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Best 10 Vacuums For Pet Hair

As Of March 2021

Pet hair everywhere? On the floor, on your carpets, and on the furniture? Worry no more! The best vacuums for pet hair of the year are here for you!

What's so great about them? Well, now you can keep your place clean and fresh without spending a fortune and feel like doing a chore! Plus, you can get rid of allergens! Do you want to find out more?
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1 Miele SGEF3 Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum for pet hair on a wooden floor
Active Air-Clean Filter
4.8 /5

Corded, Weight: 7.26kg, Bagged

  • High very strong suction power for amazing results
  • Has a turbo brush that takes care of the toughest of situations
  • Odours neutralized effectively so it's perfect for people with pets
  • It has foot controls for total comfort
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2 Henry Pet PET200 vacuum for pet hair on a carpet
Charcoal Activated Micro-Fresh Filter
4.8 /5

Corded, Weight: 8kg, Bagged

  • With an innovative self-seal tab
  • Has a hair brush for stubborn pet hairs
  • Huge capacity makes it perfect for large spaces and homes
  • No mess while emptying the dust bin
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3 Miele 10661220 Blizzard CX1 Cat And Dog vacuum for pet hair being held
Vortex Technology
4.7 /5

HEPA filtration system, Corded, Weight: 8.71kg, Bagless

  • EcoTeQ with floor head makes cleaning a great experience
  • Has a turbo brush for amazing results
  • Aerodynamic airflow
  • Ideal for people with allergies thanks to its HEPA filter
4 Shark Lift-Away NV601UKT vacuum for pet hair being used
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal
4.7 /5

HEPA filtration system, Corded, Weight: 6.2kg, Bagless

  • Can turn into a handheld vacuum for pet hair that's stuck on your couch
  • Strong suction for deep cleaning even on long carpets
  • Enhanced swivel steering, makes maneuvering easier than ever
  • Detachable pod for extra convenience
5 Shark Upright NV801UKT vacuum for pet hair being used by a woman
Powered Lift-Away Technology
4.7 /5

HEPA filtration system, Corded, Weight: 6.1kg, Bagless

  • Duo clean glides make it super easy to clean even the toughest spots
  • Enhanced swivel steering for amazing control while passing furniture
  • Anti-allergen technology and HEPA filter protection
  • Strong suction power for deep cleaning
6 Shark Upright NV681UKT vacuum for pet hair being used by a man
Powered Lift-Away Technology
4.6 /5

Corded, Weight: 6.3kg, Bagless

  • Can turn into a handheld vacuum for tough spots
  • Anti-allergen complete seal is the ultimate solution for people who suffer
  • Has a pet power brush which works amazingly
  • Detachable pod for total control
7 Dyson V8 Animal vacuum for pet hair cleaning the floor
New Nickel-Cobalt Aluminium Battery
4.5 /5

Cordless, Weight: 2kg, Bagless

  • Has a hygienic dirt ejector which makes cleaning easier thane ver
  • Has a direct-drive cleaner head
  • Continuous suction for 40 minutes, ideal for big homes
  • Mini motorized tool, docking station, combination tool, and rigid crevice tool included
8 Hoover 39001361 SE71_VX05001 vacuum for pet hair being used by a woman
Telescopic Extension Tube
4.4 /5

HEPA filtration system, Corded, Weight: 6.82kg, Bagless

  • Compact in size and really easy to store
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers thanks to its HEPA filtration
  • Class A energy rating to save your pocket without cutting back on performance
  • 5 meters long cord makes it a great option for large spaces
9 Eureka Swan Multi Clean SC15812N vacuum for pet hair on a wooden floor
Pet Turbo Head Tool
4.3 /5

HEPA filtration system, Corded, Weight: 6.12kg, Bagless

  • Crevice tool and dusting brush included to make cleaning even easier
  • Can clean various surfaces like car seats, curtains, stairs, ceilings, etc
  • Strong suction power with top performance
  • Easy-to-empty dirt bin without making a mess
10 Duronic Bagless Cylinder VC5010 vacuum for pet hair being used by a woman
A+ Energy Rating
4.3 /5

HEPA filtration system, Corded, Weight: 7kg, Bagless

  • Strong suction power makes deep cleaning very easy
  • Two carry handles for extra comfort
  • Washable filter is a way to save money while having a great cleaning ally
  • Cord rewind feature for easy storage
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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Vacuums For Pet Hair

  • It has an active air clean filter
  • It has a turbo brush
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Miele’s Complete C3 Cat and Dog is one of the most popular options of pet hair vacuums. It is efficient and powerful and thoroughly cleans pet hair with its suitable floor head. It has an active air clean filter that neutralizes any odours present. The spinning turbo brush enables reliable cleaning of lint and hair from carpets and other surfaces.

Suction power can be adjusted through foot controls without having to bend down in the middle of cleaning. It also has a large operating radius which means no need for plugging and unplugging again and again. All accessories that can be needed are included the telescopic tube’s length can be adjusted according to the distance between the vacuum and the surface to be cleaned. A foot-switch can be used to rewind the entire cable as well.


  • High suction power
  • Has a foot controls
  • Odours neutralized effectively


  • No HEPA filtration system
  • Bags need replacement
  • No silence system
  • It has charcoal activated micro-fresh filter
  • Has a hair brush for stubborn pet hairs
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Henry Pet PET200 is ideal for people with pets. It removes all sorts of pet hair from the carpet, even those stuck in the deeper layers. It also decreases any pet smells in the air using its charcoal activated MicroFresh filter. All the dust gets sealed inside the bag by its self-seal tab which prevents any mess during emptying.

It has a strong and long-lasting cleaning technology and a long cable that is able to reach surfaces are a large distance too. It has a large capacity which means the filter bag doesn’t need to get emptied often. It is bagged as well as corded with a heavy sturdy design despite not very large dimensions and is reasonably priced for those looking for pocket-friendly options.


  • Has an innovative self-seal tab
  • Huge capacity
  • No mess while emptying dust


  • Heavy
  • No HEPA filtration system
  • Bags need replacement
  • It has vortex technology
  • It has EcoTeQ with floor head
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Miele’s Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog uses Vortex technology. It works on a speed higher than 100 km/h and has an aerodynamic airflow for powerful cleaning. It is suitable for people with allergies as it takes away almost all of the dust and allergens from the air. Its turbo brush spins and removes lint and hair from different surfaces in a reliable way.

You do not need to come in direct contact with the dust collected inside. The dust container gets emptied just by touching a button. Accessories are included so you don’t need to invest separately for them. It is suitable for larger surface areas as it has a long operating radius. The length of its tube can be adjusted according to the distance from the surface.


  • Has a turbo brush
  • Aerodynamic airflow
  • Ideal for people with allergies


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • No handle power control

Pet hair belongs in the past!

Do you have a dog? Or a cat? Or you know something more extreme like a guinea pig? If you really love your little friend but all of its mess and stains give you a headache then there’s no need to worry anymore. Pet hair? Get rid of it faster than ever and without it being a hard chore!

All you need is the right vacuum cleaner. And don’t tell me that you already have one, because you know that not all of them can cover your needs. So the question is, do you want to find the perfect vacuum for pet hair? If yes, then you’re in the right place! Don’t waste your time anymore!

Why Give Vacuums For Pet Hair A Chance?

We know that almost every single one of you has a vacuum cleaner. But have you ever wondered why the one that you already have can’t do the job? That’s because not all of them are designed for this. Pet hair is a pain when you come face to face with it every single day. What you need is a fast and efficient solution.

And your little pet can’t help it! They don’t know better and you can’t train them to avoid all this mess! So the whole thing can’t be fun for you even if you love them very much. The exceptionally designed brush rolls that these models have can give you excellent results fast and easily. That way you can enjoy your home once again and keep it allergen-free and healthier than ever!

What Type Of Vacuum For Pet Hair Suits You?

There are two main categories:

  • Wired Vacuums have a cord to connect to a power source. They are bigger most of the time and have larger dust bins.
  • Cordless Vacuums don’t have a cord and run on battery. They are more maneuverable and easy to use but they have a smaller dust bin capacity.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Vacuum For Pet Hair?

Vacuum cleaners are surely here to help us get some things done easily. And who doesn’t want to live in a clean and fresh environment? We bet that all of you know the feeling of a well-kept home. And that’s why for so many years vacuum cleaners are essential to every household.

Pet owners especially, tend to find it hard to keep their place clean with all the stains on the floor and the pet hair that can be found literally everywhere. But our pets are our greatest friends and we need to find a way to keep everyone satisfied. Here comes the vacuum cleaner for pets that you need! It’s here to save the day!

Either you live in a place with hardwood floors or a place full of carpets, if you have a lot of furniture or just the basics, there’s no need to worry about it. Vacuum cleaners for pets are designed just for occasions like yours and get rid of the toughest stains. Cleaner and fresher home just in a couple of minutes and always allergen-free.

Make a part of your daily routine without spending too much time and without needing too much effort. Your life will become easier instantly! Our team made a great research for you just to help you find the perfect option. All the information and insights you need are here in this guide! Let’s check it out!

Always Think About...

  • The surface that you need to clean plays a major role in choosing the right vacuum cleaner. If your pet leaves a lot of hair everywhere, there’s a difference in the brush rolls you’re going to need to get it out of carpets or hardwood floors. Some of our models are great for every type!
  • The tools and accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner, will surely make your life easier. If you need to take care of difficult corners and other places that most hoses can’t reach, then you should totally consider the whole package.
  • Cord or cordless options are also available. For users that need to clean a bigger space, cordless options might seem more appealing. If you don’t want to think about battery life, then you should look for a model that can provide you with a long enough cord to cover the whole surface you need to clean.

Just write down the features that you want your vacuum for pet hair to have and what needs you want to cover. Your choice will be easier that way! Take a look at this guide and we’re sure that we will cover all your questions. The choice is yours! Make it a good one! Are you ready to take a look?

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