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Top 10 Portable Air Conditioners

As Of March 2021

Don’t suffer this summer! A portable air conditioner is a quick and efficient way to cool your home without breaking the bank. No installation, no hassle, no sweat! Just pure unadulterated icy air at the click of a button.

Is it starting to sizzle outside? Avoid looking like a sticky, frizzy mess inside! Portable air conditioners not only cool the air they remove moisture too, leaving you to enjoy the weather in comfort and style.
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1 Inventor Magic M2GHP290-12 portable air conditioner in front of a gray background
78L Dehumidifying Volume
4.9 /5

W46.7cm x H76.5cm x D39.7cm, 12000BTU / 3.52kW Cooling Capacity, 54-64dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A+

  • Omnidirectional Caster Wheels for easy transport between rooms
  • Auto, Cool, Dry, 3-Speed Fan & Heat Modes depending on your mood
  • 78L/24H Dehumidifier Function for a fresher room
  • LED Display With 24-hour Timer keeps you posted all the time
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2 MeacoCool MC Series 7000 portable air conditioner on a white background
Dedicated Sleep Mode
4.8 /5

W35cm x H70cm x D35cm, 7000BTU / 2.05kW Cooling Capacity, 53dB-65dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A

  • Cool, Fan, Dry & Sleep Modes with amazing performance
  • 12-22M² Room Coverage
  • Good-Sized 1.8M Duct makes your life easier
  • LED Digital Display With 24-Hour Timer has all the information you need
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3 NETTA 8000BTU portable air conditioner on a white background
Adjustable Thermostat
4.7 /5

W33.4cm x H68.8cm x D32.3cm, 8000BTU / 2.3kW Cooling Capacity, 65dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A

  • 20M² Room Coverage
  • 16°C to 30°C Adjustable Temperature to suit your needs
  • 19L/24H Dehumidifier Function for a healthier environment for you and your family
  • Easy to Use Touch Control Panel for all users
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4 Inventor Chilly CLCO290-09 portable air conditioner on a living room floor
Self-Evaporating System
4.7 /5

W34.5cm x H72cm x D38cm, 9000BTU / 2.64kW Cooling Capacity, 46.9-51.9dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A

  • Remote Control With LED Screen to keep you comfortable
  • Quiet Dedicated Sleep Mode so you can keep it by your bed
  • 24-hour Timer Function to control it however you want
  • Innovative Self Evaporating System
5 Delonghi Pinguino PAC N82 ECO portable air conditioner on a living room
Portable Design
4.6 /5

W44.9cm x H75cm x D39.5cm, 9400BTU / 2.4kW Cooling Capacity, 50-52dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A

  • 12-Hour Timer and 3-Speed Fan Mode depending on your needs
  • 32L/24H Dehumidifier Function keeps your place healthy
  • Portable Handles and Castors for easy transport
  • 80M³ Room Coverage makes it ideal for big places
6 Delonghi Pinguino PAC AN112 SILENT portable air conditioner on a wooden floor
Eco Plus 3-Function
4.5 /5

W44.9cm x H75cm x D39.5cm, 1100BTU / 2.7kW Cooling Capacity, 50-52dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A+

  • 24-Hour Timer and 3-Speed Fan Mode to suit your mood
  • 110M³ Room Coverage is ideal for extra-large homes
  • 26L/24H Dehumidifier Function keeps you healthy no matter what
  • Auto Eco Plus Function With Real Feel Technology
7 Olimpia Splendid DOLCECLIMA Silent 12 P portable air conditioner on a living room
Blue Air Technology
4.4 /5

W46cm x H76.7cm x D39.5cm, 1200BTU / 2.7kW Cooling Capacity, 64dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A+

  • Blue Air Technology Provides Faster & Uniform Cooling
  • 3-Speed Fan, Dehumidification, Auto, Sleep & Turbo Modes with amazing performance
  • Automatic Condensation Disposal
  • LCD Display With 24-Hour Timer keeps you posted all the time
8 BLACK+DECKER BXAC40007GB portable air conditioner on a wooden floor
Auto-Breeze Function
4.3 /5

W39.4cm x H84.6cm x D35.2cm, 1000BTU / 2.9kW Cooling Capacity, 45-65dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A

  • 25m² Room Coverage
  • 3-Speed Fan With Auto Breeze Function to enjoy a fresh environment
  • 29L/24H Dehumidifier Function keeps your place cooler than ever
  • 18°C to 32°C Adjustable Temperature to suit your needs
9 Delonghi Pinguino PAC AN98 ECO Real Feel portable air conditioner on a living room
Real-Feel Technology
4.2 /5

W44.9cm x H75cm x D39.5cm, 10700BTU / 2.7kW Cooling Capacity, 46.9-51.9dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A

  • 36L/24H Dehumidifier Function leaves your place fresh and peaceful
  • 100M³ Room Coverage makes it a great option for large homes
  • CLI Comfort Light Indicator (Orange, Green, Blue) is super easy to understand
  • Wide LCD Display With 24-Hour Timer
10 Pro Breeze 7000 BTU 4-in-1 portable air conditioner on a white background
Oscillation Mode
4.2 /5

W31cm x H64cm x D31cm, 7000BTU / 2.1kW Cooling Capacity, 54dB(A) Noise Level, Energy Class A

  • Oscillation Mode for Efficient Cooling
  • Digital Display With Adjustable Thermostat (°C & °F) to keep your place as you like it
  • Energy Saving Sleep Mode saves you money
  • Remote Control With 24-Hour Timer for total control over its functions

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Portable Air Conditioners

  • A versatile, year-round heating and cooling solution for your home
  • Powerful and highly efficient, you won’t be left disappointed
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This powerful 1200BTU 5-in-1 portable air conditioner not only cools the air but dries it too! Capable of removing an impressive 78L/Day of moisture from the air, it will leave you feeling fresh and cool all summer long. But that’s not all! The Inventor Magic M2GHP290-12 has 5 different modes to choose from (Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan, and Heat), allowing you to regulate your climate no matter the weather.

For those sweaty summer nights, the Inventor Magic M2GHP290-12 has you covered. Equipped with a 24-Hour timer, you can set the unit to start and stop automatically. While the ‘Sleep Mode’ ensures you get a great uninterrupted rest. When you’re ready to take back control, the remote with LED screen lets you adjust the settings from the comfort of your bed. The four swivel casters and integrated carry handles make the Inventor Magic M2GHP290-12 extremely easy to manoeuvre around the house. It’s a great little all-rounder that’s easy to set-up and won’t take up a lot of space.


  • Very Easy to Install
  • Versatile 5-in-1 AC & Heater
  • Extremely Energy Efficient


  • A Little Noisy When On Full Power
  • Heavy to Move Between Floors
  • Icons on Controls Could be Larger
  • A high-performance but compact unit that won’t take up valuable space
  • Sleek, modern and well-made, it will look great wherever you place it
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It’s no secret that British summers can be an unpredictable beast (even at the best of times), which is why you need a portable air conditioner that can handle a variety of climates with ease. As a UK-based company, there’s none better qualified than MeacoCool. Designed for use in rooms and conservatories of up to 12- 22m², the MeacoCool MC Series 7000 not only looks great but performs exceedingly well too. It’s capable of an impressive 300m³ / hour airflow and can cool a room in no time at all. It’s quiet as well reaching a mere 53dB in the lowest setting.

There are 4 different functions to choose from (Cool, Fan, Dry, and Sleep mode). The fan has two different speeds, while the dehumidifier function lets you dry the air and removes 0.8L of moisture per hour. If you’re looking for a modern and stylish portable air conditioner, the MeacoCool MC Series 7000 is an excellent choice. It’s attractive, efficient, and space-saving. Rated energy class A for efficiency, the MC7000 uses R290 refrigerant to ensure that it’s compliant with the latest industry standards.


  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Great Coverage
  • Quick & Easy to Set-Up


  • A Little Noisy on Full Blast
  • Window Kit is Limited (Sash & Sliding)
  • Only 2 Fan Speeds
  • A hassle-free cooling solution that won’t cost the earth
  • A brilliant little air conditioner, built to perform
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Need an effective yet affordable portable air conditioner? Then the NETTA 8000BTU could be the answer! An excellent alternative to traditional wall mounted air conditioners, the NETTA 8000BTU is compact, portable, and great value! Suitable for rooms up to 20m², it’s the perfect solution for apartments or small homes that need cooling and fast. The variable temp control is a nice touch too and has a range of 16-31 degrees.

Able to remove 19L of moisture daily, the NETTA 8000BTU is also an effective dehumidifier. So you can say goodbye to icky, sticky, humid air! And when it gets full, the 'Water Full Indicator' will let you know. There’s also a 24-Hour timer and dedicated sleep mode, so you can sleep easy and breezy. The blue LED-lit control panel is simple to use and gives it a unique futuristic look. While the remote control allows you to control the unit from anywhere in the room. The NETTA 8000BTU is effortless to install and comes with its own window kit.


  • Quick & Efficient Cooling
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Simple to Set-up & Use


  • Very Noisy
  • Manual Could Be Better Written
  • Blue LED Lights Don’t Turn Off

Stay Cool as a Cucumber This Summer!

Nobody likes to be subjected to hot and stuffy temperatures. It can affect your sleep, work, and any social events you have planned. With summers seemingly getting warmer and warmer, it may be time to invest in a portable air conditioner.

Homes in the UK are great in winter, but when it comes to cooling, usually the only option is to open the window. This typically just lets warm air in, not to mention any noise and insects from outside. Portable air conditioners offer a far better solution.

Why give Portable Air Conditioners a Chance?

The advantage of portable models is no permanent installation is required. You can store the unit away for the rest of the year when not in use. In addition, it can be easily moved from room to room, if you have multiple areas you need cooling.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own home can be frustrating. Especially at night when trying to sleep. This is why many portable air conditioners have been designed to operate quietly when we need them most. Enable silent mode for a cool, perfect night’s sleep.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Portable Air Conditioner?

There are hundreds of different portable air conditioner models currently available on the UK market. It’s essential that you purchase the right unit for your individual needs. Will the model be powerful enough for your room size? How much noise does it make? Will it be expensive to run? Our guide can help you through the selection process.

Portable air conditioners are cheaper than installing a fixed unit. Not only is the model itself cheaper, but you also save on professional installation costs. The other main advantage of portable models is that no unsightly external unit is required. You avoid the need to have something permanently mounted to the outside of your home. This is particularly ideal for the UK climate, where you don’t need cooling all year round.

Whether you want to entertain guests, focus on a work assignment, or get a perfect night’s sleep, creating the right environment in your home is essential. Because portable air conditioners can be effortlessly moved, just one unit can keep you comfortable whatever your plans for the day. A timer and remote control can make it even easier to maintain a cool, relaxing home.

If you’re not exactly sure which model you should purchase, let us help. All the technical jargon and overwhelming choice can be confusing at times. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on a model which isn’t quite right. So sit back, relax, and read our guide. Transform your home from hot and stuffy stress, into cool and tranquil bliss!

Always Think About...

  • BTU Rating: BTU (or British Thermal Unit) means how effective the model is at cooling a room. If you have a large area that you need cooling, you may want to consider a more powerful unit. Bear in mind you can close internal doors to isolate areas of your home. This will allow for more effective cooling.
  • Noise Level: This is the maximum noise output of the unit in dB (decibels). Consider where you intend to use the air conditioner. If you plan on running the unit overnight in your bedroom, or maybe you need cooler air in your office while you work, you want to keep the noise to a minimum. Note that some models come with a special sleep mode, which further reduces the noise output.
  • Exhaust Hose: All portable air conditioners need to exhaust warm air outside. They usually come with a hose and window bracket. You should check these items are included with the model otherwise you will need to purchase them separately. Also, make sure the window bracket is compatible with your type of windows.

The one place in your life that should be stress-free and comfortable, is your own home. Investing in a portable air conditioner can help you sleep better at night, focus more during the day, and create the perfect environment to spend time with friends and family. Our expert guide will lead you through the confusing technical jargon and help you make the right decision.

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