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Best 10 Mosquito Killers

As Of March 2021

Are mosquitoes buzzing in your ear at night? Are you constantly scratching itchy insect bites? Why not take back control and eliminate annoying bugs forever with a mosquito killer!

There is a wide range of models available for both indoor and outdoor use. They are simple to use and work discreetly in the background. This allows you to work, rest, or play without frustrating interruptions.
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1 VIFLYKOO IKI-812BE mosquito killer on top of some magazines
360-Degree Coverage
4.8 /5

14W Power, 60m² Room Coverage, 1.5M Cord, 1500-1800V Grid

  • Stay protected with complete 360° surround coverage
  • Effective high-voltage grid kills mosquitoes, gnats & moths instantly
  • No-fuss, easy to clean pull out drawer design
  • Lure unsuspecting insects with high-frequency 365NM wavelengths
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2 BACKTURE Mosquito Killer Lamp on a kitchen table
Anti-Shock Design
4.7 /5

18W Power, 60m² Room Coverage, 1.1M Cord, 15000-1800V Grid

  • Long-lasting 5000-8000 hour bulb will keep you protected night or day
  • A non-toxic, smell-free, & eco-friendly high-voltage solution
  • Extremely safe - anti-shock & anti-slip construction
  • Incredibly portable design with convenient carry handle
3 Aspectek Professional Fly Zapper on a garden
CE & RoHS Compliant
4.6 /5

30W Power, 24m² Room Coverage, 1M Cord, 2800V Grid

  • Turn it on & forget about it the with maintenance-free grid
  • Safe CE certified and RoHS compliant insect killer with a protective cage
  • Large surface area provides excellent coverage
  • Easily depose of dead insects with convenient collection tray
4 BASEIN Bug Zapper during night
3 Different Modes
4.6 /5

Lithium Battery, Waterproof, Retractable Hook, LED Lights

  • 3 adjustable modes allow you to deal with every occasion
  • Portable, lightweight, wireless & USB chargeable - take it anywhere!
  • Perfect for camping! IP66 waterproof exterior can be used inside or out
  • Impressive results and easy to be cleaned
5 Seenlast MOSKILLER mosquito killer on a white background
Hinge Tension Grid
4.3 /5

6W Power, 30m² Room Coverage, 1.5M Cord, 2000V Grid

  • Sleep soundly with ultra-quiet operation
  • 0.31” hinge tension grid stops little fingers from getting shocked
  • Simple twist & empty collection tray with brush
  • Magnificent 8000-hours of pure bug zapping power
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6 Aspectek Fly & Insect Killer lighting the dark
Steel Construction
4.5 /5

20W Power, 20-120m² Room Coverage, 0.76M Cord, 2800V Grid

  • Strong protective steel mesh makes it safe for all the family
  • No more mess - self-cleaning grid
  • Easily keep out of reach of children with hanging installation
  • Powerful high-voltage grid catches insects big & small
7 etasche Mosquito Killer hanging from a tree
Amazing Results
4.4 /5

4W Power, 30m² Room Coverage, Cordless, 240V Grid

  • Get protected fast with the simple one-button design
  • 360° design for full coverage no matter the location
  • Waterproof so you can take it anywhere with you
  • Eco-friendly and totally safe for people and pets
8 QXMCOV Mosquito Killer Lamp on a white background
Totally Safe
4.4 /5

4W Power, Small to Medium Room Coverage, 1.2M Cord, 360-degree Coverage

  • Hang it or leave it standing - versatile & convenient installation
  • Super safe and quiet so you can rest assured
  • Efficiently lure & kill flying insects with the UV bulb
  • Quickly empty, wash, dry & replace collection tray with ease
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9 Mayepoo Mosquito Killer on a white background
Low Cost
4.3 /5

5W Power, Small to Medium Room Coverage, 2 Different Modes, Great Design

  • Works amazingly outdoors so it's ideal for campers
  • Low cost, 200 hours of running consume 1 kilowatt
  • Easily keep out of reach of small hands with hanging installation
  • Easy access removable collection tray for hassle-free cleaning
10 WWVVPET Fly Zapper next to a sleeping woman
Compact & Portable
4.2 /5

9W Power, 55m² Room Coverage, 1.5M Cord, 800V Grid

  • Safe plastic design won’t harm pets or children
  • Lure bugs fast with high-intensity UV bulb & 360 nm wavelengths
  • Hang, carry or move thanks to the convenient handle
  • Great coverage, small footprint

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Mosquito Killers

  • Lightweight and portable design with a good-sized power cord
  • A highly efficient mosquito killer with excellent coverage
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Kept up nightly? Harassed by that same annoying buzzing sound that just won’t leave you alone? Don’t suffer needlessly! Eliminate that pesky mosquito quick and easy with the VIFLYKOO insect killer. The 360-degree design provides outstanding protection from a vast array of different sized flying insects – day or night. Simply turn it on and wait for it to work its magic. No more sleepless nights or itchy bites.

With two powerful UV bulbs, the VIFLYKOO discreetly lures in pests with a high-frequency 365NM wavelength not audible to the human ear. No chemicals, no smells, no sound! Just a swift high-voltage zap to get the job done. Use it in the bedroom, kitchen, or office. The lightweight design and long power cable won’t hold you back. The pull-out tray is easy to empty and won’t need replacing like a sticky pad. For unbelievable coverage, you can’t go wrong with the VIFLYKOO insect killer.


  • Long power cord
  • Convenient fold-away handle
  • Stable anti-slip pads on the base


  • Difficult to remove protective cage
  • Loud pop when killing moths & large flies
  • Tray doesn’t catch all dead insects
  • A formidable and safe solution to solve your flying insect problems
  • A high-voltage insect killer that stops bugs in their tracks
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Searching for a fast and efficient way to rid your home of unwanted pests? Then the iRegro Mosquito Killer Lamp is what you need! With an impressive 60m² effective range, you’ll be mosquito-free in no time at all. The straightforward design is easy to set-up. While the built-in carry handle lets you either hang it out of reach or easily move it from room-to-room.

Have kids? Fear not! The high-voltage power grid is safely kept behind an anti-shock cage. The anti-slip bottom is also a nice touch, keeping it in place in case of accidental bumps or knocks. But that’s not all. Because it uses a mix of UV light, wavelengths and electric to lure and kill insects, there’s no harmful chemicals or smells to worry about either. It’s a great option for homes with kids or pets.


  • Two ways to install - Easy plug ‘n’ play
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Powerful & highly effective


  • Power cord is quite short
  • Makes noise killing insects
  • Flies can get stuck in the grate
  • A brilliant option for homes with kids and pets
  • Insects meet their kryptonite with this high-performance zapper
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If you want a versatile mosquito killer that really works, you can’t go wrong with the Aspectek Professional Fly Zapper. Powerful, efficient, and highly effective, it will keep your home, office, or sheltered patio insect-free at the flip of a switch. Hang it, mount it, or leave it freestanding, the Aspectek Professional has you covered. Perfect for that summer evening when it’s too hot to close the windows.

Because it has a large surface area, it’s not limited to just mosquitoes or gnats either. Kill mosquitos, house flies, bluebottles, moths, and irksome crane flies with the impressive 2800V electrical grid. Great for use in the home or in a commercial setting. The convenient collection tray at the bottom of the unit is easy to clean. While the grid is practically maintenance-free. The Aspectek Professional Fly Zapper is an excellent choice to keep flying insects at bay.


  • Grid can handle a variety of insects
  • Freestanding or wall mountable
  • Brilliant coverage


  • Dead insects get stuck in grid
  • Gives off a lot of light
  • A little on the pricey side

Zap Those Pesky Insects With a Mosquito Killer!

Whether they are buzzing in your ear at night or biting your ankles during the day, there are few things in life more annoying than mosquitoes! If you live in a hot climate, chances are these pesky little insects cause you a great deal of stress and discomfort. Fix this today by investing in a modern mosquito killer.

Mosquitoes are almost impossible to catch by hand. They are barely visible and often wait until night time to strike. Usually, you only notice them once it’s too late when you feel an itchy red welt on your skin. But fear not, there is a range of products available to help, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Give Mosquito Killers A Chance?

Everybody knows how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. You wake up feeling refreshedfocused, and productive the next day. So when your precious sleep is constantly interrupted by insects, it can cause endless frustration. Now imagine never getting bitten again! Installing a mosquito killer in your bedroom can give you the peace of mind you need, to improve your sleep.

What’s more, mosquito killers can also work outdoors too. Perhaps you enjoy BBQs during summer, but always end up with bites at the end of the evening. Well, why not consider a powerful outdoor mosquito killer? They can operate up to a range of 1.5 acres, allowing you to enjoy your time in the sun and not worry about insect bites.

What Types Of Mosquito Killers Suit You?

There are two main categories of mosquito killers that you should consider buying:

  • Sticky Pad: As the name suggests, this type of mosquito killer blows bugs onto a glued pad to trap them. This type of model doesn’t use much electricity to operate and is silent. You do however need to replace the pads once they become saturated. Sticky pad mosquito killers are best suited for indoor use.
  • Electrified Grid: Mosquitoes are attracted to the device by a UV light, and then zapped by a high voltage grid. This type of model is more powerful and great for outdoor use. You don’t have to buy replacement pads as insects fall to the ground and are naturally reabsorbed into the ecosystem.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Mosquito Killer?

Mosquitoes are a problem in many places across the globe. As a result, there are hundreds of different products available to help deal with them. Navigating your way through all these devices can be confusing. Do they work on all insects? How much noise do they make? Are they safe for children?

Well, fear not! Modern mosquito killers are designed with the user in mind. They are perfectly safe for humans and most models will eliminate a wide range of pesky bugs, over a large area. Furthermore, they are extremely simple to use. Just turn them on and let them work their magic!

Once you invest in an efficient, modern mosquito killer, you will gain peace of mind for you and your family. No more itchy red spots or sleepless nights. No more chasing insects around your home. Just plug in, turn on, and enjoy a mosquito-free environment for work, rest or play.

The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on a product that doesn’t work. We understand this, which is why we’ve put together this guide. From all the mosquito killers currently on the market, we’ve researched and picked the very best. Let us help you find the perfect mosquito zapper for your home!

Always Think About...

  • Coverage: You need to consider the area that you want to protect from insects. If you have a large garden, consider a high power outdoor model that can electrocute bugs over a large area. On the other hand, if you just want protection in your bedroom at night, you can opt for a smaller model designed for indoor use.
  • Trap System: If you don’t want the hassle and cost of replacing sticky pads, an electrified mosquito killer is best for you. Alternatively, if you don’t like the zapping noise, a quieter sticky pad design should be your preferred choice. Just remember to regularly replace the pad, as once the glue becomes saturated the device will lose efficiency!
  • Light Type: All mosquito killers will have some form of light to attract bugs. Make sure to check the bulb power. If you are planning on running the device from your bedroom, you don’t want an extremely bright light for example. If the model has multiple bulbs and uses UV light, the bulbs will be more expensive to replace.

Protect yourself and your family from annoying mosquitoes forever! Whether relaxing in your home, working in your office, or sleeping at night, pesky insect bites will become a thing of the past once you invest in a modern mosquito killer. Let our guide help you get a good night’s sleep and never have to itch a big red spot again!

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