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Best 10 Running Headphones

As Of June 2022

Are you tired of cables and wires getting in your way while enjoying your run? The best running headphones are here to solve your problem. What's so great about them? Well, there are wireless, have great features, and deliver excellent sound quality! Do you want to find out more?
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2 Jaybird Vista on white background

Jaybird Vista

Most value-for-money product
4.3 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 5.5 hours, Waterproof (IPX7), Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Great option for any kind of sport and running
  • EQ control for custom audio experience
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Zero lag for music and calls
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1 Apple AirPods Pro on white background

Apple AirPods Pro

The best noise cancellation system
4.4 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 5.3 hours, Noise Cancellation, Microphone, iOS/macOS

  • Very comfortable fit and very stable during workouts
  • Headphones with premium design
  • Excellent noise cancellation and audio reproduction
  • Sweat and water resistance
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3 Jabra Elite 75t on white background

Jabra Elite 75t

Best option for long distance runners
4.2 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 6.8 hours, Lightweight, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Comfortable with durable design
  • Brilliant sound profile that is suitable for most genres
  • Good control system with responsive buttons
  • Customizable equalizer built into the Jabra Sound+ App
4 Beats Powerbeats Pro on white background

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Long-lasting battery
4.1 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 11.4 hours, Super Fast Charge, Microphone, Android/iOS/macOS

  • Great stability thanks to the ear-hook. Great for running
  • Very lightweight.
  • Volume and track control on each earbud
  • Sweat and Water resistant makes them perfect for running and workouts.
5 Anker soundbuds curve wireless headphones for running on a pink cased smartphone

Anker Soundbuds Curve Wireless

Budget Option
4.1 /5

Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 18.4 hours, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • With IPX7 certification for total water protection
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Very comfortable and stable design
  • Great price-to-performance ratio
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6 Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 running headphones on a brown couch

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Passive Noise Isolation
4.1 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 9 hours, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Great design and very durable
  • IPX4 water-resistance certification
  • Excellent passive noise isolation
  • Great touch feeling on controls
7 Beats Powerbeats 3 headphones for running on a wooden surface next to a colorful plate

Beats Powerbeats 3

Long-lasting usage up to 12 hours
4.0 /5

Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 11.7 hours, Stability, Microphone, Android/iOS/macOS

  • Almost 12 hours of constant usage
  • A 5-minute charge provides the user with one hour of playback
  • Sweat and water resistance makes it ideal for athletic types
  • Very stable and comfortable during workouts
8 Bose SoundSport Free headphones for running on a wooden surface next to their case

Bose SoundSport Free

Track your lost earbud easily
4.0 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 4.8 hours, Stable, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • With three different types of StayHear and Sport tips (S/M/L) that provide security
  • Sweat and water-resistant with IPX4 certification
  • Track lost earbuds with the Bose Connect App “find my buds” feature
  • Exceptional sound with great quality. Clear and power
9 Samsung Galaxy Buds on white background

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Excellent sound quality
3.9 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 7.5 hours, Lightweight, Microphone, Android/Windows/macOS

  • More than seven hours of usage that plus an extra charge with their case
  • Sweat and water resistant with IPX4 certification
  • With extra adjustable tips in three sizes to provide with comfort and stability
  • Premium sound with deep bass
10 JBL Reflect Flow True Wireless on white background

JBL Reflect Flow True Wireless

Amazing audio quality
3.9 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 8.7 hours, Durable, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Waterproof with IPX7 certification for total safety during any weather condition
  • Very good noise isolation and ambient chatter blockage
  • Excellent mid-range frequency performance
  • Great stability and breathability for long hours

Going for a Run? Take your Favorite Music With you and Feel the Rhythm in Every Step!

Headphones came into our lives to keep us company during workouts and runs these past few years and won our hearts instantly. How can you not like them when they turn a simple run into a fun experience? Lately, everyone keeps running around with a pair of wireless (or true wireless) headphones as it’s a lot easier that way. Cables and traditional headphones are a “no go”!

Being comfortable during a run is everything. Add great sound and all those features that you can get and boom! It’s time for you to find the perfect pair of headphones. But what features do you need to look at when selecting the right product for you? This guide gives you an insight into the best headphones for runners you can get right now.

Headphones for Running?

Headphones for running are actually headphones that you can use in almost everything. The only difference is that they are made in a way to provide an athletic type with everything that’s necessary during a run. And of course, we’re talking about wireless headphones that will cause no trouble during workouts. Easy to use, with great comfort and stability, top-quality materials, water, and sweat resistance, long hours of music, case recharges and all these little features that make the perfect pair of headphones.

What Type of Headphones is Great for Running?

There are two main categories of headphones that you should consider for running:

  • Wireless headphones don't need a cable to connect to your smartphone. The two earbuds though are connected with each other with a cable that is placed behind your head.
  • True Wireless headphones can connect with your smartphone via bluetooth without the need of a cable as well. The main difference from the wireless models, is that true wireless headphones aren’t connected with each.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Pair of Headphones for Running?

When buying a pair of headphones for running, you need to find a pair that covers all your needs. As we mentioned, the main types of headphones that are best for running are wireless and true wireless. The extra features that come with every model also help you make a decision that will have the results you want.

A pair of headphones can keep you company during running sessions and help you keep your rhythm while you’re at it. Many athletes find it difficult to keep a steady pace without listening to music. The efficiency of your headphones has to do with a lot of things that you should take into consideration before buying them. The hours that they can last without recharging (from the case if it’s available or from a socket), the number of recharges that the case can offer, the sound quality, the stability, the compatibility, how comfortable they are, the water resistance and the control you have without using your smartphone are some of the things that play a significant role.

When using a pair of headphones while running, the whole experience should turn into something entertaining and fun. Imagine buying a pair of headphones that not only can't make the whole thing fun for you but also cause unnecessary trouble. All those brands that launched products especially for athletic types know that the perfect pair of headphones might not be the same for everyone, but all of them need some basic features no matter what.

You are the only one who can make the right choice because only you know what you're looking for! This doesn't mean that you won't need any help! That's why we are here to present you with the best options in the market and give you all the information you need to find the best pair of running headphones. Check out our guide!

Always Think About...

  • Hours of usage is a feature that you should always consider. Especially people who tend to make long runs that might last up to a couple of hours. You need to ensure that the maximum hours of usage cover your needs without the need for recharging. Almost every option comes with a case that can recharge your headphones in a couple of minutes and keep you going without the need for a socket. For people who don’t want to recharge at all, products with high battery capacity are the best option.
  • Compatibility is a matter that needs a lot of attention. What kind of device do you use? Always check if your device is compatible, otherwise your purchase will be in vain. If you’re thinking about buying a new smartphone that has a different OS from the previous one, find a product that is compatible with both operating systems to avoid any trouble. Most of our options are compatible with more than one OS.
  • Waterproof Certification plays a major role in headphones that are made for runners. It’s very possible that during a work out the user will sweat. You will be able to find many good options that are sweatproof and will protect you from causing any damage. For more extreme types that might run in the rain or might come in contact with a big amount of water, waterproof headphones with IPX7 certification are available too.

Buying a pair of headphones isn’t only about the features. Stability during runs reaches the top of the list as the things that you should consider. Sound quality has to be more than decent if you want to have a crystal-clear sound without being disturbed by other noises. Unfortunately, noise-canceling can’t be found in many options of the market right now. Last but not least don’t forget about design!

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