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As Of March 2021

Technology is always making our work easier, especially when it comes to house chores. No one wants to spend their weekend afternoon cleaning under carpets!

iRobot understands this, and their wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners, aka Roomba’s are here to save you both the headache and the backache. Why not let the robot handle the hard work and you can sit down and relax?
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1 iRobot Roomba S9+ on its base
Automatic dirt-disposing bin
4.7 /5

120 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent mapping, 3 cleaning stages

  • Automatic dirt-disposing bin
  • Extra advanced navigation and mapping system
  • A whole-system filtration feature
  • Perfect edge technology for cleaning on the corners
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2 iRobot Roomba 675 cleaning under furniture
Auto-adjust cleaning feature
4.6 /5

90 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent mapping, 3 cleaning stages

  • Auto-adjust cleaning feature for under the bed or sofas
  • Automatic recharging
  • Scheduled cleaning up to 7 times a week
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
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3 IRobot Roomba 981 on a carpet
iAdapt 2.0 Navigation
4.7 /5

120 Minutes Runtime, Has Intelligent Mapping, 2 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers

  • Cleans, recharges and resumes without the need to keep an eye on it
  • 10 times more power for carpets and rugs that has amazing results
  • Navigation with visual localisation to clean the whole house
  • No hair and debris stuck on it
4 IRobot Roomba I7+ on tis base
Empties Itself
4.5 /5

75 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent mapping, 3 cleaning stages

  • Smart charging and resumption to continue with cleaning
  • Lock Bag that holds 60 days worth of dirt
  • Intelligent mapping and navigation of the house
  • Automatic dirt disposal bin
5 IRobot Roomba 960 cleaning the floor
Voice Control
4.4 /5

75 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent mapping, 3 cleaning stages

  • High efficient filters for pollen, particles and allergens up to 10 microns
  • Imprint Linking Technology with Braava Jet M6 mop
  • Intelligent mapping and navigation of your home
  • Easy to customize and control using Google Assistant, Alexa and iRobot Home App
6 IRobot Roomba E5 cleaning the floor
Allergen Trap
4.4 /5

90 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent mapping, 3 cleaning stages

  • Customize your cleaning using Alexa, Google Assistant, and iRobot Home App
  • Automatic recharging
  • Dual multi-surface bushes with rubber for hard surface and carpets
  • Efficient filtration trapping 99% of allergens
7 IRobot Roomba I7 cleaning the floor
Imprint Link Tech
4.4 /5

75 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent navigation, 3 cleaning stages

  • Imprint Link Tech to work simultaneously with Braava Jet M6 mop
  • Compatibility with clean base automatic bin disposal
  • Intelligent mapping for adapting to your home
  • Dual multi-surface bushes with rubber for pet hair
8 IRobot Roomba 895 cleaning the floor
Dual multi-surface rubber brushes
4.5 /5

60 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent navigation, 3 cleaning stages

  • 5 times more air power for extremely good results in pulling dirt from carpets
  • You can have total control through the app and schedule your cleaning
  • Dirt detector finds the areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Auto-adjust cleaning saves you time
9 IRobot Roomba 671 on a hardwood floor
Adjustable Cleaning
4.3 /5

90 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent navigation, 3 cleaning stages

  • Auto-adjust cleaning feature for carpets and hard floors
  • Scheduled cleaning up to 7 times a week
  • Automatically recharges when battery is low
  • Intelligent mapping and navigation
10 IRobot Roomba 605 cleaning under furniture
Great Battery Life
4.4 /5

180 Minutes runtime, Has intelligent navigation, 3 cleaning stages

  • Great results in removing debris both on carpets and hard floors
  • Dirt detector finds the areas in your home that need better cleaning
  • Amazing results in corners and tough spots
  • One of the best running times of the market
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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Roombas

  • Up to 120 minutes of running time
  • Suction power of up to 40 times
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If you are willing to dig deeper into your pocket for a reliable and efficient Roomba vacuum, then the S9+ is what you need. It has the highest running time of 120 minutes. It also has the highest suction power of 40 times. The S9+ plus will automatically increase the suction when cleaning for that squeaking clean look on your carpet.

With the PerfectEdge technology, this vacuum cleaner will go into any deep corners of your home. Also, the intelligent mapping and navigation feature ensure the cleaner knows every corner of your home that needs cleaning. And, when it is done cleaning, it will automatically empty itself. You can link it to the Braava jet M6 mop so the 2 can simultaneously clean and mop.


  • Has a long run time
  • Ideal for cleaning large debris
  • More advanced mapping


  • Pricey
  • Loud vacuum and dustbin
  • Needs dirt disposing bags
  • Dual multi-surface brushes that work on large debris
  • 27-degree angle cleaning for corners and edges
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The 675 Roomba is one of the best vacuum cleaners in the 600 series. It has a run time of 90 minutes after which, it will automatically dock and recharge. You can also connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, and use voice commands to operate the cleaners. Using the iRobot Home App and these other apps, it is easy to schedule cleaning.

It is easy to connect to WiFi and use the vacuum’s intelligent navigation to clean every section of your home you need cleaned. Thanks to its auto-adjust head, it will adjust accordingly to clean your hard floors and carpets. The edge sweeping brush tilted to 27 degrees, reaching edges and corners that need cleaning. Using its dirt detectors, it will work harder on floors that require extra attention. 


  • Dirt detectors
  • It is easy to use
  • Affordable


  • It is loud
  • Filtration feature not very efficient
  • It gets stuck sometimes
  • iAdapt 2.0 Navigation can clean your whole house
  • 10 x times more power in carpets and rugs for better results
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Another brilliant model to help you keep your home cleaner than ever without leaving your couch. Its WiFi connection through the app lets you have total control over it very easily. Plus, when its battery runs low, it recharges itself and resumes from its last place in your home. You won't find hair or debris stuck on it thanks to the tangle-free extractors that prevent them from jamming your robot vacuum.

It has also an aeroforce cleaning system with 10 times more power for carpets and rugs, to ensure that every bit of dust and hair are extracted from them. The results are brilliant on all types of floors. With 120 minutes of running time, even the large homes can be cleaned in one go. The 2 dual-mode virtual wall barriers can protect areas that you don't want your robot to reach.


  • WiFi connection
  • Recharges and resumes
  • 120 minutes running time


  • A little bit expensive
  • Sometimes it's a bit loud
  • A bit heavy

Roombas Do it Better

Keeping a home clean is more than tedious. While cleaning can be therapeutic, at the end of it, your back will be aching and you will probably be treating some hand injuries. Running around pulling a vacuum cleaner and working out wiring cords does not make the job any easier.

This is where the need for a robotic vacuum cleaner comes in, and what better robots to work with than Roombas? With these, you can always count on having a clean house, even when you are out running errands and leave the robot doing the work.

Why Give Roombas A Chance?

Well, a robotic cleaner does not have hands or a brain, but you can trust it to clean any part of your house, even on the edges and corners. Depending on the size of the vacuum cleaner, you can trust it to clean under your couch or even the kitchen cabinets.

A robotic vacuum cleaner is even better when you know you can schedule cleaning times for a couple of times a week. That way, your vacuum cleaner can clean after you when you leave for work or run some errands. And you do not have to always be there to recharge. These models will dock and recharge automatically, with some getting back to work automatically after recharging.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Roomba?

It is not easy to find the perfect vacuum cleaner, let alone a Roomba brand. iRobot has tens of vacuum cleaners, which makes it quite difficult to settle on any specific model. However, if you can list down what you need in terms of features as well as your budget, then it will be easy to pick a specific model.

iRobot is doing great advancements on its vacuum cleaners, and it is easy to tell with the advancements in its models. The most advanced models like the 900 series are more costly but more advanced in terms of features and performance. With the right model, your cleaning will be as efficient as you would want, even when you are not around.

Keeping a home clean is more than hygienic. It is also therapeutic. However, not everyone is ready to pick up the mob and do the cleaning. Going digital in all aspects of your life and trusting your gadget to deliver is nothing short of satisfying. With a Roomba, you are assured of digital assistance when it comes to cleaning your home.

What will you gain from getting any of the Roomba models? Well, you will get a cleaning companion that can navigate any room in your house, including the kitchen. Some models will even automatically empty when the bin is full, while others will alert you so you can empty. You can even schedule cleaning time, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Always Think About...

  • Control is automatic in all robotic vacuum cleaners, where all you need to do is click on a button and the cleaning begins. But, if you want more advanced features like scheduling cleaning times. Some models will have the option of scheduling cleaning more than once a week. This is a feature you can rely on when you are busy, so you always come home to a clean house.
  • Navigation is an important feature that ensures your vacuum cleaner does the job with little to no supervision. That means maneuvering through different rooms and cleaning around objects like furniture. Robotic vacuum cleans have sensors that guide them through the house, even sensing when there are stairs. Other models will have sensors that tell how dirty a spot is and the robot will if it requires extra attention.
  • Mapping is present in some of the advanced models. These models have cameras with 360 degrees view that helps the cleaner create an amp of the house and know its location. It also helps the cleaner know which room is already cleaned, and where to continue the cleaning from in case it stops for recharging. This is an important feature if you have a big house.
  • Size matters, because it will determine if the vacuum cleaner can get into small and tight spaces like under the sofa or under cabinets in your kitchen. However, a bigger cleaner will also have a bigger bin. Some advanced models, though, automatically change the head size to get onto such small or tight spots.
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