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Best 10 Stand-Up Paddle Boards

As Of February 2021

Paddleboarding is a wonderful sport for those who don’t want to learn something too difficult but want to get some exercise and have fun at the same time.

It is one of those sports that can actually be learnt in a day. Why not get a perfect stand-up paddle board then? Get ready to learn something unique and combine exercise with leisure.
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1 Bestway Hydro-Force™ Oceana inflatable paddleboard being used by a woman
Detachable Seat
4.8 /5

L3.05m x L84cm x D15cm, Weighs 13.3kg, 130kg Load Capacity, 15psi (max.)

  • All-round SUP is comfortable enough for touring & relaxing
  • Seat with back & footrest is designed for prolonged use
  • Dual aluminium paddle lets you go from SUP to kayak with ease
  • Tough TriTech™ material with rigid drop stitch is strong
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2 Aquamarina Fusion inflatable paddleboard being held by a man
Single Bottom Fin
4.7 /5

L3.15m x W76cm x D15cm, Weighs 8.4kg, 130kg Load Capacity, 15psi (max.)

  • Well-balanced extra thick board is extremely user-friendly
  • Single fin helps the board effortlessly glide in the water
  • Backpack is easy to carry & transport the paddleboard to any location
  • Board length allows for fast manoeuvrability
3 Aquaplanet MAX inflatable paddleboard on a white background
Rapid Inflate
4.7 /5

L3.2m x W76cm x D15cm, Weighs 11kg, 120kg Load Capacity, 17psi (max.)

  • Laser-cut, diamond grooved deck is fast draining & non-slip
  • Quick dual-chamber inflation takes under 10 mins
  • Sturdy enough for beginner & intermediate users of all ages
  • Suitable for all water types including choppy seas!
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4 ECD Germany Maona SUP on a white background
Adjustable Paddle
4.7 /5

L3.08m x W76cm x D10cm, Weighs 10.7kg, 120kg Load Capacity, 12psi (max.)

  • Heat-embossed EVA deck is comfortable & safe
  • Adjustable fin keeps you on track
  • Strong & flexible coiled leash won’t tangle or break
  • A great choice for beginners but also for more experienced users
5 Soopotay Inflatable SUP being held by a man
Adjustable Paddles
4.6 /5

L3m x W83xm x D12cm, Weighs 17.2kg, 130kg Load Capacity, 15psi (max.)

  • Great stability for manoeuvring and direction changing
  • Perfect for beginners and riders with more experience
  • Amazing design and extendable bungee
  • Purely hand made for an amazing adventure
6 Aquaplanet PACE inflatable paddleboard on a white background
All-round Tour SUP
4.6 /5

L10' x W31" x D6", Weighs 14.4kg, 120kg Load Capacity, 15psi (max.)

  • Brilliant build-quality can handle even choppy sea conditions
  • Perfect for beginners, intermediates & heavier paddleboarders
  • Responsive all-round & tour iSUP that glides on the water - fast!
  • Set-up, inflate & use in only 10 mins
7 COSTWAY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Wide Deck
4.5 /5

L3,05m x W76cm x D16cm, Weighs 8.2kg, 115 kg Load Capacity, 15psi (max.)

  • Robust all-around SUP suitable for beginners & children
  • Wide platform is perfect for relaxing, light paddling & wave riding
  • Non-slip soft deck for extra safety
  • Convenient carry handle makes transportation easy
8 Aquaplanet ALLROUND TEN inflatable paddleboard on a white background
Telescopic Paddle
4.5 /5

L3.05m x W76cm x D10cm, Weighs 10kg, 100kg Load Capacity, 17psi (max.)

  • Great all-round SUP suitable for kids & lighter paddlers
  • Compact & lightweight design can be carried in the supplied carry bag
  • Versatile telescopic paddle can be adjusted to suit the user
  • Robust drop stitch & laminate construction won’t easily break
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9 Bluefin Cruise 10'8" inflatable paddleboard on a white background
Kayak Conversion Kit
4.4 /5

L3.2m x W90cm x D20cm, Weighs 14kg, 130kg Load Capacity, 28psi (max.)

  • Thermo sealed crocodile deck pad avoids slips & falls
  • SUP & kayak kit that includes everything you need to get started
  • High PSI provides a steady & rigid platform for excellent balance
  • Versatile design has an integrated GoPro mount
10 Bestway Hydro-Force™ Aqua Journey inflatable paddleboard being held by a woman
Tri-Tech Material
4.4 /5

L2.74m x W76cm x D12cm, Weighs 10.7kg, 95kg Load Capacity, 15psi (max.)

  • Ideal for flat water, small waves & shoreline exploration
  • Compact size is perfect for kids, beginners & wave riders
  • Made TriTech™ drop-stitched material it’s extremely durable
  • Surf leash lets you enjoy riding waves without a care

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Stand-Up Paddle Boards

  • Ideal for those who want something responsive and easy to steer
  • A worthy option for beginners and children
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Perfect for beginners of all ages, it is an excellent entry-level paddleboard at a reasonable price. The shape of the SUP makes it responsive and particularly easy to manoeuvre on flat water. It can even handle chop! Stable, rigid and durable, it’s a great option for those who are just starting out and still finding their footing.

The tough reinforced drop-stitch core and military-grade PVC exterior provides a solid and well-balanced platform. While the diamond-cut deck pad offers a high-performance non-slip surface that’s comfortable too. Take it the lake, beach, or river! Lightweight and portable, set-up is quick and easy. The included accessories are well-made and ensure you have everything you need to get paddleboarding without hesitation.


  • Responsive & snappy in the water
  • Lightweight, strong & portable
  • Quick set-up & deflation


  • Only single-layered PVC
  • Supplied pump isn’t great
  • Tricky to track straight
  • Skilfully designed with everything you need to get started
  • A multipurpose SUP for off the cuff thrill-seeking
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First off, this inflatable paddle board looks amazing. You can tell that Awuamarina has spent its time expertly designing this SUP. Every detail is brilliant and screams quality. But that’s not all! This SUP bundle comes with everything you need to get started and then some!

The accessories are great and can get you started without the need for purchasing anything else. Perfect for those who love to be spontaneous. It’s tough too! Plus, it's strong and rigid enough for users of all ages and skill levels. While the pointed nose easily glides through water without a hitch. It is a nifty little all-round SUP that effortlessly outshines the competition.


  • A lot of accessories
  • Excellent build quality
  • Large carrying capacity


  • Doesn’t include repair kit
  • On the heavy side
  • Wide deck isn’t ideal for racing
  • A simple yet effective entry-level all-round inflatable SUP
  • Perfect for beginners that want something versatile and stable
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If you’re new to paddleboarding, you can’t go wrong with the Aquaplanet MAX. This entry-level inflatable SUP, includes everything you need to get started. It’s extremely steady on the water and can handle flat to choppy conditions with ease. The versatile all-around design of this SUP is perfect for a variety of different activities. Take it surfing, racing, or cruising!

Suitable for all ages, the large load capacity of this inflatable paddleboard can easily handle up to 120kg. For those long tours, the wide deck and bungee cords provide plenty of storage space for shoes, snacks, or a waterproof bag. While the adjustable aluminium paddle can easily be customised to your desired length for added flexibility. For a SUP that does it all, the Aquaplanet MAX is a reliable and budget-friendly option no matter your skill level.


  • Versatile, inclusive kit
  • Can handle all water types
  • Fast & easy set-up


  • Included pump is unreliable
  • Zippers on bag prone to breaking
  • Handle isn't very comfortable

Stand-Up Paddle Boards – A Refreshing Experience!

Are you trying to look for ways in which you can exercise and have fun simultaneously? Are you trying to choose a new sport to learn that is exciting? Do you love the water? Are you interested in challenging and daring forms of sports? We have the solution to all of these questions!

Stand-up paddle boards give a perfect answer to all of these questions. The only thing that you need to do between right now and this exhilarating experience is to purchase a suitable paddle board for yourself. So what are you waiting for?

Why Give Stand-Up Paddle Boards A Chance?

Stand up paddleboarding is a refreshing and unique way to pass your time. If you know of a thrilling location near you with water, whether it is a river or an ocean, gear up and dare to learn paddle boarding. If you already know how to, you would already know that it is an absolutely thrilling experience.

Those of you who like to get the feeling of accomplishment would love to engage in paddleboarding. The paddle boards available in markets nowadays are as safe as they could get. You don’t have to worry about anything and start this sport as your hobby. We can guarantee that soon it will turn into your passion!

What Types Of Stand-Up Paddle Boards Suit You?

There are two main categories of stand-up paddle boards that you should consider buying:

  • Most people prefer paddle boards that are inflatable. One of the biggest advantages of this category is that you can carry them around anywhere b after deflating them. They are also lighter in weight than the non-inflatable ones.
  • The other category of stand up paddle boards contains non-inflatable ones. They are also known as hardboard paddle boards and are rigid. They can be used right away instead of first spending time in inflating them.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Stand-Up Paddle Board?

What sort of a paddle board would you prefer? Would an inflatable one suit you more or would you like to purchase a non-inflatable one? Are you already comfortable with this sport so that you would enjoy more on an advanced one or do you need one for practice as a beginner? Would you be able to distinguish between different models of the same brands while deciding?

You can decide whether you want to buy a comfortable paddle board even if that compromises some of the advanced features. You can also get all the features along with convenience if you are willing to spend more on it. There is always some trade-off so you will have to prioritize what is more important for you.

Many paddle boards come with complete accessories so that you don’t have to purchase them separately. On the other hand, you can yourself choose and customize your own paddle board kit for the ones that don’t come with the entire range of accessories. You should be aware of all the highlights and features that stand up paddle boards offer to make up your mind in a correct way.

You should spend on something that is really worth it. You don’t want to waste money on something that you wouldn’t use or like later on. It’s important that you research well regarding the pros and cons before shortlisting options and then brainstorm even more before finalizing one. We have all the insights and won’t let you go wrong on this one!

Always Think About...

  • When selecting a stand up paddle board you should check its weight. Depending on how frequently and how far you want to take your paddle board, the weight should be such that it doesn’t cause inconvenience to you in carrying it around. A difference of a few pounds can also make a difference if you plan to carry it for larger distances.
  • You should check how much maximum weight capacity the paddle board has. It should be able to carry at least weight equal to your weight and ideally higher to make it safe and to keep provision of keeping some essential items with you. At times some people prefer paddle boarding together in which case the weight capacity should be large enough to carry two people together.
  • When selecting a paddle board you should also see the level of skill that it is designed for. Many paddle boards are designed for everyone, be it beginners or experts. But some are designed better for starters and some for more advanced paddle boarding. Depending on how much paddle boarding you are already aware of, you should select the brand and model.

The perfect stand up paddle board is not hard to find if you are really interested. You are the best judge of what would suit you. Our detailed guide is also available for you to make an informed decision so that you do not end up regretting your decision later on.

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