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Best 10 True Wireless Earbuds

As Of March 2021

Do you want to take your favorite beats and music with you no matter what? The best true wireless earbuds are here to offer you hours of entertainment!

What's so great about true wireless earbuds? Forget about tangled up wires and enjoy your music with crystal-clear sound and deep bass. Do you want to find out more?
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1 Apple AirPods Pro true wireless earbuds on a gray surface
The best noise cancellation system
4.4 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 5.3 hours, Noise Cancellation, Microphone, iOS/macOS

  • Very comfortable fit with great stabiility
  • Headphones with premium design
  • Excellent noise cancellation and audio reproduction
  • Sweat and water resistance
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2 Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds on their yellow case
Most value-for-money product
4.3 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 5.5 hours, Waterproof (IPX7), Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Great option for any kind of sport and running
  • EQ control for custom audio experience
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Zero lag for music and calls
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3 Jabra Elite 75t true wireless earbuds next to their case on a yellow surface
Great option for athletic users
4.2 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 6.8 hours, Lightweight, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Comfortable with durable design
  • Brilliant sound profile that is suitable for most genres
  • Good control system with responsive buttons
  • Customizable equalizer built into the Jabra Sound+ App
4 Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds on a wooden surface next to their case
Long-lasting battery
4.1 /5

True Wireless, In-ear, Usage up to 11.4 hours, Super Fast Charge, Microphone, Android/iOS/macOS

  • Great stability thanks to the ear-hook
  • Very lightweight
  • Volume and track control on each earbud
  • Sweat and water-resistant
5 Samsung Galaxy Buds+ true wireless headphones on a wooden surface
Excellent Battery Life
4.1 /5

In-ear, Usage up to 13.3 hours, Lightweight, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Well-balanced audio reproduction
  • Great choice for any music genre
  • Impressive battery life
  • Very comfortable and ergonomic design
6 Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless earbuds on a wooden surface
Voice control Alexa
4.1 /5

In-ear, Usage up to 6.9 hours, Noise Cancellation, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Automatically switches to ambient sound mode based on the user’s activity
  • Alexa enabled for voice access
  • The battery lasts up to 24 hours with the case recharges
  • Excellent noise cancellation
7 Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro true wireless headphones on a wooden surface
Customizable Sound
4.1 /5

In-ear, Usage up to 8 hours, Lightweight, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Great battery life
  • IPX4 water resistance certification
  • Very stable and comfortable design even after long hours of usage
  • Brilliant application with EQ and lots of customization options
8 Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 true wireless earbuds on a sand colored table
Up to 5 case charges
4.0 /5

In-ear, Usage up to 6.5 hours, 5 Case Charges, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Up to 32 hours of playtime with a single charge
  • Custom set of EQ settings that are optimized for every user’s ears
  • Ergonomic design for extra comfort and extra stability
  • Aptx technology keeps in sync video and audio
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9 Samsung Galaxy Buds true wireless earbuds on their case on a blue surface
Excellent sound quality
3.9 /5

In-ear, Usage up to 7.5 hours, Lightweight, Microphone, Android/Windows/macOS

  • More than seven hours of usage that plus an extra charge with their case
  • Sweat and water resistant with IPX4 certification
  • With extra adjustable tips in three sizes to provide with comfort and stability
  • Premium sound with deep bass
10 JBL Reflect Flow True Wireless earbuds next to their case
Best built-in music player
3.9 /5

In-ear, Usage up to 8.7 hours, Durable, Microphone, Android/iOS

  • Waterproof with IPX7 certification for total safety during any weather condition
  • Very good noise isolation and ambient chatter blockage
  • Excellent mid-range frequency performance
  • Great stability and breathability for long hours

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 True Wireless Earbuds

  • Ultracompact, lightweight, noise-isolating and sweatproof design
  • Their active noise-canceling significantly reduces ambient noise
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The sound quality has really improved from the previous model. With very nice audio reproduction in every music genre, everyone can enjoy their favorite tunes. The battery life is strong and very decent for true wireless earbuds that offer so many great features. The king of its features though is the excellent noise cancellation which is the best by far.

The design and the quality are very premium and they look really cool without even trying. Weight is also a big plus with AirPods Pro, as they are the lightest true wireless pair of earbuds on the market right now.


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Premium design


  • Poor customization for Android
  • Not totally waterproof
  • Only decent microphone
  • Compact, portable, and breathable design
  • Rated IPX7 for water resistance. Perfect for any weather condition
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With a very good sound profile, Jaybird Vista reached one of the top spots on the list. With the equalizer that can be found inside the app, the users can customize the sound exactly how they want. Plus, the design is very nice and stable and offers total comfort and stability no matter what the user's activity.

With IPX7 certification, they are perfect for any weather condition. The system offers playback and call control without the need to use the smartphone. They also let the user locate lost earbuds through the app so any accident can be avoided.


  • Very good sound quality
  • Brilliant audio customization
  • Perfect option for sports


  • High latency
  • Poor microphone performance
  • Options for control are very limited
  • Total of 27-hours battery life per charge
  • Small, lightweight and comfortable
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With a more chic designed compared to the previous model, Jabra Elite 75t are the epitome of performance and looks. The box includes three different size ear tips to provide the user with the ultimate comfort no matter the type of ear. Not only that but they also optimize audio quality for maximum enjoyment.

This pair of true wireless earbuds can filter ambient noise out while promoting a strong and deep bass. The audio reproduction is very nice and powerful. They also have sensors that automatically pause playback if one of the two earbuds get removed.


  • Sound profile suitable for most genres
  • Clicky and responsive buttons
  • Comfortable and durable design


  • Mediocre passive noise isolation
  • Poor microphone performance
  • Not fully waterproof

No Wires, No Cables! Try a Pair of True Wireless Earbuds!

Traditional headphones are fighting a losing battle against wireless earbuds. And now that true wireless earbuds are here, that was the final blow! These past few months, true wireless earbuds became the most popular wearable gadget that people can’t get enough of. How can you not be one of them when you see them everywhere?

Getting rid of unwanted cables and wires can provide you with a music experience like no other. And all the comfort comes without losing any sound quality. That is if you choose the right pair of headphones. What features do you need to look at when trying to find the best option for you out there? There are so many products in the market right now and that’s why this guide is here to help you. All you need to know before buying your pair of true wireless earbuds is here!

Why Choose True Wireless Earbuds?

True wireless earbuds are not only a trend of our time. They are here to stay because the things they provide are brilliant. No more wires and cables to get in your way anytime you want to listen to your favorite music. They always come in minimal cases that not only help in their storage but also provide extra charges without the need for a socket. Even if you run out of battery, true wireless earbuds are good to go just in a few minutes. And it’s not only a comfort thing. Most of them have some kind of water resistance which is great for bad weather and possible accidents. True wireless earbuds are the future!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Pair of True Wireless Earbuds?

Buying a pair of true wireless earbuds isn’t that simple. You need to find the perfect pair that covers all your needs and provides you with the results you want. As we mentioned, there are other types of headphones that you can check but the future belongs to true wireless earbuds and sooner or later you’re going to find yourself thinking about them again.

Being able to enjoy your favorite music anytime you want, is not only entertaining but can also keep you company. Plus, you can use your headphones to call someone even for long hours if you want without being uncomfortable. Especially people who spend long hours going to work or to school, prefer them over traditional headphones because they are so much easier to use daily. The efficiency of your headphones has to do with a lot of things that you should take into consideration before buying them. The hours that they can last without recharging (from the case if it’s available or from a socket), the number of recharges that the case can offer, the sound quality, the stability, the compatibility, how comfortable they are, the water resistance and the control you have without using your smartphone are some of the things that play a significant role.

Especially users that need them for everyday use need to be extra careful with their choice. Imagine buying a pair of headphones that doesn’t meet your needs. Most technology brands have launched great products this past year and you can find a huge variety of features that can cover you. For general use, the number one feature is the sound quality and how easy the control and usage can be. Crystal sound and deep bass can turn your favorite music into a whole new experience.

The choice is always up to you and might have to do with the budget that you have. That’s why you’re going to find not only the best options when it comes to features but also the best “value-for-money” options as well. If you already have a pair of headphones and thinking about upgrading them, then the choice is easier for you because you know what to expect and what is essential to you. For every single one of you that wants to give them a shot for the first time, this guide will cover everything you need to know.

Always Think About...

  • Sound quality comes first when choosing the right pair of true wireless earbuds for everyday use. Deep bass, great audio quality in the middle and low range, crystal-clear results that turn the whole experience amazing. Plus, the sound quality plays a major role in calls and voice recordings. Noise cancellation is a big plus for people that live in big cities and want to avoid all those disturbing sounds.
  • Hours of usage are very essential when you're looking to buy a new pair of true wireless earbuds. Why? Well, imagine being outside enjoying your favorite music and suddenly your earbuds low battery causes you problems. Find a pair with many hours of usage to avoid things like that and always think about the case recharges that you can count on when times are hard.
  • Compatibility shouldn't be something that stands in your way when you want to hear your favorite artists. So make sure that you buy a pair of earbuds that are compatible with your smartphone's OS or find one that are compatible with more than one operating system in case you want to buy a new smartphone someday.

Other features that you probably should look for are water resistance, case charges, hours of charging, controls, application compatibility, design and build quality. There are plenty of options right now that you can check but this guide will provide you with the most important information and help you find the right path in buying your own pair of true wireless earbuds.

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