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Best 10 Workout Headphones

As Of March 2021

Working out doesn't have to be boring! All you need to do is find the best workout headphones of the year and enjoy your favourite music while training.

What's so great about workout headphones? Well, now you can stay motivated and keep your tempo throughout your training sessions like never before! Do you want to find out more?
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1 Beats Solo3 workout headphones on a olive fabric
40 Hours of Usage
4.5 /5

On-Ear, Wireless, 40 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.21kg

  • Excellent wireless range and battery life
  • Very good audio reproduction for all genres
  • Stable and sturdy during any type of workout
  • Beautiful design yet really comfortable
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2 Sennheiser PXC 500 workout headphones on a wooden stand
Customize your Sound
4.4 /5

Over-Ear, Wireless, 27.5 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.22kg

  • Comfortable and stable fit during workouts
  • Very lightweight yet sturdy and good quality
  • Customizable sound with a lot of options
  • Total control over your audio hands-free
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3 AKG N700NC workout headphones with their case and some wires on a wooden surface
Ambient Aware System
4.4 /5

Over-Ear, Wireless, 20 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.26kg

  • Compact design, very easy to store
  • Ambient aware system
  • Total control via application
  • Brilliant noise cancellation
4 Apple AirPods Pro workout headphones on a gray surface
Amazing Noise Cancellation
4.4 /5

In-Ear, Wireless, 5.3 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.05kg, Sweatproof (IPX4)

  • Amazing active noise cancellation
  • Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear
  • Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for customizable fit
  • Very lightweight for extra comfort
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5 Beats Powerbeats Pro workout headphones on a wooden surface next to their case
Long Lasting Battery Earbuds
4.4 /5

In-Ear, Wireless, 11.4 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.18kg, Sweatproof (IPX4)

  • Amazing results in usage hours. Plus, one full recharge with the case.
  • Adjustable and secure-fit ear hooks for extra stability
  • Volume and track control on each earbud, voice capability and auto play/pause
  • Great battery life for earbuds
6 Bose Soundlink on-ear on a wooden surface and a colorful background
Great Frequency Reproduction
4.4 /5

On-Ear, Wireless, 21 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.15kg

  • Efficient audio controls
  • Brilliant build quality
  • Bass, mid and treble accuracy are really great
  • Low Leakage
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7 Jaybird Vista workout headphones on their yellow case
Value For Money
4.3 /5

In-Ear, Wireless, 5.5 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.18kg, Waterproof (IPX7)

  • Great option for any kind of sport and running
  • Crystal-clear sound with zero lag for music and calls
  • 3 sizes of interchangeable ear gels for secure and stable fit
  • EQ control & custom audio experience
8 AfterShokz Aeropex Open-ear workout headphones on a white surface
4.3 /5

Open-Ear, Wireless, 12.8 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.3kg, Waterproof (IP67)

  • Super comfortable and stable
  • Excellent choice for outdoor training
  • Total breathability
  • Great connectivity
9 Bose SoundSport Free workout headphones for running on a wooden surface next to their case
Track your Earbuds
4.2 /5

In-Ear, Wireless, 4.8 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.1kg, Water-resistant (IPX4)

  • StayHear and Sport tips (S/M/L) that provide security
  • Its design is made for workouts and running
  • Track lost earbuds with the Bose Connect App “find my buds” feature
  • Exceptional sound with great quality
10 Jabra Elite 75t workout headphones next to their case on a yellow surface
Very Sturdy
4.2 /5

In-Ear, Wireless, 6.8 Hours of Battery Life, Weight: 0.16kg, Water-resistant (IP55)

  • Comfortable with durable design
  • Brilliant sound profile that is suitable for most genres
  • Good control system with responsive buttons
  • Customizable equalizer built into the Jabra Sound+ App

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Workout Headphones

  • Enjoy up to 42 hours of constant usage with every charge
  • Perfect design which combines looks and comfort
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Beats launched the Solo3 on-ear headphones and we couldn’t be happier for it. With a very balanced sound profile that covers every genre we tested them on. You can feel the bass, mid and low frequencies crystal-clear and keep your tempo no matter what kind of workout you choose to do. Plus, they are really stable and comfortable so you won’t have any trouble either you go for a run or to the gym.

Their tight fit and wireless design make sure that they won’t fall off your head no matter what. And let’s take a minute to admire how beautiful they are! They provide you with a more than decent breathability so you won’t sweat too much even during the toughest days. The biggest feature of all though is how long their batter lasts. Up to 42 continuous hours of usage!


  • Amazing battery life
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Great audio performance


  • Not the greatest noise isolation
  • Low leakage at higher volumes
  • Not waterproof
  • Stable and comfortable even for running
  • Great control over the audio reproduction
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This pair of over-ear headphones can provide you with a full and crystal-clear sound any day. So you can choose them not only for working out but for general use. The thing is though, that during workouts, this pair will give you great results. They are very lightweight and comfortable so you won’t even notice them on your head during training. Plus, they are very stable so you can even go for a run if you want.

The controls on the headphones offer you total control over the audio reproduction like play/pause and volume level. What left us speechless was the bass accuracy which was a very nice surprise! Followed by the mid frequencies which are really nice and smooth, there was no way we wouldn’t advise you to give this pair a shot.


  • Customizable sound
  • Lightweight and top-quality build
  • Comfortable and stable


  • Mediocre noise cancellation
  • Not waterproof
  • Some leakage
  • Excellent neutral sound with great audio quality
  • Very good frequency response consistency
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The AKG N700NC is a great pair of over-ear headphones for general use. Not only do they have a premium look but they are also very well-built with top-quality materials. You can instantly feel how stable and sturdy they are, and once you put them on you can also feel how comfortable they can be during long hours of usage. With a great fit so they won’t come off, yet they don’t feel tight.

They come with a very nice protective case so you can take them anywhere with you easily. We were really surprised by the frequency response consistency which was brilliant and we were doubly surprised when we heard the bass. It’s really admirable! They also have great mid-frequency quality for crystal-clear audio performance. You can feel the beat so strongly that you’ll be extra motivated during training.


  • Good noise isolation
  • Really good wireless range
  • Great audio performance


  • A little bulky
  • Can be tight on bigger heads
  • Not waterproof

Working Out Doesn’t Have to be Boring!

A healthy body means a healthy mind! And what better way to keep healthy than working out? We bet that even if you don’t like it that much, we can change your mind! The thing that can make workouts and training more fun and enjoyable is no other than music. And who doesn’t like music? No matter the genre!

So you end up looking for the perfect pair of workout headphones but you find it really hard to make a choice. If that’s the case then there’s no need to worry anymore! Why? Because we can help you find the best one that covers every single one of your needs and keep you motivated during your training. Imagine yourself being totally immersed in your favorite beats!

Why Choose a Pair of Workout Headphones?

Music during workouts is really a thing. Just take a minute to think about how essential it is for gyms to play pumping music to help you have a better result. The problem is that you can’t count on their taste of music, and you can’t have that during outdoor sessions. So the solution is simple! You need to give workout headphones a chance.

Now imagine that you choose the ideal pair for you which combines brilliant audio performance, stability, comfort and all these things that are important during training. Isn’t that something you want? Even if you already have one, it’s highly unlikely that its results keep you satisfied. So why not upgrade it to a new pair that can take your workouts to a whole other level?

What Type of Workout Headphones Suit You?

There are four main categories of workout headphones that you can find on the market:

  • In-ear headphones can be wireless or true wireless (and the traditional ones that aren’t really made for workouts) and connect to your smartphone without the need of a cable. They are the smallest on the market and are most of the time referred to as earbuds.
  • Over-ear headphones can be wireless or wired and depending on what type you choose, they connect to your smartphone via bluetooth or cable. They are bigger and cover all your head. The over-ear part refers to the fact that they cover your ears completely.
  • On-ear headphones can also be wireless or wired and connect to your smartphone via bluetooth or cable. They are smaller than over-ears. The on-ear part refers to the fact that they cover the top part of your ear but still lets you have a part uncovered.
  • Open-ear headphones have wireless and wired options as well. They give your ears more breathability and lets you be more aware of your surroundings. Their technology offers an effect that makes you feel that the sound comes from all around you and not only the ear cups.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Pair of Workout Headphones?

Spending your money on a pair of headphones that don't cover your needs doesn't sound very good, don’t you think? That’s why you should take every aspect into consideration before making your choice. Find out what you’re looking for exactly! What type of headphones do you want to go for? What features do you want them to have?

Training and workouts aren’t something that should feel like an obligation. And it doesn’t need to be! You can make the whole experience enjoyable and fun just by adding a little bit of music! The biggest athletes of the world can assure you that music during training helps your mind and your body be in sync and give better results. And if they say so, then we need to hear them out! That’s why our team made a very detailed research just for you!

Your biggest priority should be stability and comfort when it comes to workout headphones, correct? Well, yes! But why not add more in the equation? Sound quality, material quality, water-resistance, hours of usage, compatibility and many many more things that you don’t know how important they are until you need them. And most technology brands know that too, that’s why they launched some great products for all the athletic types out there.

Just give it a little thought and time and we know for sure that you’re going to make the right decision. We compared so many models and we are here to provide you with all the insights and information you’re going to need. The best options and most value-for-money models are all here for you. This guide is all you need to get the perfect one!

Always Think About...

  • Sound quality surely is one of the most important things when buying a pair of headphones. Workout headphones are no different. The audio performance needs to be top-notch to keep you motivated. Deep bass that you can feel throughout your body during training will pump you up even more and get you going no matter what. Don’t forget about noise cancellation if you’re an outdoors type of person.
  • Hours of usage can play a significant role depending on the type of workout you like to do. Especially if you forget to recharge them or aren’t a big fan of recharges in general. Find out a model that can last as long as you like. Most earbuds come with a recharging case so they can cover the ground of battery life between them and over and on-ear headphones.
  • Stability and comfort are two things that every athletic type wants from a pair of workout headphones. Don’t lose your time trying to get your headphones to stay put on your head constantly. Even if you suddenly decide to go for a run, most of our top 10 models can get the job done without any problem.

The options are so many that you might get a little confused. We get that and that’s why we tried to make things clear in our guide. All the important information and insights are here for you. Take a look and we’re sure that you’re going to find the one you’re looking for.

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