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As Of March 2021

Who would not want to spend a nice afternoon in the cool water, exploring nature and chasing the sun while you relax, sipping your favourite drink? Wondering how to do so?

Well, a kayak is all you need. A good quality kayak is a perfect choice for these escapades. You get to exercise, explore places in lakes, ocean or rivers and do some fishing too. Some time off in the water is more than just a relaxing activity.
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1 Intex Explorer K2 kayak with two people enjoying the sea
Grab Line sand Handles
4.8 /5

Best Kayak Overall

  • Get on the kayak hassle-free with its 2 grab lines & handles on both sides
  • High visibility & safety in the water due to its bright yellow colour
  • Sit comfortably & enjoy thanks to its 2 inflated seats
  • Take the fun of kayaking anywhere you want
A blue ribbon about the Best 10 Rated choice
2 Intex Challenger Kayak in the water
Multiple Chambers
4.7 /5

Top Inflatable Kayak Option

  • Enjoy a day trip as a single kayaker with this top kayak
  • High durability making it ideal for both river & sea activity
  • Ultimate control to where you’re going with its skegs at the underside
  • Keep your belonging in its cargo net & enjoy extra storage space
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3 Bestway BW65115 kayak being used by a woman
Quick Release Valves
4.7 /5

Ideal for One Kayaker

  • Quick-release valves for draining any water that gets into the kayak
  • Better tracking thanks to its removable fins at the bottom
  • Convenient kayaking with its adjustable seat with backrest
  • Take it anywhere with you thanks to its wraparound grab rope
4 Intex K2 Challenger kayak with two people having fun

Top Choice for Calm Waters

  • Perfect for kayakers who love lakes & mild rivers
  • Feel secure as it’s can be spotted from afar in case of an emergency
  • Inflatable kayak ready to enjoy in just a few minutes
  • Super comfortable for hours of fun with its inflatable seats with backrest
5 Riber One Person Sit on Top Kayak in the water
Convertible Kayak
4.6 /5

Ideal for Flat Water

  • The go-to kayak pack for first time kayakers
  • Keep your things protected while paddling in its storage hatches
  • Let the cup holder hold your beer while you’re enjoying the surroundings
  • Great as a fishing kayak too due to its high versatility
for beginners ribbon
6 Andes Inflatable/Blow Up Kayak/Canoe With Paddle on white background

Best Budget Kayak

  • Live your next adventure with friends & family without breaking the bank
  • This inflatable kayak is ready to go within minutes
  • High durability, made to be enjoyed for a long time
  • Carrying it is a walk in the park, as it's so lightweight & comes with a bag
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
7 Aqua Marina Memba Professional Kayak in the water

Top Choice for Maneuverability

  • Excellent manoeuvring thanks to its high-efficiency fin system
  • Ease of using velcro paddle holders on the side tubes
  • High-quality built so you can enjoy it for years
  • Comfortable with spongy cushion seats & storage area
Pros choice product ribbon
8 Aqua Marina Tomahawk Kayak in the water

Top Choice for Adventurers

  • For big adventures with paddlers able to make quick & stable turns
  • Feel safe while paddling thanks to its stability
  • Ready for use in just 15 minutes
  • Efficient even at higher speeds to get your adrenaline pumping
9 Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak in the water

Best for Removable Seats

  • Excellent for river & sea kayakers
  • Drain any water that gets into the kayak by its integrated draining valve
  • Have ultimate control with its durable pair of oars & removable fin
  • Sit-in kayak to enjoy alone or with friends with its 2 removable seats
Ideal Gift Ribbon
10 Bestway Kayak Kit Ventura in the lake
Velcro Attachments
4.5 /5

Ideal for Durability

  • Built to last for years to come as it’s sun, oil & sea salt resistant
  • For your day trips with plenty of storage space with storage hatches
  • Excellent maneuverability with 2 removable fins & a rail
  • Worry-free usage with a 200kg weight capacity

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Paddle away in the waters with a kayak!

Some people love hiking others love chasing nature trails in forests. Others love sailing through the waters and exploring what the lakes and rivers have to offer while relaxing or fishing. If you are in the latter category, the best kayak is all you need to ensure you get the best out of your time out there.

If you are here, we know you love being out there in the waters. And you have come to the right place where you can choose a kayak that suits your style. So pick one and get ready to explore the rivers, lakes or even oceans of the world.

Why do you need a Kayak?

You do not need thousands of dollars to afford a fancy boat or even a million to buy a yacht, so you enjoy some time alone or with a loved one in the water. You do not even need that much money so you can go out fishing on a beautiful day!

A kayak will give you a chance to do this, and at an affordable price. If you get an inflatable one, which has high portability, you can always have it in your car, so you never miss an opportunity to explore the waters. Some kayaks can even withstand water rapids of up to Class IV, meaning you can be in the water when the weather is not very calm and not too rough.

What types of kayaks Suit You?

There are two types of kayaks to consider before you buy one: The sit-on kayak and the traditional sit-in kayak. What’s the difference?

  • Sit-on Kayak

They are primarily recreational kayaks, perfect for lakes and smooth flowing rivers. They can also be great as sea kayaks and they are often spotted on warm coastal waters. For this type of kayak, the paddlers sit on top of the kayak. Since they are not enclosed you can easily get in and out of the kayak compared to the traditional one, even on deep waters.

It’s an excellent choice for people having fun times around the lakehouse with kids, friends and family. Lastly, they serve greatly as fishing kayaks, as many include rod holders to make your fishing day trip even more enjoyable.

  • Sit-in Kayak

They are more than recreational kayaks, as they are mostly day touring kayaks, awesome for big adventures in the river, lakes even oceans. They have more speed, track straight and many models come with storage areas, making them ideal for paddling to your destination. Many come with bungee cords, which offers extra storage space for your personal belongings. They are also a good choice if you love the outdoor adventure in cooler temperatures, as they are very comfortable in cool air and water.

In this type of kayak, the paddlers are enclosed within it, and sprayskirts can be used to keep the water away and your body dry. An excellent choice for adventurers who love the rough waters as this type gives you more control and maneuverability compared to the sit-on type.

Other than these basic types of kayaks, there are more types based on where you plan to use them and your budget. Let’s break them down in simple words:

  • Fishing Kayaks

They come in various budgets, from low to expensive, and they are great for lakes, rivers and bays with flat waters. Their trademarks are the rod holders and storage hatches that are ideal for storing your fishes.

  • Inflatable Kayaks

An ideal choice for their portability and comfort. They are great for rivers, lakes and bays at very affordable prices. Some of them you can even carry into your backpack! They do require some effort to inflate and deflate them, but the space you gain in storing and transporting is well worth it.

  • Tandem Kayaks

You need a mid-range budget to get your hands on them. So, if you are up to this and you love sharing your kayak on lakes, rivers and bays, this one is for you. If socialising is part of your kayaking experience, then this type is for you.

  • Recreational Kayaks

They can be found at low to mid-range prices, and they are great for casual paddlers and dog lovers! Ys, you can bring your four-legged friend on a lake or river adventure. If you like paddling in calm waters and enjoy the sceneries, then this one is perfect for you!

  • Touring Kayaks

If you are an intermediate or advanced paddler, you will enjoy this type of kayaks the most. They start from mid-range prices to high-end. They are longer in length and more difficult to manoeuvre, but it has higher speeds in open water as it glides easier, perfect for covering longer distances. So, do you enjoy taking longer paddling trips? Then, consider this one as your next kayak purchase.

  • Whitewater Kayaks

Just as their name implies they are designed to handle waves and rapids best of all. If you seek the thrill of rough waters, then this is the one for you! They are shorter than other types to be easy to manoeuvre and some even have a flat bottom, making them excellent for ocean kayaks to surf the waves just as surfers do.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Kayak?

We know getting the perfect kayak can be challenging. There are many decisions to make to ensure you’ll enjoy your time out in the water and still keep safe in case of any emergencies. Touring through the waters, even only for sceneries or fishing has changed over the years. From boats to canoes and now kayaks that can get you through lakes, rivers, and coasts. Why a kayak? It is easier to transport and even store than most of the water body equipment around. So, let’s check our list of what you need to keep a lookout for:

1. Material

What material is the kayak made of? Most kayaks are made of high-density polyethylene, which is both affordable and durable. Some are made of fiberglass or graphite that can cost a bit extra. But when we talk about inflatable kayaks, then most are made of PVC, nylon or polypropylene, or even feature a combination of these materials. They can also be durable, but also they are very flexible, making them perfect for their portability.

2. Size

Size matters in terms of length and width. Longer and narrow kayaks are faster and travel in a straighter line. A wide and short kayak is more stable and easier to turn but is also slower. For a beginner, a wide and short kayak is best for you. The length also matters, especially for a sit-in kayak. So, ensure the length is comfortable enough for you.

3. Durability

Durability depends on the material of the kayaks. The material needs to be strong and rigid enough to withstand hitting on obstacles like rocks as well as surviving through rough waters. Also, it needs to withstand the sun’s UV rays as you will be spending your time under it most of the times. Polyethylene plastic is cheaper and resistant against abrasion but not strong enough against UV rays. On the other hand, ABS plastic is more expensive but more durable and resistant to UV rays.

4. Weight capacity

This varies between kayaks and will also depend on the number of paddlers the kayak can accommodate. Some kayaks are for only one user, while others are for 2 paddlers. For a higher budget, you can get a kayak for 3 people, too. The weight capacity of the paddler will include the weight of the people in the kayak as well as your cargo. Most kayaks for 2 paddlers have a 160kg to 200kg load capacity, which is plenty for you and some light cargo.

5. Tracking

This refers to the kayaks ability to stay on course on a straight line. Check for fins, skegs, and rudders that can help with the stability of your kayak. This will allow it to move forward without going off course, but it can affect its manoeuvrability. Thankfully, some models come with adjustable mechanisms so that kayakers can enjoy the best of both worlds. You should consider if you want to take a long trip on your kayak or you prefer short adventures on rough waters before making that decision.

Some kayaks feature footrest, so you can be even more comfortable in them and bungees to hold a small cooler for refreshments or dry bags to keep a few things in dry storage. To get into a better position while paddling, others offer foot braces or have padded seats and backrests for added comfort. For worry-free usage, make sure to check for the warranty if there is any.

Always Think About...

So, at this point, it is safe to ask, what kind of paddler are you? Do you seek adventures, or are you looking for calm water to enjoy the sceneries and unwind while you catch up with friends?

No matter your case, the perfect kayak is out there, and it’s waiting for you to find it! Always keep in mind that features aren’t the only thing you should care about. That's why we made this full buying guide, so you will have all the information in your hands to reach the right decision. Don't waste another minute! Come find out which one is the best kayak for you!

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