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Best 10 Inflatable Water Slides

As Of March 2021

Summer is here and everyone loves to get into the water! Your kids are no exception! Inflatable water slides are the way to keep them happy!

Wouldn’t you want them to have the perfect recreation while staying inside the house instead of taking them out every time? You should definitely give these slides a try!
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1 Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Park inflatable water slide
Slide Climbing Wall Pool All In One
4.9 /5

Weight: 30.7kg, Dimensions: 420x320x260cm, Recommended age: 5+ years, Water spray included

  • Six kids can fit in at the same time
  • Material used is PVC coated polyester making it durable
  • Inflator included that inflates it in less than 2 minutes
  • Added safety by a special mesh safety wall at the top of the climbing wall
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2 BestParty Dinosaur Inflatable Waterslide
Inflatable Rock Wall Leading To Jumping Area
4.9 /5

Weight: 27.7kg, Dimensions: 365.8x365.8x231.6cm, Recommended age: 3-10 years, Water spray not included

  • Can be conveniently carried everywhere inside the carrying bag included
  • Heavy-duty blower can be used for easy and quick inflation and deflation
  • Puncture-proof material used to increase strength
  • Slide ends at a large splashing pool
3 Costway Inflatable Bouncy Castle water slide in a garden
A Variety of Activities All In One
4.8 /5

Weight: 11kg, Dimensions: 365x255x245cm, Recommended age: 3-10 years, Water spray not included

  • Safe material used for kids to play in that is non-toxic
  • Can be used with water in summers and without water in winters
  • It will last longer than others due to the double sewing design
  • Electric blower can be safely turned on and off even when wet
4 BeBop Splash Mountain Inflatable Water Slide in a garden
Largest Inflatable Water Slide In UK
4.8 /5

Weight: 29kg, Dimensions: 670x215x330cm, Recommended age: 3-10 years, Water spray included

  • Blower fan, anchor pegs, storage kit and repair kit included so that nothing needs to be purchased separately
  • Original product meets EN71 standards
  • Pin holes present to relieve pressure points
  • Electric fan included
5 BeBop Neptune Towers Inflatable Water Slide in a garden
Safety Standards Followed
4.7 /5

Weight: 26kg, Dimensions: 420x300x230cm, Recommended age: 3+ years, Water spray included

  • Extra-large splash pool to accommodate many kids at the same time
  • Can be inflated within a few minutes making set-up easy
  • Twin slides with a climbing wall and water cannon for more fun
  • With electric fan, storage bag, anchor pegs, water tubing & repair kit
6 Tobogani Water Park Paddling Pool inflatable water slide in a garden
Climbing Tower Curved Slide Paddling Pool All In One
4.6 /5

Weight: 18.9kg, Dimensions: 400x310x230cm, Recommended age: 3+ years, Water spray not included

  • Easily inflated in just 90 seconds
  • Compact design making it easy to carry
  • Can be fixed to garden hose for non-stop fun
  • Double-stitched nylon fabric seams make it super durable
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7 Bestway H2OGO Turbo Splash Inflatable Mega Bouncy Castle water slide

Weight: 21.7kg, Dimensions: 365x320x270cm, Recommended age: 5+ years, Water spray included

  • Can be inflated in less than 2 minutes
  • Water gun for added fun that can be used to spray water on others
  • Dumping bucket randomly keeps pouring water on the slide
  • Wall with three handles and five steps to make it easy to climb
8 Intex Water Games Centre With Slide with some kids playing
Fun Design For Little Kids
4.5 /5

Weight: 4.5kg, Dimensions: 175x74x323cm, Recommended age: 3+ years, Water spray included

  • Two pools with a slide in between
  • Safety ensured with side bars and padded base
  • Repair patch design with extra strength
  • Pop-up drain and air chambers incorporated in design
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9 Denny Shop H2OGO Kids Inflatable Constant Air Splash water slide
Entertainment & Safety Together
4.4 /5

Weight: 18.7kg, Dimensions: 336x337x241cm, Recommended age: 5-10 years, Water spray not included

  • Can be inflated in less than 2 minutes
  • Dumping bucket dumps water randomly as a surprise
  • PVC coated polyester material used for construction
  • Blower, ground stakes and shoe holder mesh all included
10 Denny Shop H2OGO Hydrostorm Splash Kids inflatable water slide
Entertainment & Safety Together
4.3 /5

Weight: 21.5kg, Dimensions: 365x320x270cm, Recommended age: 5-10 years, Water spray included

  • Gets inflated in less than 2 minutes
  • Wall with three handles and five steps to make it easy to climb
  • Water blaster gun to make your friends wet whenever you want
  • PVC coated polyester material used for construction

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Inflatable Water Slides

  • Can be inflated in less than 2 minutes using the inflator included
  • Features a slide, a climbing wall and a pool all in one
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The Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Park features a water slide, a climbing tunnel, and a pool all at one place for kids to get excited and forget their boredom. This castle can get inflated in less than 2 minutes using a 220-240 V inflator so you can easily set it up whenever kids ask for it without any hassle.

It is large enough to accommodate 6 kids at the same time. For older kids who already have the practice to climb walls can enjoy the extra grips and support points on the climbing wall for a challenging climbing experience. After climbing the chances of falling are reduced by the safety mesh walls. A water spray is included which keeps the kids cool and calm in extremely hot weather. A repair patch is also included in case of a puncture.


  • Quick set-up
  • Durable material
  • Durable PVC coated polyester used


  • Not safe for kids without adult supervision
  • Not safe for kids under five years of age
  • Heavy
  • It has an inflatable rock wall that leads to the jumping area
  • It features two curved slides and a pool making it a water park
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The BestParty Dinosaur Inflatable Waterslide is a combination of slides, a pool, a jumping area, a climbing wall all in one. Motor skills of kids will improve by using the heavy-duty grips at the side of the wall while climbing. The curved water slides will land directly in the pool for endless splashing fun. A continuous, heavy-duty blower can be used to inflate this water park wherever you want without much effort.

Materials used for the pool and the bouncing area are best chosen for durability of the water park to increase and for it to be puncture free. The slides remain slippery throughout to multiply the fun. Three to four kids can fit in together at the same time. Excessive jumping will not make this water park to becomes less durable soon.


  • Quick inflation and deflation
  • Puncture-proof material
  • Easy to carry in carrying bag


  • Not safe for kids under three years of age
  • Water spray not included
  • Heavy
  • Double sewing design makes it last longer
  • With a climbing wall, a splash pool, and a water cannon
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The Costway Inflatable Bouncy Castle gives a number of play areas in one great jumping castle. Motor skills get developed due to the required physical activity inside which means it isn’t just leisure time for the kids but it benefits them as well. The manufacturers have made sure not to compromise on the safety of kids while designing the features best-suited to entertain kids.

A water pipe is included to fill water inside when one wishes to make themselves wet. At other times it can be used as a dry castle as well. A safety net wall allows maximum ventilation and minimum risk of accidents at the sides of the climbing wall. It also enables parents to look at their kids while playing for increased safety measures.


  • Non-toxic and water-resistant material
  • Covered switch of electric blower for safety
  • Lightweight making set-up easier


  • Blower needs to run continuously
  • Not suitable for kids under 6 years of age
  • No water spray included

Create your own Water Park at Home!

On a hot summer day when you just need a break from the household chores and some quiet time, many times all you can hear is chaos, and your kids repeatedly asking you for new things to do. Inflatable water slides are the perfect solution for their boredom.

Not only will they have fun right in front of your eyes, but you will also get some time to yourself without having the guilt of not satisfying your kids. You can easily set up the slide and create a healthy play environment within the boundaries of your home.

Why Give Inflatable Water Slides A Chance?

Water play is one of the most favorite kinds of leisure and most popular amongst toddlers. They want to get into the water all the time. So why not create a water park for them in the comfort of your home? Save timemoney, and energy and no need anymore to take them out to look for one every time they nag you for it.

Especially those who want some time to themselves at home, whether it is for household chores or for any job that they do remotely, inflatable water slides are ideal. You can save a lot of money by investing in it only once instead of paying for it every time you visit a water park.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Inflatable Water Slide?

Companies have come up with various models with different features so that you can choose whichever slide suits you the most. Some models have only slight differences which can get confusing when you are trying to choose which one to buy. You need to carefully see what you need before making the purchase.

Inflatable water slides are becoming popular by the day considering the ease that they bring in your life. It is a combination of outdoor fun and staying at home. If you don’t feel like stepping out but your kids love to, such a slide would add convenience to your daily routine. No need to feel stressed anymore!

Some slide designs incorporate structures like a bouncer and a climbing wall in a creative way, yet others have multiple slides in the same design. Some have a sprayer included while others have a drain plug to make the process of draining out the water easier. The manufacturers have made sure to take into account different preferences before designing these slides.

More features obviously mean more money. But don’t feel overwhelmed and buy anything in pressure. You don’t need to have all the features in your slide, you only need those that you know your kids will truly enjoy and you will appreciate as well. We can look for the perfect inflatable water slide for you right away only if you agree on buying one!

Always Think About...

  • To make sure you are benefitting the most from your slide, you need to check how many kids would be playing inside simultaneously. Some slides have a larger capacity than others. You would want all kids to get busy at the same time. While you don’t want to purchase a slide smaller than you need, you also don’t need to spend extra money by buying one that is larger than your actual requirement.
  • Every slide mentions for what ages it is recommended. They are made safe for the age group they mention and it can get dangerous if younger kids get inside to play. Similarly, damage can occur to the slide if older kids start playing on the slide. You need to make sure that what you are buying is age-appropriate.
  • You should see the dimensions of the slide and then determine if you have enough space to set it up. There should be ample space for kids to play but you don’t want to compromise on the space you would need for other tasks. If the place becomes too stuffed, the environment will not feel as relaxing as it can be.

Think carefully before making the purchase. No one else can tell your requirements as accurately as you know yourself. Once you know what sort of a slide will suit you the best, check out our guide for detailed featuresadvantages, and disadvantages of the most popular slides out there. You will thank us later on!

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