

  • If you want to make next-level scare pranks, then that’s for you
  • Easy to wear as it’s made from stretchy materials
  • Generations will grow wearing it as it’s 100% polyester & durable
  • You’ll never get sweaty due to its lightweight fabric
6 Red riding hood Costume on white background

Red Riding Hood

4.5 /5

Ideal for Flattering Design

  • It’s so pretty that even the big bad wolf will fall for you
  • Wear it having peace of mind due to its durable fabric
  • Drink beer & visit the loo without a care as it’s easy to put on & off
  • Party all night sweat-free due to its light fabric
7 Animal Onesie Costume on white background

Pikachu Onesie

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Unisex Costume

  • All-in-one; cosplay costume & pyjamas set
  • Enjoy trick or treating even the weather is frosty as it’s warm & fluffy
  • Got dirty? Put it in the washer & wear it again
  • Keep your mobile & wallet close all night in its pockets
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8 Skeleton Costume on white background

Skeleton Costume

4.5 /5

Perfect for Outdoor Events

  • Hunt your friends in their dreams as it’s spooky and frightful
  • Stay warm on chilly nights with its long-sleeve design
  • Flattering and seductive due to its slim fit & tube-style design
  • Worry-free of the size as it’s made from stretchy materials
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9 The It clown Costume on white background

The It Clown

4.5 /5

Top Movie Cosplay Costume

  • Be careful looking yourself at the mirror, because even you will get frightened
  • Allergy-free & safe materials as it complies with the EU standards
  • Top-notch quality and your warranty is the 125-year-old brand name
  • It lasts longer than the majority of costumes as its dry clean only & 100% polyester
10 Jester clown Costume on white background

Jester Clown

4.5 /5

All-Time Classic Pick

  • Add some spooky makeup & create the best costume ever
  • Stand out with a Halloween creepy charm thanks to its all-time classic theme
  • Ideal both for indoors and outdoors as its long-sleeved
  • Do all kinds of fun activities as it has really stretchy leggings

Be the queen of Halloween this year with the best costumes!

Who said that women can’t dress like rebel movie heroines, being alluring and scary at the same time? There is a massive variety of different kinds of costumes to dress so that you can become a fabulous spectacle on Halloween’s night. If you find it hard choosing an outfit, pick a theme! From horror movies to action and superhero ones, to classic Disney characters and spooky graveyard brides; so many choices for every taste! Gather your friends and decide on a theme for your team. Or dress up solo and amaze the crowds. If you are still having difficulty picking your favourite costume, take a look at our top 10 list and choose the one that “clicks” to you the most. 

Here’s a list of a few things to keep in mind when looking for a costume.

  • Size: Size does matter! Be careful when buying a costume to pick the right size for you. Bear in mind that most outfits are made of stretchy materials, so usually, a size smaller than your regular clothes would be ideal. Most of the brands provide a sizing guide to help you out.
  • Materials: From 100% polyester to full cotton and spandex or fake leather. A plethora of fabrics for different purposes. If you are planning to wear it in cold months, pick something warm and cosy. For the summer months, polyester is excellent since usually, it’s a non-sweaty fabric and skin-friendly.
  • Unisex: Many costumes are designed both for men and women. If you have a boyfriend, you can wear the same costume and become the perfect Halloween couple!
  • Machine washable: You don’t want to ruin the costume you just bought. Read the instructions label and make sure that it’s machine washable or dry clean only. If you follow the instructions, your costume will last for years to come. It’s a sort of an investment if you think about it!

With our incredibly trendy and flattering list of women costumes, you’ll become the queen of this year’s Halloween! Whether you’re looking for something to dress up as a team or solo, we got you covered. Add some spooky makeup to enhance your outfit and take it to the next level. Happy Halloween!

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