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Best 10 Hedge Trimmers

As Of March 2021

Who likes untidy hedges and branches in their lawn covering the most beautiful portions of their house? When it comes to trimming hedges, it is an extremely difficult job to do so manually.

What do you need in order for your hedges to look tidy and for you not to get tired in the process? A perfect hedge trimmer! Who needs to make so much effort when technology has advanced so much? So give it a try!
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1 Bosch AHS 45-16 Electric Hedge Cutter on white background
Rotating Rear Handle
4.9 /5

Best Overall Hedge Trimmer

  • 10m long cable to use away enough from the house without an extension cord
  • Ergonomic design to work without strain in any position
  • Soft grip handle for trouble-free and safe hedging
  • Free 2-year warranty that extends to three if you register with My Bosch
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2 Bosch AHS 50-20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer on white background
Dual Action Laser Cut Blades
4.8 /5

#2 Best Hedge Trimmer

  • Ideal for cutting medium-sized hedges up to 25mm
  • Convenient and lightweight design that makes it very portable
  • Cut safely thanks to the front handle with a transparent handguard
  • Trim close to walls and ground with the cutting blade tip protector included
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3 NETTA Cordless 2-in-1 Grass and Hedge Trimmer on white background

Best Portable Hedge Trimmer

  • Combine grooming your grass and trimming your bushes in one product
  • Interchangeable blades without the need to buy extra tools
  • Light, miniature and durable design that you can store everywhere
  • Avoid injuries with the 2-way switch lock safe operation
4 Bosch Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer being used on a tall hedge
2 Stage Safety Start Trigger System
4.7 /5

Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

  • Reach taller hedges up to 2.6m ladder-free with the telescopic pole
  • Electronic anti-blocking system to perfect your laser cut
  • Work without strain by using the shoulder strap included
  • Cut from any angle with the pivoting cutting head that tilts up to 145°
5 man using Terratek Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer on tall hedge
Initial Assembly & Functional Test Done
4.7 /5

Top Battery Performance

  • Slice through the thickest branches with dual-action steel blades
  • Perform smooth hedging with the 20V powerful motor
  • Charge your hedge trimmer in just an hour with double lithium-ion batteries
  • Reach up to 2.4m with the adjustable pole hedge trimmer
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6 man wearing goggles using Makita Cordless LXT Hedge Trimmer on small hedge
Anti-Blocking System
4.6 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Protect your hand with its anti-vibration system that absorbs the vibration from the blade
  • Never lose track of charging with the battery indicator
  • Only powers on when two-handed operation switch is engaged
  • No disassembly needed for blade cleaning removal
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7 person wearing Bosch gloves using Bosch AHS 55-20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer on a bush
Lightweight Ergonomic Design
4.6 /5

Top Quality Hedge Trimmer

  • Less strain on arms and shoulders thanks to its ergonomic handling
  • Cut through hedges in one sweep with advanced Quick-Cut technology
  • Anti-blocking system to make the trimming of thicker branches faster
  • Diamond ground blades to perfect your clean cuts
Best Quality Ribbon
8 woman using Flymo SimpliCut Cordless Hedge Trimmer on small hedge
Stain-Free Shear Blade Surface
4.6 /5

Best Lightweight Option

  • Work your garden hassle-free with this 2.1kg lightweight trimmer
  • Check the battery left through the built-in charging port LED indicator
  • Neat finishes with cutting speeds up to 2400c/m
  • Trim your garden comfortably without restrictions of a power cord
9 woman using Kärcher 18-45 Cordless Hedge Trimmer on small hedge
Counter Rotating Blades
4.6 /5

Best Precision Trimming

  • 18mm wide cuts to prune and sculpt your hedges precisely
  • Clear-cut your hedging with 45cm diamond ground blades
  • See your battery’s runtime anytime on the LED display indicator
  • Keeps you safe from accidental powering on with a two-hand safety system
10 Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer on white background
Central Trigger
4.4 /5

Top Petrol Fuel Choice

  • Cut all types of hedges with the powerful 600W motor
  • Multi-position rear handle for ergonomic cutting on sides and tops of hedges
  • Don’t disrupt the neighbours day or night due to low noise operation
  • Keep your blade dust-free with the blade cover included
A green ribbon about noise cancellation

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Feeling on Edge? Get a Hedge Trimmer!

Gardens and homeowners have a love-hate relationship, and there’s only one reason for it: maintenance. We all want to have a garden with flowers, bushes, hedges and a topiary. Nobody wants to deal with cleaning, though. Especially if you have to reach high to cut some branches or trim some hedges. You will need a ladder, some hefty garden tools and a lot of patience. And yes, lawn mowers are unique, but we can’t use them to trim a small hedge or tall hedge. Not to mention those things are heavy!

Don’t you wish there was a way to avoid all this manual labour? Well, hedge trimmers are here to make all your wishes come trues as they make gardening light work instead of an unbearable chore. No matter how experienced your hands are, you can’t achieve a laser cut to your hedges the way a hedge trimmer does. Don’t even get us started on the tiny weeds that need picking!

This buying guide will help you find the best hedge trimmer for you and give you all the information you need before completing your purchase.

Why Do I Need A Hedge Trimmer?

Hedge trimmers are a must if you want to keep your hedges clean and in shipshape. A hedge trimmer is an in-between alternative to saws and chainsaws. There are many benefits to owning a hedge trimmer, but the biggest one is time. We’re all swamped in our daily lives, and owning a hedge trimmer can make gardening tasks quicker and more efficient, for that matter! The amount of time it takes for a hedge trimmer to do the job is way less than your manual method. Why would you want to spend all day burning in the heat when you can get your power tools to do the trick?

Imagine having to trim your larger hedges that reach above your fence. A hedge cutter is going to take on the task in no time! A hedge cutter is a hedge trimmer, but for more heavy-duty tasks. And, if your backyard is large enough to need a fair amount of time under the sun to maintain it, you definitely will need this garden tool.

Hedge trimmers are like hair salons. Nobody wants a botched haircut when they can get a professional one. In this case, your hand is the botched haircut. Buying a hedge trimmer will make your tall hedges the talk of the town.

What Type of Hedge Trimmer Should I Buy?

Before you go ahead and buy a hedge trimmer, do some research on the available types. Thankfully, there are only four types to choose from: electric hedge trimmers, cordless hedge trimmers, petrol hedge trimmers, and long reach hedge trimmers. Choosing the right one comes down to your usage needs and how big your backyard is.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are the most affordable and popular choice. They are lightweight, compact and don’t make too much noise. The one negative thing about electric hedge trimmers is that they are corded and need to be close to an outlet or extension cord. That means you have to be very careful not to cut the cord when using your hedge trimmer.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Cordless hedge trimmers give you the liberty to use them even further away from an outlet. Unlike corded electric hedge trimmers, cordless ones run on lithium-ion batteries. Cordless hedge trimmers are comfortable, ergonomic and more powerful than corded ones. But they cost a bit more. Also, you might have to change their batteries often, depending on your use.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Petrol hedge trimmers are heavy-duty hedge cutters that do the heavy lifting of trimming. They can cut through all hedges and can even cut through thick branches. Their most significant difference compared to electric or cordless hedge trimmers is that petrol models run on fuel. With that comes added maintenance that makes it a more expensive power tool. Petrol hedge trimmers are a top power source for even the hardest to trim weeds or branches.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Long reach hedge trimmers are the best hedge trimmers for hard to reach areas like tall ledges or larger hedges. They are the safest option to get to those areas that would otherwise need a ladder. With a power tool like this, all you have to do is extend the rod, and the blade cuts through those tall ledges. Keep in mind that the blade is longer, and you won’t feel it as close as other kinds of trimmers, though. Long reach hedge trimmers are ergonomic and protect you from getting into uncomfortable positions.

10 Features To Look For When Buying a Hedge Trimmer

Since hedge trimmers are pretty sharp objects, it’s good to review what features are best before buying. The best hedge trimmers are the safest ones so take some time to look for the features listed below.

1. Tooth Spacing

Tooth spacing makes your hedge cutter squeeze through even the thicker branches or weeds. A wider tooth spacing is a better power source for hard to cut thicker branches. An average tooth spacing of about 15-20mm is good enough for annual garden cleanups. If you are hedging more than just privets and small bushes, look out for tooth spacing.

2. Blade Length

A hedge trimmer’s blade length helps you make hedging light work. A longer one cuts through more branches at once. Nevertheless, it is harder to control because of its size. For smaller hedges, blade length is not as important. But larger hedges need a longer one.

3. Hand Guard

Handguards are a safety feature that all garden tools should have. A handguard protects your hands from getting too close to the hedge trimmer’s teeth. It also prevents the cuttings from clumping close to you. An excellent accessory to have, especially for those bushy hedges with lots of cuttings falling off.

4. Blade Guard

A blade guard is a protective cover to put on your cutting blade for safety when storing. A blade guard also keeps the blade’s teeth sharp. It isn’t an accessory that you will use when the hedge trimmer is on, but any power tool should be well-kept when off too.

5. Tip Protector

A tip protector keeps the top part of the blade in tip-top shape (no pun intended). Tip protectors are small bars that prevent the cutting blade tip from wear and tear when working close to the wall or ground. You can also use the tip protector when working close to walls to avoid damaging your power tool.

6. Catcher Plate

Catcher plates are attachable to the hedge trimmer and catch the trimmings from your cutting blade. A catcher plate is a convenient tool that makes cleaning up more straightforward and on the spot. No need to chase after trims all over your garden anymore!

7. Revolving Rear Handle

If you want ease of motion, a revolving rear handle is a must for your hedge trimmer. The best hedge trimmers have rotating rear handles that help hedging horizontally and vertically. This added feature makes your work more ergonomic and makes reaching all the nooks and crannies a piece of cake.

8. Front Handle Wrap Around

A front handle wrap around helps you switch from horizontal to vertical cutting, hassle-free. The handle has a switch that changes the direction of the cutting blade in seconds. It’s also worth mentioning that it makes handling the grip much more comfortable to use in all directions.

9. Voltage and Battery Life

A higher volt equals a better power tool. Electric hedge trimmers that use high voltage lithium-ion batteries cut through thicker branches with ease. They also have a better runtime between charges and a longer lifetime. Hedge trimmers are replacing their batteries with higher voltage ones up to 80V.

The average battery runtime of a hedge trimmer is about 20 minutes. Fully recharging takes an average of 3-5 hours, but some newer models have quick charging in an hour.

10. Battery Indicator

This last feature is a bonus for your hedge trimmer. Battery indicators help you see how much runtime your current battery charge has left. Some battery indicators are LED powered, which is very useful when the sun is reflecting on the indicator’s screen. A battery indicator is beneficial for anyone with a large garden that needs tending for a long while. That way, you can plan and get the work done without having to rely on your charger.

How Much Should I Spend For A Hedge Trimmer?

Affordable Choices

Hedge trimmers can be an inexpensive power tool that brings value to your gardening. The cheapest option if you’re on a tight budget is an electric hedge trimmer. The one downside is that it’s corded, but you can find low-priced electric hedge trimmers for only £30. A garden that has a few small hedges can manage well with an electric hedge trimmer.

Cordless hedge trimmers have added benefits for a slightly higher price. You can find reliable options in the £50-100 range. Cordless hedge trimmers are battery operated and might need battery replacements as an added expense. But, these power tools are an excellent choice for larger gardens without the need for extension cords.

High-End Choices

Petrol hedge trimmers and long reach hedge trimmers are options on the pricier side of the scale. Petrol hedge trimmers run on fuel, which is an added expense. The middle range for these is about £150. Naturally, they are bulkier and require more upkeep. If you want a cutting blade that will go through thick branches, such a power tool will be a pro-choice. Long reach hedge trimmers are ideal for those hard to reach tall or large hedges.

How To Choose The Right Size Hedge Trimmer?

Choosing the right size hedge trimmer is a matter of personal preference. The size of your hedge should be the first indicator to pick the best hedge trimmer. For small hedges, an electric hedge trimmer works well.

If you hate corded tools and want to go cordless, the best cordless hedge trimmers offer flexibility. A large or tall hedge is bound to need the help of a long-reach hedge trimmer. Finally, if you want a vital power source, a petrol hedge trimmer might be the right choice for you.

What Size Blade Do I Need?

The cutting blade size of your hedge trimmer makes a difference depending on the hedge sizes. The ideal blade size for small hedges and privets is a 40cm blade or smaller. Larger hedges need at least a 45cm blade, while thick branches benefit from a 50cm blade. The bigger a blade size, the more hedges it cuts through, too.

Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Thick Branches?

Yes, hedge trimmers can cut through thick branches. However, not all blade sizes can cut through thick branches. Larger cutting blades with wider tooth spacing find less resistance. Usually, petrol hedge trimmers are a better power source to chainsaw through thick branches.

Final Thoughts

The best hedge trimmers are out there waiting for you to buy them. Unlike lawn mowers, hedge trimmers help you reach areas horizontally and vertically. They are a handy garden tool to have for those weeds and protruding branches sticking out. Your hedges will look like a professional gardener tended them! You won’t have to grab a ladder next time you have to reach for that tall hedge.

Our buying guide gave you some insight into the best hedge trimmers and the features they should have. Use it to your benefit to make the perfect choice for you!

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