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Best 10 Sneeze Guards

As Of June 2022

Looking for a fast and effective defense against airborne droplets? Then a sneeze guard is what you need! A fast, simple, and easy solution! Freestanding, surface, or ceiling mounted? Sneeze guards are extremely versatile and non-intrusive. Perfect when social distancing simply isn’t practical. Do you want to find out more?
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1 LUMINATI Angled Sneeze Guard protecting some food

LUMINATI Angled Sneeze Guard

Protect Food On Counter Displays
4.9 /5

Material: Acrylic, Size: 2060x505mm

  • Metal panels of acrylic make it sturdy and stable
  • Maximum visibility without parts that reduce it
  • Protection of items on display through a panel that bends
  • Good for use at food markets, food fairs and farmers markets
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2 KMINA Office Partition Screen on a desk

KMINA Office Partition Screen

Reduce Workplace Disturbance
4.9 /5

Material: Polypropylene, Size: 700x500mm, Thickness: 46mm, Weight: 2.68kg

  • Opaque so that no one can clearly see and privacy is not invaded
  • Light can pass through
  • Good for use in classrooms, offices, libraries and anywhere where concentration is needed
  • Made of unique polypropylene material
3 Sunny Graphics Print Sneeze Guard on white background

Sunny Graphics Print Sneeze Guard

High Impact & Crack Resistant
4.8 /5

Material: Plastic, Size: 800x2000mm, Thickness: 3mm,

  • Easy to clean with soap, water and a soft cloth
  • Easy to be fitted in all places
  • Mounting set included so you can save space
  • Suitable for counters, desks and receptions
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4 POS Display Shop Protective Sneeze Screen Guard on a table

POS Display Shop Protective Sneeze Screen Guard

Self Standing With Great Design
4.7 /5

Material: Acrylic, Size: 750x750mm, Thickness: 4mm

  • Superior quality used that can last through time
  • Colour quality and transparency at its best
  • Innovative design to look attractive
  • 2 panels of high impact clear acrylic sandwiched together
5 The Big Things Perspex Screen on white background

The Big Things Perspex Screen

Impact Resistant
4.7 /5

Material: Glass, Size: 600x500mm, Thickness: 3mm, Weight: 1.46kg

  • Installation accessories included for free
  • Quick assembly without hassle just in a matter of minutes
  • Suitable for countertops, desktops, offices, stores, meetings and negotiations
  • Clearly visible due to good light transmittance
6 KLOVE Sneeze Guard Shield on a wooden counter

KLOVE Sneeze Guard Shield

Reduce Disturbance Create Private Workstations
4.6 /5

Material: Acrylic resin, Size: 400x400mm, Thickness: 5mm

  • Easily installed without troubles, just in minutes
  • Can be used as decoration for office desktop
  • Premium acrylic material used to make it sturdy
  • Suitable for reception window counters
7 Fightsense Protective Shield Guard on a desk

Fightsense Protective Shield Guard

High Quality Clear Acrylic Plexiglass
4.5 /5

Material: Clear plastic, Size: 813x813mm, Weight: 4.54kg

  • Easily installed for your convenience
  • Lightweight so easy to carry around and change places
  • No tools required for assembly takes only a couple of minutes
  • Round edges for safety
8 Mercer Office Desk Sneeze Guard on white background

Mercer Office Desk Sneeze Guard

Ideal For Face-To-Face Conversations
4.5 /5

Material: Clear plastic, Size: 400x600mm Thickness: 4mm

  • No tools required for installation
  • Assembled within seconds very easily
  • Readily available
  • Corner enclosure can be created by setting up two of them together
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9 Plasticraft Reception Sneeze Screen on a white table

Plasticraft Reception Sneeze Screen

Red Vinyl Catchy Appearance
4.4 /5

Material: Acrylic, Size: 750x750mm, Thickness: 4mm

  • Easy to assemble just in a couple of minutes
  • Comes with red vinyl to place on the screen
  • Cut out in the middle to pass money or products
  • Panels at the sides
10 LUMINATI Counter Sneeze Screen being used by two people

LUMINATI Counter Sneeze Screen

Perfect For Food Displays
4.4 /5

Material: Acrylic, Size: 2060x505mm

  • Metal uprights at the sides
  • Lift up panel to pass things through
  • Maximum visibility of the goods on display
  • Suitable for reception areas, surgeries, banks and post offices

Sneeze Guards: When Social Distancing Isn’t Enough!

Whether you work in an officeshopreception area, or other customer-facing role keeping your distance isn’t always possible. With a transparent but protective barrier like a sneeze guard, you can keep a safe distance without impeding your daily routine.

By preventing airborne droplets from sneezes, coughs, and verbal interactions from contaminating your workspace, you can relax and concentrate on the job at hand. They are extremely easy to install and can be used in a variety of different settings.

Why Give Sneeze Guards A Chance?

Sneeze guards are an important safeguard against airborne droplets from sneezes, coughs, and other verbal interactions. Depending on the style, they can also help keep co-workers, customers, and visitors at arm’s length without creating an unfriendly atmosphere.

Because they are made from transparent plastic they are extremely discreet and non-intrusive. They won’t take up lots of room or impinge on your personal space. Relatively lightweight, sneeze guards are tremendously versatile and can be mounted, moved and cleaned with no trouble at all.

What Types Of Sneeze Guards Suit You?

There are three main categories of sneeze guards that you should consider buying:

  • Freestanding: The low impact and easy to assemble design makes this style of sneeze guard extremely popular. There’s no drilling, gluing or screwing! It’s portable, versatile and effortless to clean.
  • Ceiling Mounted: If you want something that won’t take up valuable selling space, then you should consider a hanging sneeze guard. This simple solution not only looks great but will provide protection without getting in the way.
  • Surface Mounted: For something hardwearing and secure, you can’t go wrong with a surface mounted sneeze guard. By fixing it to a hard surface, you needn’t worry about it getting knocked over or moved without consent.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Sneeze Guard?

Health and safety in the workplace has never been so important. Which is why choosing the right sneeze guard is no easy task. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which is best. What is the optimal size? How thick should the guard be? Pass-through or no pass-through? Freestanding, surface, or ceiling mountedAcrylic or vinyl? It can all be overwhelming.

No matter which type you choose, sneeze guards are a versatile way to defend yourself and others. Easy to cleanassemble, and mount, a good quality sneeze guard provides no-fuss protection in no time at all. Go from exposed to protected within a matter of minutes!

But that’s not all! The flat surface created by the sneeze guard offers some additional retail space. By utilizing this opportunity, you can relay important information, advertise services, and display promotions whilst also providing a safe and convenient barrier from germs. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t put the health and safety of others at risk! Sneeze guards are a fast and efficient way to protect the workplace. Low maintenance, easy to assemble, and unobtrusive, they won’t damage or change the look of your office, store, or reception area. Confused? Our guide is here to help! Simply read on to put those doubts to rest. The perfect sneeze guard is out there for you.

Always Think About...

  • What Type of Material the sneeze guard is made from is an important factor when making a decision. You will need something tough and durable yet clear enough to meet, greet, and interact with customers and colleagues with ease. For this reason, Acrylic Plexiglass is often a top choice. It’s shatter and impact-resistant, crystal clear, and able to handle most cleaning products. Available in different thicknesses and sizes it’s strong but lightweight enough to move and mount.
  • The Design of the sneeze guard is also an essential consideration before making a purchase. Think about where it is going to be placed and how it will impact the space. Do you need a pass-through for transactions? Do you need something freestanding, surface or ceiling mounted? Do you need room for POS signage, promotional messages, or customer information?
  • Cleaning and Maintaining your sneeze guard is crucial to getting the most out of it. This is particularly important in a face-to-face reception or retail environment where a high footfall is expected. Make sure that the surface can be wiped down easily. You’ll also need to check that the cleaner you want to use won’t damage the clarity of the surface.

The workplace is changing. Don’t be left behind! Take action now and get protected. Installing a good quality sneeze guard needn’t be a hassle. We’ve selected 10 of the best sneeze guards on the market designed to not let you down. Strongdependable, and durable sneeze guards offer a quick and convenient solution for a variety of different uses.

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