25+ Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day might feel a little too romantic for you! But the question is… how does your girl feel about it? Women love all those little things that you do to show them how much you appreciate them and how special they are to you. What’s a good start? Maybe some chocolate and some flowers!

But let’s make something clear! If you want to give her the real deal then you need to be more strategic than that! Thoughtful gifts are the way to go! But what if you’re not that kind of person and thinking about presents isn’t your strong suit? Buckle up! This list has everything you need!

Hot Picks

Best Flower/Jewellery Combination

“This gift is perfect it was beyond my expectations, lovely presentation, beautiful rose and the necklace was much better than I expected.”

Best Jewellery

“A classic piece of ladies jewellery, well made and looks really nice.”

Best Lingerie

“Material is great, soft and good quality. […] Looks hot and so cute!!! I would highly recommend it!!!”

Best Flower/Chocolate Combination

“I was so impressed when this arrived. The box presentation is beautiful. The actual arrangement is stunning. I can wait to give this as a gift.”

Best Earrings

“These are really sparkly and stunning! They look beautiful on, and just as nice in the box when you open it!”

Best Handmade Card

“Beautiful card well made and very well presented coming wrapped in coloured tissue paper. My wife loved it.”

Best Women’s Perfume

“It’s absolutely beautiful, so feminine yet dark. If you love vanilla you will love this!”

Best Stuffed Animal – Arrives before Valentine’s Day

“Great soft toy. The misses likes it that much she hasn’t nagged me since i bought it.”

Best Swarovski Necklace

“Very pleased with the necklace. Sits beautifully and will make a perfect gift.”

Best Champagne Option

“Love champagne and this is one of my favorites taste as good as it looks very happy”

Best Elegant Watch

“I love my watch! It’s so easy to read and with leather band, fits great Great”

Best Fresh Flower Bouquet

“They were beautifully & securely packaged and looked so fresh that they might just have been picked.”

Best Matching Necklaces

“Love it, me and my partner have half each, comes with a chain for each.”

Best Gift Hamper

“The two small bottles of wine were an ideal size and the chocolates and biscuits a real treat. This is the second time we have sent this present.”

Best Soft & Cosy Slippers

“I love them. They so soft, warm and comforty especially this time of the winter. ”

Best Picture Frame

“My husband and I would always fight over who loved who more. […] this frame was an adorable way to say I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! Its a super cute frame, and looks perfect on my wall!”

Best Bath-Bomb Collection

“Amazing. I bought this for a valentines gift for my fiance. Perfect for something different than the usual novelty gifts for men on valentines day. Bombs looked and smelt gorgeous.

Best Satin Pyjama Set – Arrives before Valentine’s Day

“LOVE THEM!!! They look great on and feel so good!!! Fit perfectly… Enough said.”

Best Feet Warmer with Massage

“I bought this for my wife, she works from home and has found them a godsend. Easy to use and helps with pain relief.”

Best Scented Yankee Candle

“Great candle. Smells nice and sweet. Was a little hesitant buying it without smelling it but glad I did. Another great Yankee candle.”

Best Personalised Star Map

“I ordered one for my anniversary and my girlfriend LOVED IT. The print has a gloss finish like a poster and it came outside of the frame in a plastic sleeve which allows you to put the picture in the frame yourself. […] The uniqueness of this product was worth every euro spent.”

Best Handmade Walnut Wood Card

“My partner loved the uniqueness of this … it’s not often you have a card made of wood, even if it does boost the postage somewhat when posting it out.”

Best Romantic Location Map

“Great value for money, lovely personal gift for a great price. Printed on good quality paper, purchased a frame from a store and popped it in. Such a thoughtful present. Went down a treat.

Best Funny Pair Of Socks

“These novelty socks were a surprise gift for my wife who thought they were lovely. She loves tea, so naturally, I bought the ‘tea socks’.”

Best Relaxing Weighted Blanket

“its fabulous I had best night sleep I’ve had in ages […] Love this product!!”

Best Set of 2 Margarita Glasses

“Great glasses. Use these for my wife’s pink gin addiction. I say addiction more like they’re used as much as our lungs are to breath.

“This was nicely engraved and arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. Good quality.”

Best Personalised Favourite Song Print

“Absolutely beautiful! There’s no more to say, with a wide selection of colour schemes and any song & artist to choose from…this product is perfect if you’re looking for a truly personalised item. […] Great service and wonderful product!

Yamonic Real Rose With Necklace

Yamonic Real Rose With Necklace on a white background

Seriously though… How can you go wrong with this one? Offer your better half a handmade, eternal rose that lasts through time, just like your love. After all, everyone knows that roses are red and… no woman said she doesn’t like them! Add a little bit of romance with the extraordinary heart necklace that lays beneath it. And then add the cherry on top with the secret “I love you” message that is written in 100 different languages in the middle of that beautiful jewellery.

Pandora Silver Bracelet

Pandora Silver Bracelet on a white background

It’s minimal, simple and chic! Made from 925 sterling silver to last a lifetime of wonderful adventures. A piece that she can wear every single day and make her own by adding all those beautiful charms that Pandora created. Some of them can remind her of the most amazing memories you had together. Women like jewellery but this one… they love!

Charmnight Women Babydoll

Charmnight Women Babydoll on a white background

Premium, playful and… a gift for you too! An ideal gift for any romantic occasion if you want to spice up your night! Choose the right colour for her and don’t worry about anything else. It will fit perfectly!

Large Lindt Lindor Chocolate Bouquet

Large Lindt Lindor Chocolate Bouquet on a white background

So… back to the basics! Chocolate or flowers? Why not both? Now you can get a large chocolate bouquet and blow her mind! And get this! There’s no need for wrapping as it comes in a beautiful box that she’ll love. The best part of this gift? Well, first of all, it’s a safe option so there are zero chances of failure. And secondly, the chocolate bars are the “full-size” so she certainly won’t eat them all by herself! If you know what I mean!

Swarovski Hoop Pierced Earrings

Swarovski Hoop Pierced Earrings on a white background

If your girl is a fan of jewellery then you can’t really go wrong with Swarovski. Think about it! A beautiful piece for your beautiful better half! They are designed to last just like true love.

Handmade Valentines Card

Handmade Valentines Card on a pink background

A card might seem simple but what you right in there can mean the world to her. Get her this handmade and wonderful card and express your love the way only you know.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Parfum

Black Opium By Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Parfum on a white background

Made with notes of pink pepper and orange blossom, this perfume will bring out the spicy and feminine side of your girl. It’s by far one of the most popular choices and there’s no questioning it with its essence.

White Teddy Bear With “I Love You” Message

White Teddy Bear With “I Love You” Message on a white background

Old but gold! No matter your age this classic approach never goes wrong because it combines all the beautiful things of love. Cute teddy bears and sweet messages! A long-lasting gift that will keep by her side to remind her of you and your wonderful couple adventures. Fluffiness at its finest!

Elli Women Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Elli Women Swarovski Crystal Necklace on a white background

Elegant and classy that suits every amazing woman. Treat your girl like a princess and get her one of the most iconic and brilliant necklaces. She’ll adore you even more.

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial on a white background

Who said that you can’t enjoy her gift as well? Turn your night into an amazing experience with a fancy drink. Let the taste take you on a brilliant journey. Don’t forget to cook her dinner!

Michael Kors Watch

Michael Kors Watch on a woman's wrist

Telling the time can become stylish and classy with a piece like this. Feminine design with sleek details and a top-quality leather strap. She’ll surely say “Oh, look honey! It’s time for a kiss”!

Clare Florist Amethyst Bouquet

Clare Florist Amethyst Bouquet being put in a vase

There’s one thing that every woman loves… and that’s flowers! Beautiful, fresh and arranged by experts to give you the most amazing bouquet. Let your love bloom and show her how much she means to you.

BESPMOSP Matching Necklaces

BESPMOSP Matching Necklaces on a gray background

When you’re a couple of weirdos that love each other then this is your way of showing how much. She’ll love the gesture and she’ll love even more the fact that you two are matching!

Prosecco & Chocolate Hamper

Prosecco & Chocolate Hamper on a white background

Another gift that you can enjoy as well! Drinks and sweets are the way to go this Valentine’s day. After all… wine and chocolate make everything even better!

Mabove Womens Slippers

Mabove Womens Slippers being worn by a woman

If she cuddles you to steal your body heat then it’s time to get her a pair of these! They look cute and feminine while keeping your love’s feet warm during the cold nights!

Vilight Romantic Picture Frame

Vilight Romantic Picture Frame on a white background

Create the perfect spot in the house to remind you of your wonderful love. How? Find a picture of you two (make sure that she likes it and don’t play with fire!) and then put it in a very romantic frame. The sweet message that it has at the front is that little extra that will sweep her off her feet! A great gift of top-quality that suits every decorative style.

Bomb Cosmetics Little Box of Love

Bomb Cosmetics Little Box Of Love on a white background

Give her all the right reasons to enjoy a romantic, floral-scented bath with these beautiful bath bombs that not only look great, but they also feel great! They melt away in the bathtub and fill the water with body-butter and essential oils that help smooth the skin and make it softer than ever. And every girl likes that!

Lonxu Silk Satin Pyjamas

Lonxu Silk Satin Pyjamas on a white background

A silky feel that both of you will enjoy once you get under the covers. She’ll love this pair of pyjamas that hug the body perfectly while providing warmth and staying breathable. And you can hug your love and steal some of that luxurious touch for yourself. The comfortable and relaxing fit creates the perfect opportunity to wear it all day if that’s what she wants!

Snailax Foot Warmer with Massage

Snailax Foot Warmer With Massage on a white background

Treat her like a queen and give her a warm place for her feet! Add some massage in there and she’ll love you even more! And the best part? You don’t have to do a thing!

Yankee Scented Candle

Yankee Scented Candle on a white background

Another perfect gift for turning the house into the most romantic and relaxing place on earth. Share wonderful memories while lounging on the living room and being surrounded by snowflake cookie aroma. It smells as delicious as it sounds! Just make sure that you put it off before leaving the place!

Personalised “The Night Everything Changed” Star Map

Personalised “The Night Everything Changed” Star Map on a white background

Every couple has a certain date that they remember for some reason. Maybe it’s the night you got together or the night that you confessed your love to one another. Find that perfect night in your relationship and get the star map exactly like it was. Write a personal message and show her how thoughtful you can be!

Creawoo Handmade Walnut Wood Card

Creawoo Handmade Walnut Wood Card on a white background

Cards are a constant in every gift for every occasion. And this might have something to do with the fact that it’s a great opportunity to express your feelings and get a little cheezy without the “cringe part”. Upgrade the traditional idea with this handmade wood card that it’s super sweet! You can handwrite your message and get it personalised which is even better.

VerbatimART Map Of Romantic Location

VerbatimART Map Of Romantic Location on a white shelf

Apart from having a certain date that means a lot to you, you could also have someplace that you love. Maybe where you had your first date or your first kiss. Now you can add that part of the map in a wonderful frame and add a personal message as well. That way she’ll know that she has a special place in your heart and both of you have a special place on this planet.

Funny Socks

Funny Socks on a white background

Life is too short for boring socks! Add some playfulness in your life and get her this funny pair of socks. She’ll know what to do every time she wants her cup of tea!

Brentfords Weighted Blanket

Brentfords Weighted Blanket on a beautiful bed

Does your sleeping beauty have trouble sleeping? Ironical! But so many women get stressed and have anxiety about all the things they need to do daily. Take care of your girl and provide her comfort with a sweet gift like that. She’ll love it no matter what! Add some cheezy line like “it feels like I’m hugging you, sweetheart”! Don’t be shy! You know you want to say it!

Ravenhead Set of 2 Margarita Glasses

Ravenhead Set Of 2 Margarita Glasses on a table

Date night just for two! Get her this nice set and mix her some cocktails! Put on some music and dance like you just met! The spark of your love is all you need.

Personalised Photo Frame

Personalised Photo Frame on a white background

There’s nothing cuter than having a photo of you framed. Scratch that! There’s nothing cuter than having a personalised frame with a photo of you somewhere in the house! Now you can write your names on it and add your personal message of love. The oak wood finish is of top quality and it will show your love for many years.

Personalised Favourite Song Print

Personalised Favourite Song Print next to a plant and some books

Every couple has a certain song that they are attached to. Something that reminds you of your love or maybe a song that reminds you of her. Choose it wisely and make sure that you read all the lyrics! Then personalise that gift accordingly and place it in the house. A song that will forever feel like yours. Like it’s written for your love story.

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