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Best 10 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

As Of September 2021

Embrace your inner adventurer and satisfy that lust for exploration! Paddleboarding is a super entertaining water sport that can give you hours of fun. All you need is one of the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Inflate it and enjoy the sea!

From fitness and adventure to enlightenment and self-discovery! Cover long distances! An inflatable SUP board will take you there like a boss! Do you want to find out more?
Check our guide!

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1 FBSPORT Inflatable SUP with accessories on white background

FBSPORT Inflatable SUP

Detachable Seat
4.8 /5

Best Inflatable SUP Overall

  • Suitable for cruising, fitness or fishing no matter your level
  • Ready to hit the water in 5 minutes - deflates in 3
  • Large weight capacity makes it perfect for all kinds of users
  • With many accessories like a backpack, an action pump, paddles, etc.
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3 Tigerxbang SUP Board Stand Up Paddle Board o white background

Tigerxbang Inflatable SUP Board

Rapid Inflate
4.7 /5

Perfect for 2 people standing at the board simultaneously

  • Stable & safe for all skill levels - from beginners to advanced users
  • Extra safety & grip due to its diamond grooved deck
  • Store your things to its straps while paddling
  • Stable driving & performance thanks to its durable design
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8 Bestway Hydro-force SUP on white background

Bestway Hydro-force SUP

Kayak Conversion Kit
4.4 /5

Ideal for Transporting

  • Stay safe at all times with its non-slip traction pad
  • Convert it into a kayak in minutes by attaching the seat & footrest
  • Move it around with the deck handle as it's super lightweight
  • Ideal for bigger adults too as it can light up to 120kgs
3 AQUA SPIRIT Inflatable SUP on white background


Rapid Inflate
4.7 /5

Ideal for Waterproof Phone Case

  • A match for any skill level from beginners to advanced paddleboarders
  • Ensure you always stay on top thanks to its grooved footbed
  • Jump in the water faster by inflating it with the pump that has a built-in pressure gauge
  • Versatile to use as a kayak too
5 AQUA SPIRIT iSUP inflatable paddleboard on a white background


Hybrid All Round
4.5 /5

High-Quality & Stable Board

  • Cut through choppy water with its narrow pointed nose
  • Easy maneuverability thanks to its center fin which is backed up by 2 smaller ones
  • Adjust the SUP paddles to suit your needs & get comfortable
  • With a 2-year warranty and a top-quality bonus wetsuit
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6 FAYEAN Inflatable SUP on white background

FAYEAN Inflatable SUP

Tri-Tech Material
4.5 /5

Top Pick For Extra Wide Deck

  • Save money as it comes with a paddle, waterproof case & other accessories
  • Store & transport it conveniently in the included backpack
  • Simple for any age group to use with 3 extra detachable fins
  • Stay on even when the water's rough thanks to its wide deck
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7 AQUAPLANET PACE SUP inflatable paddleboard on a white background


Wide Deck
4.4 /5

Fast Inflate & Deflate

  • Brilliant build-quality can handle flat water & choppy sea conditions
  • Perfect for beginners, intermediates & heavier paddleboarders
  • Inflate & use it in only 10 mins with its manual pump
  • Comes with everything you need - from ankle leash to repair kit
9 AQUAPLANET ALLROUND TEN SUP on white background


Telescopic Paddle
4.4 /5

Best for All Ages

  • Perfect for yoga, fishing, touring, snorkelling & recreational paddling at the water
  • Inflate it quicker than ever with the handy air pump
  • Suitable for all kids of paddleboarders due to the extra-wide design
  • Save money with its variety of accessories
3 Aquaplanet MAX SUP inflatable paddleboard on a white background

Aquaplanet MAX SUP

Rapid Inflate
4.7 /5

Ultra-Tough Drop Stitch For Choppy Waters

  • Stable & safe for all skill levels - from beginners to advanced users
  • Perfect for travelling as you can store it in its dry bag and go
  • Inflating it is super easy & fast with the dual-action pump
  • Worry-free purchase with a one-year warranty for safety
6 Portofino Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board on white background

Portofino Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Tri-Tech Material
4.5 /5

Best Choice for Starter Kit

  • Unleash your inner water sports fan as it has great stability & tracking
  • Carry it anywhere with you are it is lightweight
  • Inflate conveniently by using the included pump
  • Stay safe & never lose your SUP by wearing the coil leash
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Stand Up Paddleboarding? More Like The Ultimate Exploring Experience!

If you have a thirst for adventure and exploration, stand-up paddleboarding is a wonderful way to follow your passion. Perhaps you want to improve your fitness? Or, maybe you simply want to become more mindful? From tranquil yoga in the ocean to adrenaline-fuelled wave riding in the rapids, there’s a paddleboard to suit your needs.

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs) are extremely versatile. Depending on what type of inflatable SUP you get, you can surf, race, or cruise along a lake, an ocean, or a river. Unlike hard board SUPs, inflatable stand-up paddleboards can take you from land to water in a matter of minutes.

Take them to the beach, to the lake, or on that long hike to a remote location! Inflatable SUPs are lightweight and easily roll up into a backpack or sports bag. You can quickly inflate and deflate them and they won’t take up lots of storage space either. Perfect for long trips by foot, or for carrying on public transportation where space is limited. 

 But which iSUP is best for you? You might feel a little overwhelmed with the numerous option that you see every single day. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place! This guide has all the information you’re going to need to make the right decision. Just stick with us and learn everything about these little miracles!

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Inflatable Paddleboard?

If you’re wondering why should you give them a chance, then it’s time to have a look at all the benefits that iSUPs have! And they’re quite a lot!

1. They Are More Durable

If you don’t know what kind of SUP you want to go for, then hear this! Regular SUPs are extremely prone to damage while Inflatable ones can withstand almost everything. They are made from heavy-duty materials and have tough outer skin. Plus, the PVC that is used, is really resistant to cuts and punctures. Get a worry-free product that will last a lifetime.

2. They Are Portable

No need to worry about taking it with you on vacation and trips. When an iSUP is deflated, it can fit into a backpack (which most of the time comes with it). Roll it up like a sleeping bag and carry it with you super easily.

3. Easy Storage

Along with the whole portable thing, iSUPs are very easily stored as well. As mentioned before, they take up as much space as a sleeping bag or a big blanket. You won’t face any troubles while trying to keep them stored as you would have with a hard board type.

4. They Are Budget-Friendly

Another thing that you need to consider if you’re thinking about what type suits you best, is the price. Inflatable SUPs are less expensive. In case you need to repair yours, they are once more, less expensive. Oh, and they are less expensive when it comes to maintenance! Just keep in mind that they are less expensive in everything!

5. They Are Safer

They do have a rigid design to keep you stable but if by any chance you fall on them, you’ll realize that they absorb the bump and work as a cushion. That’s what makes them safer and a better option for beginners and families with children.

What Can You Do With An Inflatable Paddleboard?

The real question is… “What can’t you do with an iSUP”! It’s true that the way they’re designed is perfect for many kinds of activities. That’s why people love them after all! Here’s a list of the most popular things that you can do with one:

  • Go fishing
  • Workout (do yoga or pilates)
  • Surf
  • Do whitewater or river paddleboarding
  • Race others
  • Go touring or for excursions 
  • Paddle with your kids or your pet
  • Take it with you while camping
  • Take it with you while hiking as well
  • Have an adventure travel
  • Bring your friends with you for a multi-paddling experience
  • Try windsurfing

What Type Of Inflatable Paddleboards Suit You?

So, have you thought about all the amazing things that you can do with your iSUP? Keep thinking about them! Once you know what you’re looking for, take a look at the different types that are available right now. Find the one that suits your needs!

All-Around SUPs

As you can imagine, this type of paddleboard is designed for a variety of different activities. A multi-purpose option that most people prefer, so they can enjoy whatever comes to their mind. If you’re not looking for a specific type, then this is the ideal option for you.

Touring SUPs

If you’re interested in long-distance paddling, then you should consider this one. Keep in mind that when you’re staying in water for long periods of time and you cover a long distance, then efficient glide is your priority. Don’t fall into the trap of speed.

Racing SUPs

To reach higher speeds, you need an iSUP that’s sleep and narrow. Don’t waste your time looking for comfort and convenience features such as cargo tie-downs. They aren’t a priority in this type of paddleboards.

Whitewater SUPs

They tend to be very durable so they can withstand specific water conditions. Some of them are running down rapids or surfing on river waves. They aren’t exactly like the surfing type but they have some similarities.

Surfing SUPs

This type of board is shorter than the all-around type and are shaped slightly differently for better manoeuvering when it comes to ocean and sea waves. If you don’t want one for surfing only, then an all-around one can cover this need of yours.

Yoga SUPs

If you love working out while being at the ocean, sea or lake, then this kind of iSUP is what you really need. They are wider and more stable so you can have a yoga session on the plush deck pad without any trouble.

Fishing SUPs

Another type that’s also stable and wider than most. They come with a variety of storing fittings so you can keep your fishing equipment or any other kind of gear.

What To Look For When Buying An Inflatable Paddleboard

Inflatable Paddleboards come with different features that you need to check before finding the best option for you. This guide will give you all the details. Have a look!

Build Quality

When looking for an iSUP, you need to be sure about the quality of the materials. Find one that comes with drop-stitch material and military-grade PVC which will be by your side for many years. Don’t fall into the trap of really cheap products of low-quality. They won’t give you a great experience and they might get on your nerves. Plus, they can’t be inflated to high-pressures which leads to poor performance.


There are some products that are wider than others. This makes them more stable so it’s a great option for a beginner or a child. They are measured in inches most of the time so 32” is a great starting point if you go for an all-around iSUP. Now if you want an even wider option you can find something between 33-35”. Just keep in mind that you’ll sacrifice a little bit of mobility while gaining more stability.


Once again, think about it in inches! Thicker ones are stiffer and ride higher when in the water. This extra thickness helps if you need to stay dry while paddling which is really good when the water is very cold! If on the other hand, want to chase the waves, then go for a thinner option at 4-5” for a greater surfing experience.


Almost every product comes with a wide variety of accessories. Some of them offer you much more than you could ever ask for. This, not only helps you start your adventures right away, but it also saves you from extra expenses. The air pump is a good example! But, if you want to avoid manual labour and get an electric pump, chances are that you will buy it as an extra.


There are some products that offer you the basic. A one-year warranty is still better than no warranty at all! High-end products can provide you with a 3-year warranty and great customer service that can be by your side whenever you face any kind of trouble.

To Sum Up

What are you waiting for? If you’re an adventurer or an explorer of nature, then this is your time to shine! Take it to the next level and create beautiful memories with the people you love. Spending time in the water, either it’s the sea or a lake, is one of the most freeing things that you can enjoy. With the best inflatable paddleboards you can have hours of fun while doing some self-discovery. Our guide has all the information and insights that you’re going to need. Check our top 10 picks and find the best one for you.

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